Current players speak, tweet, something

Submitted by Bromigo on December 3rd, 2010 at 2:52 PM

Now that we have heard and read the thoughts of recruits Dee, Conway and Hollowell on the coaching situation; when are we going to hear some current players weigh-in? Is the fear of speaking out that great?

I would think as Michigan Men they would stand up for what their beliefs are one way or the other; regardless of consequence. Maybe they have and it is all closed door. Really curious what the teams feeling is on changing captains.



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Asking players to declare support, or lack of support, risks creating a split on the team.  In addition, one would expect players to at least publically support their coach.  It would be a meaningless (Brandon is not going to decide based on the wishes of the players) if not devisive exercise.


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Please, no.  Please, if any players are reading this blog, please do not publically comment on this topic!  No good can come of it!

(That said, I'll read the sh-t out of any feedback I see from players/recruits.  I can't help it!)


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I know you have been trying vainly to stop these threads from coming but they seem to be picking up speed. I stand amazed at the ability of people to continue posting the same thread with a different title.  How is it humanly possible to have this many coaching posts up on the board at the same time?  Do the poster's honestly believe they are adding something to the debate?

I put up an article on Monday written in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on the coaching situation to illistrate how the media in different cities are viewing the situation but I'll not do that again trust me.  It's almost like their's a small group of insane fans that are trying to defeat the Mods by putting up so many threads on the same topic they will be unable to stop them all.

And we still have over three weeks to go until the bowl game.  God help us - we are losing our collective minds over this subject.


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The online success paradox.  You start out slowly, with a smart, focused group.  Because its easily readable and liked, more people keep coming.  Then you reach a tipping point where many people know about it, but overall intelligence starts coming down.

I miss the old days where a McFarlin or em0 would be neg banged into Bolivian, and they were distinct enough that we could recognize them when they made new accounts.  Now, they could be back and I probably wouldn't be able to pick them out of the 1,000 other people saying the same thing.


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I am a newcomer to posting but not a newcomer to reading the blog.  For years I had a different screen name but candidly, couldnt figure out how to make a cool avitar and everybody who commented seemed to have one.  So I just read.

Then one day I found a site who could make a little avitar for me and I started to post stuff.  People seemed to like it (usually - everybody steps in the poop now and then) and I've kept it up.  But man o man has the board taken a drastic and hard turn for the worse since the OSU game.'s this?


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Jeebus H NSFW, man!  Some of us read this board at work!  I like pretty girls as much as the next chap, but this website is dedicated to coverage of Michigan sports, not frisky coeds.  Can we please represent our University with a little more class?  Mods, please, I beg of you:  this board is getting out of hand.


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i think the team is even more fed up than most of the readers of this blog and is beyond acknowledging it.


and good for them.  really, they're best off focusing on upcoming finals, their bowl game, and getting in whatever time they can with their familys around the holidays.


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I think being a Michigan man in this situation means keeping your opinions to yourself and your close circle. Too many people have already given their opinions and all it has done is make the situation worse. Current players please just focus on your upcoming finals and leave the other stuff alone. Giving an opinion will just have people like you and me speculating about every word they say like it will tell us some top secret information.


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We don't need tweets or facebook updates to know how the current players feel. They have shown it on the field for 12 games this season, and in particular, the last game.

How so? Well, no matter what the score, no matter how dismal everything was looking, they never gave up. Never. Remember the run Herron made early in the third quarter to get inside the RZ? Our defense held them to a FG. That is never giving up. Not on the team, and certainly not on the coach.

I believe our players support RR 100%, as I have seen them do over the course of the season.


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From Rittenberg's ESPN  article:

Senior guard Stephen Schilling said he and his teammates are trying to disregard the conjecture about Rodriguez's status.

"Obviously, it's hard to ignore when it's out there in the news," Schilling said. "But this team is pretty dedicated to coach Rod."

Schilling, who was recruited to Michigan by retired coach Lloyd Carr, said he will give a good review of the Rodriguez era if athletic director Dave Brandon asks him for his opinion.

"It was a good experience," Schilling said. "The wins and losses haven't gone our way, but I believe in coach Rod and his system and what he's doing here."




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when they were asking the freshmen about practice. What could go wrong? Not to mention that just because you don't know something does not mean they don't.


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questioning our players

Freep: "So, are the players worried about RR's potential firing?"

Player1: "No. The players are focused on preparing for our bowl game"

Player2: "No. We only worry about what we control, and that is what is what we do in our bowl game."

Boren: "I knew RR had no family values."

Headline: Several Current and Former Michigan Players Do Not Care About RR's Firing and Believe He Has No Family Values


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Boren and Mallett and Warren all left a long time ago. Those who remained on the team now are solidly behind RR. The media and blog feeding frenzy is ridiculous. They are all like a pack of piranas circling fresh meat.

I believe we'll be in the Gator Bowl, and will win. And I believe that the right kind of recruit is not going to be swayed by the media nightmare swirling right now, but is willing to sign on. I can't wait until 2011.

I fully agree with RR that there are many so - called Michigan fans currently calling for Harbaugh who will be jumping on the bandwagon next Fall. We all know who you are.

I wish RR & our current staff and team nothing but the greatest success. It will come, and sooner than you think.



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and I do so only because this is anonymous but I am friends with a former player who played under LC and RR and he says he is "conflicted" about the RR situation. He said a lot of players (LC's recruits obviously) were very dissapointed by some of RR's decisions early on including playing McGuffie over Minor and the demise of Carson Butler. He said that RR is a good guy but is very stubborn and has a hard time listening to or taking suggestions from others (and that the 3-3-5 was explicitly installed by RR, I know I know we knew that already). He said that the Kenny Demens/Obi debacle was an eye opener to a number of guys and that many behind the scenes thought Demens should have been playing over Obi last year. To be clear he did not say anything that would be miconstrued as insulting to RR only that playing for him and seeing what has transpired has left him in a tough spot. Maybe not exaclty what the OP was looking for but I thought it was relevant.

Huntington Wolverine

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So I just learned about this tendency people have to cite conflicting points of date when they have no basis for what they're saying. Here's a great case study (no offense to you or your friend):

early on including playing McGuffie over Minor

This is an example cited to show how RR played "his" recruits over "Lloyd's" recruits.  This is followed shortly by this:

He said that the Kenny Demens/Obi debacle was an eye opener to a number of guys and that many behind the scenes thought Demens should have been playing over Obi last year

Which is a data point that demonstrates the opposite - that RR played one of "Lloyd's" recruits over one of "his."

It's amazing how we have a tendency to overlook these inconsistencies. 


December 3rd, 2010 at 7:46 PM ^

I was relaying what was told to me by someone who knows a shit ton more than most. Maybe I misquoted something but the general idea was that everyone could see Obi was worse than Demens (his thought not mine) and that demoting Minor and Butler (and apparently others) pissed off a lot of the veterans. The part about his recruits over Carr's was a generalization and again not my sentiment. Thanks for nitpicking, it really improves the experience.