Cullen Christian to transfer to Pitt

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No big surprise, but he says reason he came to Michigan was because of Tony Gibson and the coaching staff. Also, he said he did not like Ann Arbor.

"I didn't really like it up here," Christian said. "I didn't like the campus, and really, I've miserable since I've been up here.

"I think it was just about me and what I'm used to being around; there's a difference between living in Pittsburgh and Ann Arbor. A big difference. A lot of kids like it here, and some don't. It just wasn't for me.

"So once the coaches left, there wasn't much holding me here. I was like, 'Why am I here? I don't know these coaches and they didn't recruit me.'



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pardon my pre-coffee 9am post, I thought this was in reference to the program instead of Gibson, so yes in that case, I stand corrected that playing for the worst DB coach just because you're familiar with him is a horrible move, and maybe an excuse to transfer because he was told he'd be competing for the backup spot


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Magnus, you are making a HUGE mistake underestimating the power of ghosts.  Especially the ghost of Darrelle Revis.  Before you talk about things you know nothing about, maybe you should spend some time being haunted by a ghost and then try to use the above sarcasm.  I dare you!



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He then went on to say that "A early enrolled freshman and walk-on have passed me on the depth chart, I was very overrated coming out of HS."


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We rip these kids, but it has to be hard being the absolute man in HS, you are a teenager, and then you come to college and are buried on the depth chart.  I'm not saying handling it poorly is acceptable, just semi-understandable.  It can't be easy to go from king to serf.


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There's obviously no way to answer this, but if Rich Rodriguez had taken the job at Pitt, I wonder how many more players would have followed him there.  If these guys are following just a few position coaches, it stands to reason that a few more guys might be pulled away if the entire staff had gone there.

By the way, this is now 7 members of the 27-member class of 2010 who have disappeared, with more rumored to be on their way out.


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Maybe we're underestimating the brilliance of "The Process." Dave Brandon probably knew after the Ohio State game that he wanted to fire RR; however, he also knew that if RR was hired by a new school in 2011, the team would likely lose Denard and a number of his other underclass recruits immediately. By waiting until there were almost no jobs available for RR to jump to, Brandon probably reduced attrition amongst the RR recruits.

Or, maybe other dudes just really like Michigan and want to play there.


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I understand that you're being sarcastic, but you bring up a valid point. If RR were fired earlier, he could have landed another job (I no longer remember what jobs were available after the regular season), and that most likely would have caused additional attrition.


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Rodriguez also could have resigned.

Since everyone seems settled that he was a dead man walking after OSU, it would have allowed him to get one of these other jobs. Answer: the reality is probably just what we all saw happen. He could have kept his job with a decent bowl game and he wanted to keep his job OR he didn't care and wanted that buyout check.

Not sure how either of those possibilities can be blamed on David Brandon.

Brandon was also on the grassy knoll from what I hear?


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You know better than that. The structuring of coaches contracts mean that RR wouldn't resign. He was faced with:

  1. Resign, be out of a job and out of his buyout.
  2. Chance keeping his job or at least have his buyout.

I can't think of one coach who has taken door number one. Brandon's indecision cost RR a job this year, and I tend to agree that was pretty ridiculous. When that conclusion is supported by every single other AD in the country, I'm pretty confident in that. The normal hiring/firing time for coaches who aren't forced out due to a scandal (Woody) is December; not January.

By the way, my only original comment was to say that those jobs became open, I wasn't endorsing anything. I only come out and say this now because I cannot think of one other coach in a similar situation resigning, and I can't think of one other AD waiting until January to fire a coach for performance issues.


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So you just want to be punitive? That's all well and good as long as DB never has to hire any coach ever again; if he does need to make a high profile hire again, I think it might raise some questions.

I'm really not trying to argue pro/anti RR, just making the statement that I think Brandon conducted his process the wrong way, regardless of outcome. Had he hired Hoke before bowl practices, Denard would be fifteen practices farther into a new system, the last recruiting class likely would have been better, Hoke would be closer to getting his system in place, and RR would have been free to move on to wherever he could find a job.

At this point I really don't see the positive side of waiting until January.


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This might actually answer some questions about RR's anger after being let go. I wondered why RR was bitter about being fired in January when it seemed like DB had been trying to give the guy every opportunity, including the bowl game, to hold onto his job. Maybe RR was pissed because he realized DB was never going to retain him and had torpedoed his job opps? Still doubtful, but would have been a genius move on DB's part. Also a dick move, and I'd have even more respect for RR for not trashing us after leaving.


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If he figured that he was a goner regardless of what happened in the bowl, he should have been looking for other jobs in December.  Schools don't wait until a guy is fired to hire him.  If anything, they want to avoid hiring a recently-fired coach.


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One has been speculated about (DJ Williamson).  Another couple have been bandied about on message boards, but I haven't seen them here, so I don't want to bring them up.  One I believe, one I don't.  But neither one is particularly devastating, like Robinson or Gardner or anything.

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who can't play at this level for whatever reason seems to have been the problem with most of these transfers.  If Cullen coulnd't cut it, and he was unhappy and unwilling to stick around to try to improve and perhaps play as a senior, then he may as well leave.   It opens up another scholarship for someone who may be more of a player.


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True.  It's just that we have to keep wasting scholarships for the DB positions when they could be used for others.  It all boils down to the fact that we need to find guys who are going to stick around for 4 years and we need them to play well.


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It is hard to really know what went on with this kid.  It might have been his speed, he might have been unhappy in Ann Arbor, he might have had a GF somewhere else, who knows.  It is easy to rationalize your decision after you make it.  Pitt's ok, but a very different stage than is Michigan.

Other than the winter, how do you not like Ann Arbor?  It is considered by most to be a great college town.  

 I wll be very curious to see how Hoke's kids do in terms of staying with the program.  My guess (hope) is that some of the turnover will be reduced.