Cullen Christian Loves Him Some RR

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Again, from a GBW poster who is friends with him on facebook:

Cullen Buc-Nasty Christian Dear Coach Rod,
keep your head up! people dont understand you, but the team and I do. i understand that you are trying to change us from boys to men, i also understand that its about more than w's and l's. i feel bad, out of all the positive things you said last night and all year, people always find ways to turn the good to the bad. dont worry your team got ya back, will see what they say in 2011



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Saw this on another board yesterday and I can only feel good about our team wanting to stick it out together.  Is it extremely cheesy to want the football team to be like a family?  Yes, but those are usually the teams that are special as it's more than just football.


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Ride or die fuck the haters us against the world all in hold the rope whatever slogan they need to to feel it team chemistry is a variable we can't quite put a value on that is always worth more than we think.  As far as I can tell these kids play for each other and want the best for each other and I am thankful for that.


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Notes are being taken. The fans, well, there will always be fairweather bandwagon fans. But Rosenberg, Valenti, Foster, Freep, et. al. will feel a chill wind this time next year when they are looking for access to the juggernaut Michigan is becoming.

I suppose I can find a few silver linings. First, the team, and mgobloggers, will remember who has been supportive of RR, and who, conversely, has brought out the shivs. Knowing your true friends and your real enemies is a good thing. Second, the team has become a much, much, more cohesive unit, with all the adversity it has faced. Michigan is like the Phoenix that has gone through the fire, and now all you see is ashes. Some think they have been burned and destroyed. I think they have been purified and hardened, and will rise up next year to heights of glory.


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I used to wonder why the Fort Schembechler rules were almost always in effect at Michigan, and wished the coaches would be nicer and more forthcoming to the media.  Then, RR gave the media what they wanted with more access and more transparency.  So what did most of the media do?  They shat on RR for giving them what they have collectively wanted for the last forty years. 

They really ruined a great situation.  Go figure.


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It makes you realize how good we had things with Lloyd doesn't it? There is a reason for the fort. Lloyd saw it with moeller. Did a great job handling the media (some here still probably don't get that). Rr is not that guy. He's too trusting of the media. On the other hand he did ask for some off this the way he has handled his comments from Lion king on down.


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They didn't get off, they fell off when we hit that little bump. They are fans of Michigan Football, not Michigan fans. They see no difference between the pro teams they support and the college teams they claim to support. They do represent bodies in seats, and buy team branded merchandise, but they'll be back with a couple more wins per year. The ones I know won't like me much when they return, either, because I will have no problem reminding them.


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And the media is inking themselves into a corner. When the team finds success, even the general public will begin to notice if they continue in the same vein.

I would not expect DB to do anything blatant, but they are dealing with a guy who took a note of complaint from a rival, tossed it into a pizza oven, and turned it's ashes into an ad campaign.

I think a good start would be to put their respective pictures on the blocking dummies. Heck, they can even name the dummies. Oh, wait.


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Was Foster even at the bust ? Most of the journalist (if you can call them journalist) that have commented about the bust were not there so why don't they just shut the hell up.  If they players all liked it, then that all that  counts. 


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Cullen Christian became one of my favorite players with this post.  This is exactly what you want in a player, someone who's loyal above all else--who isn't afraid to stand up for his coach and his team when everything appears uncertain.  I know that players are asked to avoid coverage of the team, but at some point it becomes impossible.  I love that he said this and am very proud he's a Wolverine.


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Ultimately, I'd like to see him at FS, but he has to improve his tackling to play there.  I don't think he's cut out to be a corner who can play man coverage consistently.  If the new DC runs a lot of Cover 3 or Cover 2 zone, then I think Christian can stick as a cornerback.

My guess would be that he stays at corner throughout his college career, but that also depends on who the coaches can reel in for the Class of 2011.  Vinopal is virtually the only option at FS right now, and that has to change, whether it's pulling in a ready-made contributor in this upcoming class or if it means moving Woolfolk back to FS.


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Do you mean in terms of depth, or that you don't think Vinopal is a long term prospect at the position? I thought he did mostly OK considering he is an undersized freshman - his coverage was mostly in the right place, and he seemed to know what he was doing in run support (except for missed tackles, but again, leetle freshman). 


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Let me put it this way...

I don't think Vinopal can be the long-term solution at FS if Kovacs is the long-term solution at SS.  Being in the right place (which Vinopal/Kovacs mostly are) is part of the solution, but it's not the whole thing.  It would be great if Michigan could reel in a true, hard-hitting, ball-hawking safety (or two) to play those positions.  You can praise them all you want because they've both exceed expectations, but if we want a real, live, good-to-great defense, then Ray Vinopal and Jordan Kovacs can' be our starting safeties.

But also, Vinopal can't be the only option at FS.  He was literally the only FS who saw any time over the second half of the season, unless you count Courtney Avery (which please don't because God he's not a free safety).


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I haven't really seen anything of Royster except for one play, so I can't offer any kind of evaluation there.  I would say he's behind Walls, but how far, I don't know.

Marquise Lee is another kid who could make an early impact at FS.  However, he's below Walls and Clinton-Dix, and we also don't really have a shot with Lee.

LaQuentin Smith is a SS/OLB type who could make an early impact, but as I said, with Cam Gordon, Thomas Gordon, Carvin Johnson, Marvin Robinson, and Jordan Kovacs, I don't think that position is that important in recruiting this year.


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When I see CC on here now, I will assume there must be another poster with something good to say about Cullen Christian...Cullen is another example of the great kids that Coach is building into the best program in the country. I desperately hope the other "CC" never comes to pass.


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Anytime I've seen any of his players* (current or former, heh heh) quoted about Rodriguez, it's always in this very appreciative almost loving way.  I think it's one of the things that has me pulling for RRod at Michigan.  He seems to be a really genuine guy (and I did not think this of him at the beginning**) who brings in really genuine players.  I hope he gets the chance to coach the team next year, and I really hope we kick some SEC butt on Jan 1.

* - This, of course, discounts the few grouches left over from Carr's last team as exceptions to the rule.

** - I'll admit, the Lion King references, the turtle neck at his first press conference, even this last bout with Josh Groban have always been a little too cringe worthy for my tastes, but it's growing on me.  (Of course, none of this means anything on the football field)

- edited to remove gratuitous Harbaugh comments -


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The team is all-in for RR, and they have shown that all season long, even throughout some pretty ugly games, by simply not giving up. Say what you will about their discipline, athleticism, or anything else, but one thing I've seen every saturday this fall from UM is that the team plays with a lot of heart and a don't give-up attitude.


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Hey Dave Brandon if you are reading this....i hope you listen to the team in making your decision....the worst thing would be that you fire RR and we end up losing recruits and many players will take us back to square one again next year....Let RR see out the remainder of his year we will be better I predict 9-3. GO BLUE!!


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Isnt the reason that A$$ Bag Boeren left because we dont have a "Family Atmosphere"???  As many people from the team that have come out in support of RR doesnt surprise me a bit.  He is a good guy and will right the ship.  Stay the course RR you will get if done !!


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Good riddance, I'd rather have Schilling, Molk, and Dorrestein than anyone who hops on the first train to columbus as soon as the going gets tough. This team has been galvanized by these past two season and are at very least better men for it. They saw it was about to get shitty and they rolled up their sleeves and said "well boys, lets get to work".

Boren signed up to win, and when it became clear that we weren't going to do that in 2008 he high tailed it out of there. And thusly proved Bo right "Those who stay will be champions"... Boren may have titles, but he is not a champion; the guys who stayed, who didn't run out of town and take parting shots like pussy are champions, they may not have any titles yet (conference or otherwise) but they are Champions.

Go Blue!


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Well, it certainly doesn't hurt him to have players in his corner, but in all honesty, this is very common at the college level.  (In pro sports, it can be different.)  Tommy Amaker had the strong support of his players to the very end, and many were devastated when he was fired.  Even Brian Ellerbe - as disastrous as his tenure was - had the support of his players to the end.