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Submitted by sheepdog on August 20th, 2012 at 9:30 PM

The post that went up earlier reminded me of a COOL STORY I wanted to share quickly with the board...

I was on vacation last week playing golf with my dad.  The course was kind of out in the middle of no where, but we could hear a high school marching band in the distance, clearly practicing for the start of their season.  As we made our way closer to the club house, it became clear the song the band was practicing was the Victors.  It sounded absolutely beautiful.


Perhaps the best part is that I was visiting my dad, who lives in central Ohio.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect that.. someone will probably get fired over it.  Definitely a cool story for you all!



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A high school near my hometown also used The Victors as their high school fight song. My high school's fight song was Northwestern's, actually, which makes our beatdowns of them even more enjoyable somehow.


rob f

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That was the high school attended by my maternal grandparents, my mom and her siblings, and some of my cousins.  Me?  I'm one of the "Boys from on the Hilltop", your arch-enemy, the WC Falcons!  I always liked your fight song, though---my mom taught it to me as a child, but then we moved to the other side of GR...

M Fanfare

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Mine too, in southern Ohio. Interestingly, most of the schools we played used Notre Dame's or their own compisitions. Our rivals used OSU's (and their name is the Spartans) so kicking their asses was extra sweet.


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Our big rival used The Victors and their uniforms were exact duplicates of the classic UM uniforms, only with sky blue instead of maize.

Blue Delt

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Kids go to small school in Atlanta - moved here in '07. Talking with Admissions Director at the time and my wife's cell phone went off - Ringtone: The Victors. Admissions person said, "why do you have our fight song on your phone?". We took it as a sign that the move was the right thing. Now both kids are in the Marching Band and I sing The Victors more than when I was in Michigan. Go Blue!


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My HS marching band used "Let's Go Blue", and the "P...S...U...Let's...Go...P-S-U" song, alebit with different lyrics. No Carmen Ohio or Across the Field, thank goodness.


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In the movie Big Fish, Ewan McGregor's hometown of Ashton plays 'Hail to the Victors' for the parade they throw him when he leaves town.

Great movie, I think Burton's best by far...then again, I'm not a huge Burton fan in general.  What were we talking about again?