Crystal Ballz Updates: Corley, Crawford, Davis, Delance

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Since we're entering a bit of slow period for news right now, I thought I'd go through and give a quick update as to some recent 247 Crystal Ballz happenings for Michigan targets. Some of these have been mentioned before but will be re-hashed here.

We'll start with 4 star Detroit reciever Donnie Corley, who is the HS teammate of Michigan target Lavert Hill. After Hill decommitted from PSU, he and Corley said they would be announcing on the same day, potentially to the same school. While Michigan is still technically in on Corley, Corley has been more of an MSU/OSU battle, with most people thinking he was leaning towards MSU as MSU currently has 81% of Corley's Crystal Ballz. This gave some people some worry as to Hill and whether or not he would be coming to Michigan, instead leaving them to believe Hill might head to MSU with Corley.

Today, however, MSU's lead 247 writer put in a Crystal Ballz prediction for Corley to OSU. This prediciton happened about two hours ago so no one has followed suit, but the fact that an MSU writer is switching his prediction so late into the game is probably not a good sign for MSU. This can also be a sigh of relief for Michigan fans, as there has been a lot less buzz of Hill ever going to OSU. If Corley does end up going to OSU, the odds of Hill following or less than if he went to MSU.

The rest of this post should be significantly shorter, starting with Dylan Crawford. It is rumored that Oregon has recently stopped pursuing Crawford yesterday Ace put in a CB for Michigan. This is a positive for Michigan.

Earlier today, top 100 OG Terrance Davis announced a top 3 of Michigan, Maryland and Florida, and that he'll be announcing at the UA Game on January 2nd. While Davis had declared Michigan a leader for a while, recent news suggests that the staff is looking for an OT and not an OG. With the numbers crunch and top 100 prospect OT Jean Delance announcing the same day, it has been seeming less likely that Davis will join this class. Today, before his top 3 announcement, a Florida 247 writer put in a CB for Maryland. It seems like the announcement is really between Michigan and Maryland, with the pendulum swinging towards Maryland.

The last Michigan target is the aforementioned Jean Delance. Delance has been keeping his recruitment pretty close to the vest so there isn't a ton of information to go on, but he has a top 3 of Michigan, LSU and Texas, with all three schools feeling good about their chances. The most recent two CBs have gone to Michigan however, one by Ace and one from an OSU writer.

The last player to note is not Michigan target, but a player most likely going to OSU. Earlier today 3 star athlete Jahsen Wint. Wint is the composite #2036 player and just decommitted from Temple today. He has all 13 CBs to OSU, all from the past month, and is expected to commit sometime soon.




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Some notes about Terrance Davis: Maryland has 3/10 (2 out of top 5) top recruits from the State of Maryland (Davis is the #1 prospect in the state). There may be some Maryland pride stuff going on and hype starting under Durkin. They did secure the recruitment of composite #187 player, #10 OG Richard Merritt within the last week as well.

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I really wish we could take both OL. Hopefully we land Delance, but I wish we had room for Davis too. The past several years our offensive line hasn't been able to run block and dominate the line of scrimmage, which has been so frustrating. Hopefully next year they will improve, and hopefully our OL recruiting is laying the foundation for dominant O-lines in the future.


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He seems like a great talent but I get the feeling for whatever reason we are not pushing hard for him. It almost seems like our recruitment of him was for perception and relationships. Harbaugh seems to be looking for the overall fit for his program.

budg man

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FWIW - at the U of D Jesuit - MLK hoops game a week ago, Hill was dressed head to toe in Michigan clothes. Corley, also in attendance, was in "street" clothes


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Michigan is getting Delance and won't take both. I'm not sure that's true. I don't thiink you turn away Davis if he wants to commit. Onwenu may end up on defense anyway.


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We are in good shape with most of our top targets. Only position scaring me a bit is LB as I don't think we are a clear leader for either remaining prospect. Could get both and could miss on both. Top 3 class for sure when all is said and done.

Mr. Yost

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Corley to OSU
Hill to Michigan
Davis to Maryland
Delance to Michigan
Gary to Michigan
Nordin to Michigan (greyshirt)
Crawford to Michigan

Pie Young to ????
Jonathan Jones to ????
Connor Murphy to ????

Does Michigan get another TE? (personally, I say get your top 2 or in or too many other guys to "settle" at TE)


December 24th, 2015 at 8:57 PM ^

Quite a distance from Pasadena to AA and weather shock, but he has a chance to be used in all phases like Woodson because JH will put playmakers in the field. Not Woodson yet, but a big play threat in 3 phases.

Crawford, Walker & Long - that would be 3 playmakers instantly added for 2016 at skill positions, let alone Gary and Bush in the front 7.

Team would be significantly more explosive on top of a strong foundation of returning starters.