Crystal balls for NPF..not good

Submitted by Jkidd49 on February 6th, 2018 at 1:12 PM

in case you were wondering how tomorrow is going to go for the Wolverines.. the last few balls in for our only remaining 2018 OT are going the way of the scarlett and grey.




February 6th, 2018 at 1:54 PM ^

the way that you are taking it.  I've heard both of them talk about his recruitment and the sentiment is that "nobody knows anything".  That he has been so quiet about his recruitment, that there was still a shot, but it was more of the absence of information to the contrary.  

No one that has been paying attention has had their hopes up or been wondering how this is going to go.


February 6th, 2018 at 3:59 PM ^

We went through this last week. Nobody paying attention thinks Michigan is remotely in it. Not sure about a favorite does not mean we are in it. People aren’t sure about a favorite but when guessing are saying Florida, nd, osu, bama. Nobody is guessing Michigan when they are guessing. Nobody knows where he is goIng to pick doesn’t mean anybody thinks it’s going to be Michigan. And nobody outside of Michigan insiders has thought Michigan had a shot for a long time.


February 6th, 2018 at 8:09 PM ^

Agreed. I kept reading on here that we were in it and nobody had any idea who he was going to pick. I checked UF board and no mention of UM. Visit ND, Bama, and OSU boards and nothing about UM. I heard Wiltfong on a podcast the other day and he said he wouldn’t be surprised if NPF picked any of the finalists, then he added except for Michigan. Oh well. Hopefully he picks someone other than OSU or ND.


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I mean, it isn't that cut and dry. 

Yes, Schiano has a huge influence on the kid, but as an advisor, not necessarily a coach. From what I know, NPF knows that:

1.) Whether he leaves in a day or after next season, Schiano won't be at OSU for his career

2.) Schiano isn't his position coach, let alone, on the same side of the ball

3.) This is about Schiano's counsel. If he goes to OSU thanks to Schiano, it's because he trusts Schiano's advice. Even if he did leave today, all indications are that it wouldn't change much.


February 6th, 2018 at 4:25 PM ^

Greg Schiano has a good relationship with Berkley Prep's coach because his twin sons attended that school when they lived in Tampa, but Greg Studrawa has also been heavily involved in the NPF's recruitment. The latter probably matters more to NPF since Studrawa will actually be his position coach, and Schiano is a defensive coach.


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I mean what idiot would want to go to a craphole school where you dont have to go to classes, get free cars, tatoos and all the women you can handle for a couple of years and then get drafted into the NFL where you'll make millions cause you got drafted in one of the top two rounds.

It's a fucking marvel they get anybody to play there really.



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So, are we disappointed that we aren’t getting recruits that want to do drugs, beat women, and take impermissible benefits? It seems like we slam a lot of recruits that are still targets, npf, by saying that they are pieces of shit that are interested in being criminals if they go to osu, even as they are still weighing options. I mean, is it wise to call everyone who takes an ov to osu, that we also want, a bad person? Even though they didn’t pick them? Would we still take Tyler Friday? Even though by this logic he obviously wants to beat the shit out of his gf and do coke while getting free tattoos?


February 6th, 2018 at 4:42 PM ^

You can say the same thing about the top SEC schools too.

Except their weather is better, their cash is greater, and their girls are prettier.

So I still don't know how Ohio State does it.