Cryptic tweets by those who have recently left the program

Submitted by Diagonal Blue on December 17th, 2018 at 3:58 PM

What happen in the dark is gone come to the light

— James Hudson III ™ (@__BallisLife2) December 17, 2018

At the end lets take the road less traveled: the high road. Unless you want to get a panel of all the transfers together & identify the central theme of all the departures & since that will not happen let them speculate. Be blessed

— Sabrina Caldwell (@LaJefa92394950) December 17, 2018

We know what’s going on ... just can’t speak on it...

— Al〽️ightyReem (@_KareemWalker) November 24, 2018


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I don’t know anything about you,  Diagonal Blue.  My question is not about you but rather is substantive.

With the benefit of time and reflection, what was so bad about Kareem Walker’s transfer?  Excuse me; “Almighty Reem” is what I meant to write.

If there really is an institutional or systemic problem with Michigan’s football program and Almighty Reem was an eyewitness, and especially if Almighty Reem can respond to detailed questions on the substance of any allegations, I might be interested.

Otherwise this sounds like 7th grade stuff.



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Agreed. it is not like all of these kids are forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. If there was a specific problem, and not one of just numerous kids changing their minds about their current situation, then it will come out.  All this other crap is just speculative.

Also- the new early signing period is likely impacting the transfer rate.  Prior to the early signing period, kids could go through bowl practice then decide to transfer after the bowl.  The condensed period of weeks just makes it seem like the rate is higher, instead of over the course of several months.


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Wait a minute. Are you saying the guy who decommitted from Ohio State, couldn't hack it academically at Michigan, was a backup at a JUCO, and now might make it to Mississippi State might not have the best grasp on everything going on within the University of Michigan's football program from top to bottom?

That is preposterous, sir.


December 17th, 2018 at 8:06 PM ^

Yeah, that's what I don't quite get.  Michigan gave Walker a number of chances to get it figured out at Michigan and he just couldn't.  And frankly, his performance on the field never lived up to the hype, which isn't his fault but also dims the "they were holding me down" vibe that this tweet gives off.

I'm sure some guys left Michigan when they were unhappy.  It happens.  But if we are going to base the state of the program on twitter traffic, then you might as well include every Chase Winovich, Lavert Hill, David Long, etc. post where they praise the team.


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Same thing happens in 12U baseball.  Everyone thinks their son should be the starting shortstop, #1 pitcher, and batting clean up.  "We left the last team because they didn't use my son correctly.  That coach is horrible".  Turns out the dad is a jerk and the kid hates playing.  Not saying that's the case here.

How come we almost never hear of a transfer tearing it up at a new school?  (Not looking at you, Thomas Rawls).


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Your exactly right. Most of these kids have been treated like royalty since they were about 12 and their helicopter parents think they walk on water. Now if a coach gets on them or school is tough or they aren’t getting what they deem enough playing time it’s I’m taking my ball and going home

its not easy to manage 100 kids and keep everyone happy and stroke egos. People bitching about Harbaugh only winning 10 games this year you think he doesn’t have enough going on without worrying I hurt little Tims feelings today. Cmon there isn’t a problem with the program people it’s a few unhappy players.  I would imagine for everyone who transfers you will find 20 players speaking very highly of the coaches 

True Blue Grit

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Agree completely.  Players are much more sensitive today than the old days, and have been conditioned by praise and recognition thru all these recruiting sites, parents, recruiters, friends, etc.  But when they get to a highly successful program and have to compete against elite athletes, things go south in a number of cases.  They're used to skating by on talent alone and that doesn't cut it anymore at the level Michigan plays at.  I don't know if that is the case with Solomon, but it likely explains some of these transfers.  I imagine Harbaugh runs things like Bo in a number of ways.  He expects toughness and complete commitment.  Some kids aren't willing to all the way.  

Durham Blue

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Indeed, most of those that have transferred have spoken highly of Michigan and the coaching staff.  Sometimes things don't work out, for whatever reason.

Regarding the 62-39 loss, I wouldn't classify it as players quitting and that's why we got killed.  OSU came with a better plan and exposed our defensive weakness with a devastating passing game executed with precision.  Not much more to add.


December 17th, 2018 at 6:01 PM ^

Well, that's a point...or at least half of one.  Of the guys who have transferred, none had accomplished much here, and none have ended up being more than marginal players elsewhere, so it's not like we've been stripped of significant performers.  But the other side is that the coaching staff is whiffing on far too many highly rated recruits.  


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Same thing happens in 12U baseball.

I have a US Soccer Class C license.  While I'm open to input from all parents, I've found (a la, Moore's law), the parents who haven't done much athletically are the biggest problems.

The parents who performed at a high level when they were young, are generally the most supportive parents out there -- the least of the troublemakers.


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You mean a couple of guys have transferred out?  A thing that happens everywhere.  Alabama lost something like a third of their 2015 class and nobody freaked out about it.  It happens, and sure, the guys leaving might not be happy.  That's probably why they are leaving.  But put 100 people in a room and ask them if they all love their current situation and report back to me how many are super-happy.

Also, this is sort of the beginning of transfer season because with early-period NSD coming up programs need to know potential scholarship situations and these guys trying to leave a program probably want to get into their first-choice places before recruits are brought in.  


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Evidently you’ve never had a job.  You love negativity it actually is your middle name.  When a student athlete is given over three times to stop smoking, and then still plays what should you do hold his hand again?  Of course people know what’s going on!  You don’t hear DPJ’s parents crying about their sons education do you?  When fairy tales end there is no alternative ending!  Some things will never be tolerated here!  Those that come can stay!  Those that want to leave, haha!  You’re miserable and that’s fine!  I’m happy for you!


December 17th, 2018 at 8:01 PM ^

Well, because you are an asshole I figure I'll respond.

Two of those guys who left were 5* players and 4 were top-125 players overall, including at positions like corner and defensive line where guys can see playing time.  Sure Alabama kept recruiting around them, but I doubt they got to Alabama and were shown the door immediately.

Now, I'm sure soon enough this account will also be cratered and you'll create, I don't know, some other account called "Vertical Maize" or whatever, and you'll probably create another Twitter account where you'll post screenshots from comment boards calling you out for it.  But for posterity I like pointing out just how bad you are at this whole trolling thing you're doing.



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Strong post. People will look for the most provocative explanations possible, but the reasons for these exits are likely gonna lie somewhere between Occam's Razor and Hickam's Dictum--some pretty simple explanations like dissatisfaction due to PT and the various complications resulting from  a host of tensions that accumulated this year: a hard push to improve the team and record that took its toll; injuries; some cock-ups by the coaches; and resentment arising from all these. 

If some truly awful thing has occurred we'll learn about it. In the meantime, I'm inclined to think my wife is right: men are much more given to gossip and rumor than women are.

Usually you want the really dissatisfied players to move on anyway; hope they find happy homes. They may well have personal reasons to be unhappy--talented players want to play, and if they can find places to play have the right to move on. (Coaches oftentimes choose the player who is performing over the player of future promise.) What you don't want is to have them making everyone else miserable. 

Having said all that I DO think that the next two years are critical not so much for Harbaugh being employed at UM but for determining if we move to the next level. A sane upper administrator could not fault the results so far, but clearly the time is now. And where Occam's Razor is concerned it does seem reasonable that you can keep a more talented and diverse group of players happy with a dynamic offense than you can with a conservative one.

I think they will--Harbaugh and Warriner were cooking up something pretty neat this year; now they have to trust the players enough to roll it out and have fun. Fans are within their rights to want to be entertained. Look at the miserable product MSU has been trotting out on the basketball AND football courts for the last decade. They won, but. . . rarely appetizing.  



December 17th, 2018 at 6:34 PM ^

On the Touch the Banner site, performance by transfers is routinely reported.  Remarkably few transfers have done well elsewhere.  Is UM experiencing turnover? yes.  Is Harbaugh demanding? yes.  This includes academic performance and personal behavior.  Is the competition for playing time relentless? yes.  Example: McGrone better than Singleton.  Both Gil & Ross returning next year.  What's the impact on Singleton? Won't see the field.  Same for QB's, and many other position groups.  TE's and Wheatley - another example.  This is not a surprise to the coaches.  Why else will the '19 class > 25?


December 17th, 2018 at 4:11 PM ^

Yes by all means ban this heretic who continues to bring us news we find unpleasant.  We want better news damn it - post the commitment of Zach Harrison and post it now or yee shall be banished from the MgoKingdom forevermore.

Hate to break the news to you SlickNick but something happening inside Ft Schembechler is very, very wrong at the moment and banning the dude bringing you a very scary (to me anyways) insight as to the extent of the issue aint gonna fix the problem.


December 17th, 2018 at 4:31 PM ^

Hudson wasn’t in line to start. Neither was Singleton. I wish you would stop lying.

Solomon is a surprise, but then he did once utter “Fuck Michigan”. That indicates something I think.

Two decades ago Michigan lost Trevor Pryce to a transfer. He, like Solomon, was highly touted and played significant snaps before deciding to leave.

Then there are guys like Rasheed Simmons, Shawn Collins, Justin Fargas, etc. It happens.


December 17th, 2018 at 4:44 PM ^

How many "highly touted underclassmen who are in line to start" have transferred?  Let me make it easy for you - I did the research.  Hopefully this will help you "understand the difference".

Transfers since 2016:

Shane Morris, Brian Cole, Freddy Canteen, Ahmir Mitchell, Keith Washington, Kingston Davis, Andrew David, Kyle Bosch, Logan Tuley-Tillman, Wyatt Shallman, Ross Douglas, Dan Samuelson, Scott Sypniewski, Wilton Speight, Maurice Ways, Keith Washington, Drake Harris, Alex Malzone, JaRaymond Hall, Ian Bunting, Ryan Tice, Kekoa Crawford, Deron Irving-Bey, Eddie McDoom, Tyrone Wheatley, Jr., Devin Asiasi, Kareem Walker, James Hudson, Drew Singleton, Aubrey Solomon.

The answer is TWO: Devin Asiasi & Aubrey Solomon.  Asiasi transferred to be closer to home and is understandable.  James Hudson certainly had a chance to win a starting job but was passed by Steuber, who went in ahead of him in the MSU game.  

Hopefully this helps you "understand the difference", and maybe next time you will put a little more effort into your BS Chicken Little clickbait take based more on feelings than facts.