Crisler Center improvements article - 19Jul12

Submitted by markinmsp on July 19th, 2012 at 4:57 PM

 To talk about something (other than PSU) on a slow day, there is a good article on the nearing completion of Crisler Center renovations.

Crisler Center improvements near completion

 Included are comments from Beilein, my favorite being:

 "Crisler is probably an 80-percent finished product right now. There's a completely new facade and the outside is all brick and it's beautiful," Beilein said. "There's a new entryway to Crisler that's going to knock you out. There's a big block 'M' and the escalators and big glass entry. All of the concourses are wide open with food courts, lighting and windows. It is going to be something really special."

To view photos of the latest Crisler Center renovations, visit: