Cris Carter claims “to have sources that say Harbaugh is looking for a way out of Michigan”

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On First Things First this morning, the former Buckeye states that Harbaugh is looking at the Packers and Browns HC position to try to find an exit strategy from Ann Arbor.

Mighty funny how he drops this the bit of news the day after Urban leaves town. Haven’t heard a peep of this anywhere else. Looks like people in Columbus are realizing we have the best coach in the division now and want him gone ASAP!



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I was stuck at 498 for months & couldn’t vote. Then all of a sudden I started getting points again, climbed over 500 & was able to vote. 

That was a few weeks ago. Now I am a full-fledged voter & I look at you non-voters with disdain. I have no time for the petty problems of you small people. 

Brian Griese

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A former colleague of mine graduated from high school in the mid-80’s and was recruited by both Michigan and OSU. On his recruiting visit to each, he made contact with the two best players on each team - Spielman and Carter for the bad guys and Harbaugh and Morris from the good guys. I’ll let you guess out of the four of those whom he said was the biggest asshole he ever met. 

When the group he was with encountered Carter, my colleague walked up to him and told him he had brought cleats with him to every recruiting visit with the intentions of having them autographed by the best players. Carter looked at him and said “I don’t sign fucking shoes” and stormed off. To a recruit. My colleague never forgot it. 


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Carter is the sole reason I am a Michigan fan. When I was in 2nd or 3rd grade he did an interview and after watching it, at 7 years old, I remember disliking him so much I wanted to see him lose. Hell my grandpa played football at Ohio State. I could not bring myself to root for that jerk. Carter, not grandpa. It was him and those helmets that made a fan out of me. 

There are less coaches that have had legit NFL success than there are NFL teams, so we are gonna have to deal with this every year. I don’t think the man will ever coach another team.

Eat Your Wheatlies

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No thanks. His teams have a tendency to show up in big games, but every year lose one or two that they shouldn't. Although he did enough at Toledo to get a P5 job and is keeping people happy at ISU, those are small markets/low pressure stops. 

We'd have a consistent dose of 8-4 seasons if he ran the program. That is fine for a MAC school and in Ames, but wouldn't fly here. 

At least it shouldn't.


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First of all, I see your point, and agree with you.  His historical overachievement at ISU would make him a good choice in my mind.  But others may disagree.

I'm struck by the similarities between his resume and James Franklin's.  Franklin was at Vandy for 3 years and was going 9-4 (another traditional doormat.)  People discount and undermine that accomplishment all the time.  They say things like:

"The SEC was down for Franklin.  He didn't beat anybody."  

The Big 12 is down.  During Campbell's tenure, which team has been #2 in the league?  An inconsistent TCU? (6-7, 11-3, 6-6)  Texas? (5-7, 7-6, 9-4)  OK St? (10-3, 10-3, 6-6) WVU? (10-3, 7-6, 8-3)  When your competition for relevancy is a wildly inconsistent bunch of no-defense teams, you can overachieve.

Second people say about Franklin: "He's an offensive coach.  But his O at Vandy was terrible.  His D coordinator carried him."

Campbell is an offensive coach (O coordinator at Toledo before HC promotion.)  But, he is being carried by his defense.  His Offenses at ISU has ranked 60th, 86th, and 105th. 

I would have no problem hiring Matt Campbell.  But, do you know more about his coaching that makes you think he would be a good hire?  Historical overachievement is contextual. Is he really a good coach or getting the Big 12 at the right time?  How do we know he isn't being carried by former Jim Tressel assistant Jon Heacock?


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His offense is still 105th.  Is he actually good on his side of the ball?  Or being carried?  He's had a bunch of different offensive coordinators at Toledo and ISU.  Not sure what he brings to his side of the ball.  This year, Campbell declined to name an offensive coordinator (kept the responsibilities himself).  This is his lowest ranked offense at Iowa State.


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Yes.  The Big 12 has been good.  Colley ranks conferences.  In the last two years, they rank the Big 12 2nd (2018) and 4th (2017).  It's a quality conference and a good accomplishment to win 8 games at Iowa State.  In 2012 and 2013 (when JF won 9 games), Colley ranked the SEC 1st both years. It's a quality conference and a good accomplishment to win 9 games at Vandy.