"Crean and UM assistant Jeff Meyer exchanged some words"

Submitted by Cold War on March 10th, 2013 at 7:14 PM
Dan Wetzel@DanWetzel
Heated ending to game. Crean and UM assistant Jeff Meyer exchanged some words during handshake line and then after.
On edit, Meyer was an assistant under Sampson at Indiana and Crean was apparently yelling something about wrecking the Indiana program.


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I don't want to speculate too much, but I'd very much like for a reporter to ask Nik what he was hearing from the IU bench leading up to that.  Because I think there's probably a good back-story on that. 


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Brian Snow a Scout bball recruiting analyst tweeted a lot of it has to do with recruiting.  Didn't say who or what specifically though.


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Izzo is right behind Crean for me.  Where does all the Bo Ryan hate come from?  I'm not disagreeing with it but just curious.  I get that he has an annoying coaching style/system but is he a douche on the level of Izzo or Crean to warrant the rankings.  Also want to say that I don't mind Matta besides him being the coach of OSU and looking like a goblin.  He just wins a lot but I've heard mutterings on the board about him cheating but I don't remember there being evidence of him being a part of it.


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I would like to add to that list the coach of the 4th grade girls' basketball team we played over the weekend. His team beat us 28 - 2. Yet, he pushed his team to press our team (only half court press is allowed in our league) until the clock went to 0.00, with a smile on his face the entire time, humiliating our 10 year old girls in their last game. So, it isn't just Big Ten coaches who can be classless dicks. 

Mabel Pines

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Wendy, that is terrible!  My 4th grader played this weekend, and she felt ill and the other team's coach gave us their time outs.  That was nice.   

But my son's team had a real jerk in baseball once that had his kid steal home to Mercy us!!  Some parents are the worst, it's amazing.  I just want to yell, "more math, less sports!  Your kid isn't going pro!!"


March 11th, 2013 at 1:43 AM ^

I don't hate Bo Ryan, don't see any reason to aside from his teams playing shitty basketball.

Don't hate Izzo, at all. Met him once, and he's pure class and not a single person I know who has met him has a single bad thing to say about him. And it's hard not to respect how good of a coach he is. I guess the only bad thing about him is that he coaches MSU and tries to argue/yell about calls, but which coach (aside from Beillein) doesn't do that?

Honestly, don't hate Crean either. He seems like a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and his players seem to adore him. He yelled at one of our coaches for 'trying to ruin the program'. To me, that actually kind of shows how much passion he has for his team.

Matta? Aside from the fact he looks like the son of Satan and Gene Hackman, he's a really good coach who handles himself with class publically.

I know my opinion isn't very popular here but the word 'hate' gets thrown around this board too much. I really can't think of any coach (in any sport) who makes me want to waste my energy hating. Dantonio, Jim Harbaugh, SAF? Meh, mild dislike   Yeah, I hate OSU, MSU, and ND but I can't help but respect a lot of the coaches in the conference. 

I've been on mgoblog a long time but one of the few things that bothers me about the boards is the general lack of respect for any team and anyone associated with any team that is not Michigan. I mean, I love my alma mater but why do we have to shit on everybody here?


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Crean is a grade A douche. Problem is, he and Indiana are going to be very good for quite a while. I will be shocked if the Big 10 doesn't bring some national titles home over the next few years.


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To say that would be equal to saying Beilein doesn't have this program on the upswing. 

They both clearly do, take a closer look. Crean started with absolutely nothing (half the players were walk-ons). They couldn't win in a situation like that.

He's built the program up from there brick by brick, and now is pulling blue-chip recruits like Yogi Ferrell and Cody Zeller each year.

Indiana is a basketball-mad state and program...and much like Notre Dame football, they were in the dumps for years. When they're on, they're a blue-blood like Duke, UCLA, Kansas and Kentucky.


March 10th, 2013 at 8:49 PM ^

Hulz and Watford are Srs, Oladipo is a Jr and likely gone to NBA, Zeller as a So might go NBA as he is ready, and Sheehy is a Jr so only 1 year.

They beat us with a very experienced group and their best team in ages. Crean is also a shaky in-game coach, and I'm speaking from his years at Marquette with loads of talent and even this team.


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Pretty harsh words for Mr. Crean.  I think he has done an ubelievable job.  I am not an Indiana fan but where they came from and where they are right now, well, no one can talk down about Tom Crean.  I was at the game, Crean shook hands w/Michigan.  He got into a heated exchange about recruiting with Jeff Meyer (goes back a bit with them).  Crean handled himself professionally, with class the whole game as did Belein.  Two of the classier coaches in the league. Izzo, and others are a joke.  Michigan will be back on top of the big ten this year and will also win the big ten championship next week.  Quit taking shots at Crean and those who said he was saying "shutup" to the Michigan bench are just being ridiculous.  I was right there, he never said a dang thing people.  He was shouting instructions to his players the whole game and never said one bad thing about anyone and that goes for Belein as well.  The only person I heard cussing was Jeff Meyer.  And by the way and for the record.  Tom Crean does not cuss at all.  He never has and never will Total class.


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grade A douche , really.  He supports charities, is a loving father and husband.  Does plenty for the school he coaches and has a lot of respect for EVERY other team in the BIGTEN to include coaches and assistants.  Calling him a douche really shows your ignorance, age, and your maturity.