Crawford thinking different UM?

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Sorry if this is old news, please be gentle as my first blog post as well, but I didnt see anything on this yet and might have another casualty of the CC mess. Dallas Crawford is getting the HARD push from Miami, his childhood dream school, and he has scheduled a Jan visit according to sources on a few Canes sites. I'll link the article, but im sure it'ts behind a pay wall....its my GF who is the live and die Canes fan. Let's hope that we can keep a few south Florida recruits throughout this turmoil!! GO BLUE!!



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needs a back up plan in case there is a CC and the new coach does not recruit him or takes the offer back.  The usual precaution to have a plan A and a Plan B.

Woody Austin

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WE only talk about players who play for Michigan.

We're in on so many EFFING great recruits, this won't hurt!

Once this thing gets rolling, the recruits will just pour in!

Rich Rod is SUCH a great recruiter! He'll just go out and get another one!

The future is so bright, I need sunglasses!

We'll be fine!


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I see that you just joined MGoBlog yesterday.  I must say that you have started off on a great foot with that well thought out, insightful and intelligent post.  I am sure that you will add so much to our happy little community.  I can't wait to see what you do for your second post.


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I have a feeling he has "contributed" to mgb before.  It was sorta cute that he chose the name of a golfer who has plummeted from #17 to #123 in three years to hold onto his card by two places on the money list this year, though.


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Sorry, I didn't know it was a post.  I thought it was a thinly-veiled advertisement for why "your" candidate should be the coach at the University of Michigan.  Please accept my humble apology.