Crappy just got crappier: Big East Not Just East Anymore

Submitted by superstringer on November 1st, 2011 at 4:11 PM

Big Least to add BSU, Navy, Air Force, UCF, Houston, SMU:

Good lord, that conference is going to be worse than the MAC.  And it's still going to have an autobid?

So -- what's this mean for the MWC/C-USA merger, I assume that is more on than before.  Aren't they down to 28 schools now or something.

While on the subject, can't help but laugh at West Virginia suing the Big Least for not protecting the school.  The lawsuit claims other schools were looking elsewhere.  Hey, didn't WVU earlier this year apply to the SEC and ACC?  And get turned down?  I know I need to give up my dispassion for all thing Mountaineer, but what a joke that lawsuit is.  (I'm a lawyer and a litigator at that, I think I can smell BS when it's plopped in front of me.)



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So basically the good teams in the Big East will be UConn and BSU.  Houston and SMU will be competitive until larger schools get around to highering away any successful coaches hey have.  

What a joke of a conference.  No geographical footprint, no philosophy of any sort, and crappy football schools.  the MWC/C-USA merger is more worthy of an autobid than this. 

At this point I say lets get ND into a conference and split the B12 up.  Full steam ahead for 4 super conferences and we can split away from the rest of D-I ball.  MWC/C-USA can be our new D-II cupcakes.  


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When UConn is your premier team(s) you are in big trouble. What bothers me, for the fans and players of those teams joining the BE, is that their schools only are joining for the prestige of being in a "major" conference with an auto bid. IMO, if there is any justice, the BE will lose that auto bid soon, and then where will those schools be? Stuck in just another mid-major conference with increased travel bills and no natural rivalries.


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Wait, what?  West Virginia is suing someone/something that it used to be very connected to and friendly with?  Where have I heard something like this happening with WVU before???  Oh yeah, I remember now.  Fickle f-ckers.



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So we play a BCS conference school next year when Air Force comes to town!

Our schedule just got so much more difficult on paper.... if that paper says "BCS Conference opponent" and not "Big East opponent"


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Can't wait for Boise State and Air Force to turn down the Big [East].   Their commissioner looks almost as incompetent as Dan Beebe did in the last 2 years ago before getting shitcanned.


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Big Wherever. Waiting for the Catholic bball teams to bail and start Big East Classic. And leave this monstrosity to be Big East Zero.

The Big East is a basketball conference faking it as a football conference. Kinda worked when VT, BC , and Miami where in it. Would've worked if ND wasn't as arrogant, self-righteous, and greedy as they are.  



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Boise lives and dies on the one and done apparoach to major college football.  If they play VT or Georgia or some other major conference school to start the year when teams are really sure what they have yet, BSU can win and them dominate their loserville conference.  If they had to play Texas, OU, OSU, Kansas St and Missouri every year, they'd never go undefeated.

Boise couldn't handle big boy football more than twice a year maybe three times and certainly not week-in week-out.  They'd die in the PAC-12 (where they belong) or the Big XII.  They would feast on Indiana and Minnesota, but they would never be able to play a schedule that included Wisconsin, Michigan, OSU and Nebraska every year.

They like the 'big fish in a small pond' scenario.


November 1st, 2011 at 7:27 PM ^

The poster is making a valid point -- and you're missing it.  It's one thing for BSU to play JUST ONE tough team a year, particularly early in the season.  It's another to play in a difficult conference where they'll play four or five really tough opponents, spread over two months deep into the year.

We'll never know.  But few of us think BSU would go undefeated facing, in just one year, Oklahoma, Okie State, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, K-State and Missouri.  Or Wisconsin, Nebraska, PSU, Michigan, Sparty, and tSIO.  Or Stanford, Oregon, USC, and... well, ok, I'll give them the Pac-12.  And let's not start on the Ess-Ee-See.

As injuries and "dings" pile up, as you go on the road in really hostile environments, then as you scatter "lesser" opponents between these big games -- trap games -- it makes it really tough to go undefeated.

So Boise beating those teams one per year doesn't prove anything.  We'll never know how they'd do with a real schedule.  The fact they lost to Nevada at the end of last year, however, makes me think that they could NOT handle a schedule with a lot more problematic games.


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are so in for second-rate or mismanaged conferences these days.  Clearly BE had to add more schools or get decimated further.  BSU is geographically questionable but BE needs the money and BSU needs the stage, such as it is.


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I thought I heard Air Force and Navy were going to say no after Army backed out of the picture, though. THey were talking about it on ESPN a few weeks ago it seems. Also, the Texas schools they're inviting are in the process of joining with the MWC right now. Not likely they'll jump ship to a conference that wont make them any more money than they already do, but the Big Something Or Other has nothing to lose by trying. I know, I know.. "Automatic qualifier." These little schools are smart enough to stay in a little conference and keep winning. If they start playing Cincy, Rutgers, USF, and UConn then their 12 win seasons will start becoming 6 win seasons. They're also talking about adding BYU who just went "independant", East Carolina (another school who might accept), Memphis, and Temple. This is weird because it looks like Notre Dame is working behind the scenes to have enough teams to play basketball against. This is going to be a bad conference unless Boise says yes to the automatic Bowl Bid.


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Georgetown, Villanova, Marquette and the other Big East schools that don't have football are thinking.  Losing 2 of the better bball schools (Pitt and Syracuse) and probably another really good bball school as well (Louisville or WVU to the Big 12).  Then the Big East decides to invite a bunch of mid-majors in football that for the most part are pretty bad basketball schools.


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if I'm the BCS commissioners, I'm looking through the fine print for a way to not give them an autobid.  It won't matter in a few years, but i'd be trying to not let them in next year.  Get ready for 8-4 navy in the orange bowl. 


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Take a look at it,

Miami, Virginia Tech, Boston College, and soon to be Pitt and Syracuse. I know FSU, GT, and Clemson are good programs today. With due respect to FSU, historically speaking all the former Big East school of the ACC have better football traditions than any of original ACC schools. Without Bobby Bowden making FSU what it is, Miami, VT, and BC may have never left. The ACC has more cupcake games than the big east does. UNC is now irrelevant, NC Statte is irrelevant, Virginia, Wake, and Duke are also traditionally irrelevant. You might as well call the ACC the Big East football conference. The basketball conference the Big East is becoming could have been the ACC. Just food for thought.