Craig James Not Returning to ESPN

Submitted by hart20 on March 13th, 2012 at 8:24 PM

Something that we've all been hoping for has finally happened: No more Craig James. Craig James is not returning to ESPN next year as per:


...ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz essentially eliminated the prospect of James returning to the network.

ESPN’s Krulewitz: “We have no intention of bringing Craig James back in the future.”

Thus ends the second tenure of James at ESPN, which began in 2003. James, whose ESPN contract expires before the 2012 football season, also worked for ESPN in the early ’90s following his NFL playing career.

While I am somewhat saddened by the prospect of not reading about how CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS during Saturday liveblogs this fall, I am pretty happy that we don't have to hear his constant hatred of Michigan during every single game on ESPN.

Any thoughts on who will replace him?



I know, I know, it's SportsByBrooks but this article isn't a sensationalist one. Even if it was, the main take from the article and the quote is from an ESPN rep. I doubt that he's lying about it.

Oh, and even though the article is old, I did a bunch of searches and didn't see it posted.



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whats wrong with Sports By Brooks?  He's  been one of the stalwarts in banging the "over signing needs to go" drum and is one of the only outlets who has brought attention to all the shady junk down at Alabama.