Craft named B10 freshman of year

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I know this is from 5 days ago, but I just came across it.  How the hell does Craft get voted ahead of Tim Hardaway Jr. for freshman of the year?;_ylt=Ajk1xzMiBQLAs99g9o5Wq_I5nYcB?slug=jn-bigten030111

I already emailed the idiotic writer and mentioned to him that Yahoo Rivals even rated Craft (#14) lower than Hardaway Jr. (9) in terms of freshman of the year in the entire country.

You take away Craft and that shitty school from Ohio is still near the top of the Big 10.  You take away Hardaway Jr. and we don't even make the NIT.

Side note, I don't listen to 97.1 that often but you know damn well I'm going to listen from 2-6 tomorrow to listen to the callers rip on Valenti and his MSU win prediction.




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No question that Hardaway is THE biggest reason MBB is likely dancing. This is D-Mo's team, but during the stretch that catipulted them to where they are, Hardaway was running the show, plays were called FOR HIM, over and over in the second half of important games (all were). I live in Columbus, and hardly that much can be said for Craft but he is a heck of a player, plays with that same arrogance as a freshman that we've enjoyed Timmy displaying and carrying us at times in his first year. OSU being the best team in the country (arguably, but most weeks at number one all year), Sully up for other awards, Craft's work is conspicuous, politics, he gets it


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why people get so wound up about multiple posts on the same subject. I understand that it is not efficient and in an ideal world we have one place to go for every topic... but, c'mon! For real... don't click the link or read it if you are so bothered by it.


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Amen!  I never post anything because I'm afraid it might have already been posted, and then I will get 15+ responses about how stupid I am for posting it ... ironic, given it only takes 1 person to inform you that it's already been posted, and despite the fact that someone already told you, they still feel compelled to neg you AND post about it.

Doing the very thing they are trying to enforce.

Ah, irony.

I also think the messageboard is kind of like driving ... for some reason, people are just more intense when they're behind the wheel/internet.


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I saw this thread title and thought how the hell was Craft named freshman of the year, only to see that he had not won the award and it was a repost. People should know that if there is an article involving Michigan on ESPN/Yahoo/etc. it is probably on mgoblog within a couple hours, if not minutes.


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I really didn't see the big deal either.  I have a life and work so I can't browse every post on this site.  God forbid there is more than one post about the same information on the internet.  That never happens!


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Thanks for the post, I also had not read it yet being its impossible to read every article on this page and think its BS that people go crazy on this site.  I also think its awesome to see how pissed these losers get when they see multiple posts, so it makes this thread even better.