Crable back from the dead w/Patriots

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Shawn Crable Will Have to Impress to Make Most of Third Chance With Patriots

As a Pats fan living in New England, I had lost track of him -- I'm ashamed to admit I assumed he must have been let go. As the article suggests, there's definitely room for him to play if he can stay healthy.

PS (in advance of the inevitable comments): I don't care if you think Crable cost Michigan the 2006 OSU game. It was a bad call -- get over it.



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Completely agree... it was not a bad call.  And at the same time, Crable's aggressive play was not a bad play.  95% of defensive players pursuing a qb like Smith would of done the same thing.  Playing aggressive 'til the whistle, while fighting physics and momentum can be very difficult.

If he would of let up and Smith stayed in bounds he would be remembered for doing something much worse than playing "overly-aggressive". 

Anyone that says that Crable's play was "stupid" has never played football.


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If he would of let up and Smith stayed in bounds he would be remembered for doing something much worse than playing "overly-aggressive"

To me, this proves my (non-stated) point. The call was roughing the passer, but Smith was functioning mostly as a running back at that point in the play. If Crable had let up and Smith had pulled the ball down and gone by him (a definite possibility, as I remember it), well, it's as you say.


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I posted this below but it should probably be a reply here:

It was a helmet - to - helmet call on an incompletion.

See: "The drive was prolonged after UM’s Shawn Crable was flagged for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Smith on a third-down incompletion."


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Question for the mods - would a topic of other current NFL wolverine such as Mike Hart, Tom Brady, or Woodson be off topic? Either keep it constant or dont play favorites. 

And yes, I bitch because Crable was one of my favorite players of the past few years, even with the hit in the OSU game. 

Steve Lorenz

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Sucks that play is what is remembered about Crable's senior season. If it wasn't for him playing at such a high level it's debatable we would have been undefeated in the first place. Shame on anyone who blames him for that loss. 

Marley Nowell

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Was Crable the one who had Wells in the backfield for a loss but overpursued and let him get a shit ton of yards.  That's the play that hurts me the most.