Cowherd guarantees Mich will win (at least) 10 games in 2017

Submitted by Decatur Jack on August 13th, 2017 at 1:47 PM

So, the guy who once said Michigan had no chance of landing Harbaugh has been on the Harbaugh bandwagon for a while now.

Colin Cowherd doesn't like USA Today's article that said Michigan is a "mystery." According to CC, there's no mystery: Michigan's going to win a lot of football games, by a lot.




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his comments and opinions don`t mean anything more or less then the negative comments out there. people like hearing positive things though. won`t change anything since all the so called experts are wrong most of the time. as long as harbaugh is the coach i really belive michigan will always be around the 10+ win mark. why would urban and saban beable to do it but harbaugh wouldn`t?


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Made by CC. If any of you listened to the embedded clip, Cowherd shows Harbaugh's trajectory moving along the same path as Saban at LSU and Bama. Closes losses, improved record, better recruiting. It's happening!!


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This guy (cowherd) is a complete attention-starved blow-hard. "Guarantee"? Does he understand what that word means? Good grief, don't encourage him by adding to page views.


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Blue from Ohio

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I tend to dislike Cowherd but he did do his homework in this case.  Outside of the one lopsided loss to OSU in his first year, they have 0 bad losses and are winning.  Going to be an exciting season.