Cowboy Classic Tailgating and Pre-Game Events

Submitted by UMMAN83 on August 6th, 2012 at 9:06 AM

Looking for some insight into tailgate locations with UM fans or pre-game events.

The Alumni tailgate was sold-out before I could order.  Also, hearing the parking lot tailgates on stadium property are not worth the money? Looking to confirm. 

Also, wondering about parks, neighborhoods, golf courses in the area that may accommodate.  Probably too much to expect this will be similar an Ann Arbor tailgate but some pro-venues accommodate nicely.  Suggestions are appreciated.



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I hope the parking lot tailgates are good, I spent 40 bucks on a parking pass for one of the stadium parking lots. If the word on the street is that there are better spots to tailgate I will gladly abandon that idea. I'm going to tailgate my ass off for that game, even if I have to do it from my hotel parking lot 3 miles away.


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Tailgating Guidelines
All guests wishing to tailgate must observe the following guidelines. These guidelines have been developed to provide a fair, reasonable and safe tailgating experience for guests. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the loss of tailgating privileges and ejection from the parking lot.

  • Tailgating spaces are for vehicles only. Parking spaces may not be used for tents, grills, chairs or other items. Each vehicle must have a valid parking permit.
  • Tailgating is defined as the placement of any item on the ground (chairs, coolers, grills, games, etc.)
  • Tailgating is only permitted in the grass areas on the perimeter of the parking lots. The maximum area that any single tailgate space may occupy is 9-feet wide and 12-feet deep.
  • Tailgating must be confined to the area adjacent to the end of the designated tailgating vehicle parking space (maximum of 12 feet from the rear of the parking vehicle).
  • Any grass areas beyond the designated tailgating spaces are considered common ground and may be used by other guests for tailgating or picnicking activities.
  • Tailgating is not permitted in Lot 3, portions of Lot 5, Lot 8, and Lot 9.
  • Tailgating is permitted from the time the lots open and up to two (2) hours following Dallas Cowboys or college football games.
  • All guests must follow the directions and instructions provided by stadium personnel (parking staff, security, police, etc.).
  • Dispose of trash in the appropriate receptacles.
  • Coals must be disposed of in the designated coal containers located throughout the lots. Do not dump coals or store stoves on the grass, parking areas, under or around vehicles.
  • The following items/activities are prohibited:

    • Deep fryers or any oil-based cooking or frying
    • Open flame fires of any kind. Charcoal or gas cooking is permitted.
    • Disorderly conduct
    • Picketing, political campaigning or soliciting/distribution of any kind
    • Saving parking or tailgating spaces
    • Weapons and fireworks
    • Sale of food, beverage, merchandise, etc.
    • Advertising or promoting any third party products (including but not limited to food and beverage products)
    • Amplified sound systems or the use of radios/audio devices at loud levels.

Vehicle Security Inspection
All vehicles parking within the Stadium's secured parking perimeter are subject to a security inspection before being allowed to park  

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It is tough as a Michigan fan to go to night games.  Our games traditionally start at noon ("when toe meets leather").  As a student and recent grad, that might mean drinking a few beers fast.  You were usually awake by 10 am and didn't want to really drink and then left for the game at 11 or so.

But, it is dangerous to take some of those "quick party" traditions to afternoon and night games.  If you do that, you run the risk of being "really drunk"...which can lead to being an [email protected], getting in fights and/or simply forgetting the game.

Personally, I think that effect (forgetting the game) would be even more amplified in a "once in a lifetime" type event like this.  (I mean you can only afford it once a lifetime.)  I still remember the 97 Rose Bowl vivdly.  We didn't party before the game (because we were not in the mood after NYE).  It was a great game.

So, without trying to sound like "your mom" or the orange-shirted fun police from the UTL game, I suggest everyone consider a low-key tailgate and heavy partying AFTER the game when we are celebrating knocking off Bama!!!


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I learned from the Michigan vs Penn State night game in 2010 how to pace myself for an all day tailgate. I was able to apply that knowledge to the UTL game, even though it was about 3 hours less of allowable tailgating. The key really is no liquor, and just relax and enjoy your beer slowly.


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I don't drink much beer now because of how filing it is (and all the carbs too), but I may have to make an exception down in Dallas.

Rather than tailgate, I think we are going to try to find one of the local bars that runs a shuttle to the game.  You pay to park at the bar and then you can use that as a credit toward food and drinks.

I am REALLY lloking for a Michigan-friendly bar in downtown (uptown) Dallas for Friday night, so I can watch BSU v. MSU.  KNow of one?


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If you are not looking to set up your own tailgate and are the type who walks around beer in hand ready to crash with anyone nice enough to let you do so, there is tons of parking around Cowboys Stadium outside of the official parking lots. The whole area is full of parking opportunities because the Ballpark at Arlington is right next door.  So don't be afraid to park, walk a few minutes with your beer and find a good group to join up with.

Jimmy the Chin

August 16th, 2012 at 2:02 PM ^

Yes, I was just at the Rangers ballpark in Arlington (which is literally right next door to Jerryworld) for a Tigers game.  There will be more than enough tailgating spots as you have the parking lots for these two stadiums as well as six flags all right next to each other.  I think I paid 13 bucks for a parking spot right next to the ballpark.  It would only take you about 10 minutes to walk to Cowboys stadium from there.  I asked the attendants if these lots would be open for the Cowboys Classic, and they said they would be.  We definitely need to get an mgoblog readers tailgate going somewhere.


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I have (1) one extra Alumni Tailgate ticket for the Cowboy Classic that I am willing to part with for face value ($50). Let me know if anyone's interested.

I love Tom Brady

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I would love to score 2 tickets to the Alumni Tailgate, but these were gone long before my Victors Club standing had a chance to get them.  We are flying in so we aren't able to set up our typical tailgate on site.  I have been looking for alternatives in the Arlington area, but can't seem to find anything for Michigan fans looking for a pre-game party.  Surely, with as many fans as we have attending this game, we should be able to help eachother out with the tailgate issue.  So we are open to suggestions...and party companions!  GO BLUE!


August 17th, 2012 at 9:52 PM ^

I was thinking about taking that shuttle but staying in Dallas (with no plans to rent a car), I'm not sure how I would get back to Dallas from Ft. Worth after the game. There's a railway but it doesn't run late, or on Sunday.

I suppose my question is does anyone have any ideas how I could get to and from the game from downtown Dallas? I haven't researched a taxi or car service yet but something tells me that is about to be pricey. I'm absolutely willing to pay, just not more than I have to, you know?