Cowboy Classic Roadtrip Overview

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2600 miles and 11 states.  Worth every minute.


The game.  Never really was too upset.  Didn't expect much going in just wanted a "game".  A bit closer would have helped to silence the media and typical haters.  Also, seems like at this point Denard could be used much better.  Seemed like 'Bama played the run.  All we had was Denard throwing the BOMB.  Where is the ball control, short passing attack?  Lets have some steady improvement and beat all the rivals this year.


Trip highlights (very high-level):

Springfield, IL - Land of Lincoln overview

Route 66 - Partial ride to St. Louis.  Nice lunch at the Ariston Cafe.

St. Louis - Arch and tram ride

Kansas City - Great BBQ and Tiger game.  Very nice people and town.  Nice ballpark.

Kansas - Beautiful ride.  No Isaac.

Oklahoma - Didn't really stop.  Big country.

Texas - Great times in the Stockyards.  Rodeo, TexMex, Billy Bobs, nice UM tailgate in Lincoln Square

Cowboy Stadium - Huge, very cool

Arkansas - So, So.  Scary people

Tenn - Stopped in Memphis for some Beale Street and food at the Flying Fish.  Saw Elvis

Kentucky - Mammoth Cave, Jim Beam Distillery.

Ohio - Just the most terrible drive ever.  Worst state - roads and everything.  sad.


What a great way to see some of the country.  Many other interesting stops we just had to pass on but I will return to many.







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On watching a half at the bar and the other half in my basement


I drank beer (American!)

Ate wings (BBQ!)

Went home

My dog farted

I drank beer (Canadian!)

Fell asleep on the couch like a boss!


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I went through Arkansas, after going through Memphis, starting from Okemos. Arkansas is now the worst state ever to drive through. No rest stops, no gas stations, except for around Little Rock it was horrible. Arlington and Dallas are great places though. I will never forget this trip, even though I'd like to forget the game. Nashville is a fun ass town to be in though, lots of beautiful girls and some great bars on Broadway St. Texas, was sooo damn hot though. We tailgated in Lot 11 and there were not many people and everyone pretty much stayed under their canopies, just like us. We didn't even play cornhole. But that stadium was amazing and being with a bunch of Wolverine fans the night before at the bar was extremely fun. I will say this, Alabama may have had way more fans in the stadium, but we had way more fans out in the bars the night before. If that is worth anything...


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One nice surprse moving to Nashville blindly 7 years ago.  Lots of sundresses and cowboy boots (if you're into that sorta thing).

Lots of nice Vandy girls (smart AND cute).  Typically 3-4 bachelorette parties Friday and Saturday nights downtown which are always fun to converse with..some from Nashville some just come to Nashville for the party.

Good times!

I unfortunately watched the game with the bama alumi association in town.  Fans were loud but they were FOR bama which I can respect.  One guy kinda got on my nerves but overall their fans were fine.  Lots of dresses and collared shirts going on there from the bama fans, definitely a differnece in the south.  My sister thought she was way underdressed with jean shorts and a Michigan shirt.


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"Where was the ball control, short passing attack?"  

I'm guessing you either got hammered or had shitty seats, because it was obvious to everyone else that the receivers were almost always covered and that Denard threw plenty of short passes.  

Sometimes, the other guys are just bigger and faster at almost every position on the field than you are.  This was one of those times.  


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Here's mine.  On the flight back to Cleveland I had a connection in Houston and when I boarded the plane sporting my Michigan T-shirt I passed two guys in First Class wearing OSU gear who pointed at me and laughed.  I said "I'm sure it could've been worse but right now I can't think of how." One of them said "I think you're could not have gone worse" and both of them laughed at me again.

I walked about two steps further down the isle and then I came back and said "no..I just thought of how it could've been worse.  It could've happen to us TWO TIMES and it could've happen in the game for the National Championship.  That would've been WAY, WAY worse."

Neither of them said a word after that.


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Living here in Ohio for the past 25 years has definitely sharpened my comeback skills.

Oh and by the way...I loved your post in my Butthurt open thread and no, you didnt start it at all.  The other 72 posts bitching about the game, the officials, the playcalling, etc started it for me.


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My wife and I made the trip too. Everything was great except for the game. We stayed in Arlington and enjoyed the area very much. We went out to eat at Salt Grass and Dickies and both were very good. Gameday was a fun experience even though the heat was almost too much. Jerry world is a nice first rate stadium, but I do not like it for a college game.

I can't wait for Saturday to get back to the Big House and have a regular tailgate and watch a game outdoors, with hopefully limited RAWK music and no kiss cams and people kicking field goals at half time.

Deep Under Cover

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My (and my brother's, Here2CWoodson) sentimate exactly with regards to Jerryworld.  IMPRESSIVE stadium, $1B well spent, but not the best for a college game.  We were fortunate enough to get a great little tour of the stadium as we attended a players' "reunion" in one of the field level club/restaurant/bar things.  Really great venue, but the staff gave us the runaround, so I give them a C+ rating.

Fun fact, if you enter "Jerryworld" into google maps, it will take you to the stadium without issue.


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Other than the cost. My mom lives in Clarkston, my dad Sandusky and both of their families in Pittsburgh. To get from my mom's to my dad's it's $2.75 for like 50 miles. It was like $1.50 five years ago. To get to Pittsburgh from my dad's is now $6.50. Paying to drive is not fun.


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I've driven through Arkansas a few times. Flat with barely any topography, nowhere to stop, and strangely enough, barely any trees. I swear only ugly, low-lying shrubs and crabgrass grow there.


Anyone watchin the VT/GT game? Worthy of an open thread or not so much?


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Couldn't agree more about Arkansas being nothing special at all. By far the hardest state to drive through in terms of boring landscape. And it's funny you say the people were scary...there was a person that legitimately spoke like Farmer Fran from Waterboy to us at a Taco Bell/KFC in Arkansas.

Tim in Huntsville

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My story:

Drove from East Tawas to Huntsville to watch the game in the comfort of my house.  

Stayed in Lima, OH; the Johnny Winter Band pulled into the hotel just behind us; looked up Johnny Winter's website and saw pictures of him playing blues with Clapton, Stevie Ray, BB, Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin..  When we got up and left the hotel, the band was already gone (on their way to Pine Knob for a show).  We are not morning people.

Hit Cincy to see my wife's grandparents; she had to go to Crate & Barrel first (are you fucking kidding me, right?).  Drove home in time for a good night's sleep in my own bed (for the first time in a couple of weeks).

Got up in time for GameDay; wished I were there.  My son's Alabama girlfriend came over in time for the game; she waitressed all day before the game, dressed in full Alabama garb, and said she got a great tip from a table of Michigan fans (*classy* as always!)

Watched the game and ate tons of fattening food; paced as always.  Didn't sit until it was about 31-0. 

Proud to be a Michigan fan and can't wait until the next game.  This was one game.  There will be others and hopefully we continue to win most of them.



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A college venue. I cannot wait for a real Ann Arbor college tailgate. I'm sure I will still see the random sparty just like in Dallas at the game. Lol. Funny.


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While the whole idea of college football in a dome is just wrong, the new cowboy stadium is amazing. Even at half time there was no real line to use the bathroom or buy beer. They clearly know how to design the building to maximize profits. I was able to leave my seat during a commercial, use the bathroom and the concession stand without missing a play ( probably the only game where I wish that wasn't the case).

The jumbotron is a huge distraction but once it was obvious that we had no chance it provided some much needed comic relief. I fear Dave Brandon was licking his chops at the prospect of similar gimmicks at Michigan stadium. I suspect the kiss cam will make an appearance by seasons end.

Even leaving the stadium was a breeze. I parked directly across the street and figured it would take an hour just to get out of the parking lot. I was out in 5 minutes and on the freeway in 5 more.


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Lol, this was a cool story, but is it just me, or is every other first comment trolling lately? Every other thread I click on someones in a hurry to be a douche. Same Team, Farva!


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We left Norman after I got home from work on Friday and it's a rather uneventful drive between Norman and the Dallas area. We got stuck in construction traffic about 30 miles north of the Red River behind a Dodge Charger with Alabama Crimson Tide plates. The traffic in the Dallas area is much scarier than in OKC and we haven't been in Dallas for a couple of years, so it took a while to get my bearings.

We stayed at the Sheraton near the airport (thanks, Hotwire, for the sweet deal) which was also hosting some kind of workshop weekend for parents with unruly children, but thankfully, we didn't spend a lot of time there. Parking at the stadium was surprisingly easy and we met up with friends quickly.

The game was... Well, everything has already been established about that. We were able to get out of our parking lot very quickly and back to our hotel as fast as possible because all I wanted was a shower and forget about the day.

The day after, we had to drive the 3 hours back and all I could think of was napping.


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I mostly agree with the Arkansas drive but Oklahoma is worse.

Stopped in Oklahoma City, out of the way a little but it's a nice town. Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse is nice but omg expensive.

los barcos

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flew in to dallas and just got home today.  thought the whole experience was great (except the actual score).  i was actually fine with this game being scheduled, and will enjoy it more in 2-3 years when michigan is back on top.  we were top billing all summer long - something that doesnt happen when we open the season with WMU.  

thought jerryworld was fantastic. before the kickoff was like one giant party - had not experienced something like that before, not even the big house.  everyone was having a great time and the atmosphere was jovial between all fans, more or less.  bama fans were generally nice, but "ROLL TIDE" got to be very annoying.

the whole weekend had a "bowl game" atmosphere, minus the bittersweet feeling that the season is done.  maybe thats what made it so fun - a bowl game atmosphere AND 11+ more games left.  

we lost and got embarssed on national tv, but like has already been said, all our goals are still within reach.  the season still hinges on MSU, at NEB, and at OSU.  saturday night changes nothing.

for those pining for a home and home - it would be nice to play BAMA at home (though for many of us - like myself - the big house is still a plane ride away), but how many would have gone to tuscaloosca?  i would say the crowd was about 55-45 bama/mich fans - we would not have anywhere near those numbers in tuscaloosca.  this game gave us a nice travel opportunity and made us prime billing.  i have no problem with either of these things.


go blue



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My counter 2 cents;


1. Never going to a neutral site game again unless its the B1G Championship came. Way to gimmicky, hated the tailgaiting atmosphere set up shop in Lot 11 next to a bunch of Michigan people and we all just sat there in our own little groups. 

2. Did you see how much crimson was in our maize? Did you see how much maize was in their crimson? That was a 65/35 split right there. 


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I just made this road trip with my family for medical reasons for my son last spring, taking the Ohio-kentucky-Tennessee-Arkansas route and then on to Dallas. Honestly I enjoyed the trip, and I thought this description was spot on. Ohio sucked but once you are into Kentucky it starts to get interesting. Everywhere we stopped, Louisville, Nashville, Littlerock, they all had a distinctly different accent, but all were extremely friendly and genuine. Yes, Arkansas was kind of boring and not what I expected. I was stunned to find a nice micro brewery in Tennessee. And the food was just ridiculous (in a good way). And Dallas really is a great city. I actually would consider moving my family there if I weren't already in love with Ann Arbor.

Feat of Clay

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We met up with family in Springfield a couple years back because it was a fairly central meeting place and I figured if it got too boring we'd just go to St Louis.  That was not an issue, as it turned out.  I was really impressed with the Lincoln stuff in Springfield.  The National Park site is nice, and then the presidential library is really something.