Coverage Map for WMU Game - ABC in Midwest Only

Submitted by jcgold on September 1st, 2011 at 2:23 AM

On the second page of this PDF file, you can find the coverage map for saturday's game vs. WMU.  For those of you who still do not have cable on the east coast, it looks like you are out of luck, as the game will be on ESPN 2…

Edit:  New for 2011, all reverse mirror games will be broadcast in HD.  No more SD only games for this year.



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As a territory of the U.S. they have certain rights but not full rights. Seems that most people on the island choose to keep the status quo, yes some want independance, some want statehood, but the majority seem to stick with the territory. <shrugs> If that is what they want.


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PC term is commonwealth or in Spanish it's "estado libre asociado".  What's interesting is i'm pretty sure that if someone born in PR moved to, say, NYC, they'd be able to vote in federal elections.  If someone born in say, South Bend, moves to PR and lives there permanently, they can't vote for in federal elections.


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The game will be on ABC in the midwest, ESPN2 everywhere else (hopefully Puerto Rico too). It will ALSO be on ESPN3 which, as we should all know, is an online channel.


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Anyone know of a solid stream for the game for those of us living outside the US?

Not too long ago someone posted a poll to check interest in an mgoblog stream. Any news?

Go Blue!


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If you're outside the US, ESPNPlayer should show it, they show all ESPN3 games. It's not free, though. Between this and a season's pass Michigan content on Bigtenticket, it ends up costing about $200 to get all of Michigan's football games (NBC streams ND games for free) and most basketball games.

It's a huge improvement from what it was like 10 years ago, though, when we had to order the football games from a company in Switzerland and wait a week for them to arrive in the mail on a VCR tape. Then you had to try to avoid finding out the score all week. Now worst case I have to wait until the morning to watch an on demand stream.

2 days to go. Go blue.


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Is the company you're referring to called Pontel? My family used to order those years ago while living in the Philippines and Singapore. We still have a full VHS set of the 1997 season floating around somewhere. At one point I thought that set might be worth something, or at least a rarity. Then YouTube happened.

You're right though...I'm still living overseas and the game watching situation has been getting better and better every year.




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I was thinking the same exact thing.  I live in NYC and know a ton of Michigan fans.  On Long Island (where I am from) Michigan is perennially a hot school, and has a huge support base.  Sure, USC is a national program as well (and certainly has been better than us in recent years), but there is not a huge USC interest out here.

Now, in the end, who cares - both are televised in HD.  But, this weekend, many in NY will still not have cable because of the storm, meaning that they can watch ABC but not ESPN2.  So, agree, poor choice (as usual) by the WWL.


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who's callin this bad boy.  Are we getting some Millen action?  By my count, Herbie and Brent on SNF, Ness and Black as BSU .v Georgia, that would seem to leave Sean M. and Millen for either Minnesota v. SC or UM.  Who the hell is fourth in command now?  Franklin got smoked out.  I don't think Patrick still around. 


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scrapped Patrick too.  I guess he is not that bad, Britney Spears aside.

And it was six hookers, he also paid for their abortions prior to killing them, stretched for far too long during his summer workouts, and traded SMU jerseys for ink.  It was a whole big thing.


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I was hoping it would be on ABC here in Kansas. I'm probably the only person who cares in this state anyways. Too many Jayhawks and Wildcats around...

Clarence Beeks

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"Edit:  New for 2011, all reverse mirror games will be broadcast in HD.  No more SD only games for this year."

That's awesome news!  I'd been waiting to hear if they were going to FINALLY make this change.  This irritated me a lot the last few years and it never made sense.  I'm glad they finally did this.  Thank you for posting this.