Courtney Avery will be available on Saturday

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Hoke: Courtney Avery will be available on Saturday

— Michigan Football (@umichfootball) September 4, 2013
Joe Reynolds, too, though I think we assumed that already.

Hoke: WR Joe Reynolds will play

— Michigan Football (@umichfootball) September 4, 2013



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It might suck to do this as a senior, but I kind of want Avery to be our utility defensive back. He can play corner, free safety, or nickel corner. I would start Wilson in this game but give him kind of a short leash.


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Also, just because he is available, doesn't mean he is 100%.  My guess is Wilson starts, but Avery is there in case of a meltdown.  Luckily, I have no faith in Rees to provide that meltdown.


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We have 5 starting safeties in Avery, Furman, Wilson, T. Gordon, and D. Thomas.

Time to bring GERG back and run a 3-3-5


But then again, with Godin, Q, Black, Heitzman, Wormley, Mario, "Little" Glasgow, Clark, and Taco maybe we should be running a 8-1-2.... but then there's Bolden, Morgan, Beyer, Ross III, Gedeon, C. Gordon for a 2-6-3.

Maybe a 8-6-5?


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That whooshing sound you just heard was that comment going right over my head. But it more enlightening news it did prompt me to quickly check Michigan's interception history as listed on I was only able to find 2 guys in the 2000's who had more than 3 interceptions in a season: Warren had 4 in 2009 and Hall had 4 in 2005. That was actually surprisingly low to me. Hopefully this is an area we will see improvement in with an improved pass rush (hopefully).


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It's tough to have more than 4 picks in a year, especially playing in a conference like ours that runs the ball a lot.  Keep in mind, too, that if a team has a great CB, the opponents will likely avoid throwing his way for big parts of the game, limiting his chances at INTs.  I remember watching M games when Marlin Jackson was playing corner because the opposing QB wouldn't hardly look at the WR he was covering.  Marlin had very few stats that year - few INTs, few PBUs, few tackles - all because the guy he covered was essentially ignored.  Which is way better than stats. 


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Awesome to have him back. Avery starting vs ND would mean that we have a guy even better than Wilson, and have upgraded the position for the game. Avery backing up Wilson vs ND would mean that Wilson's performance vs Central was no fluke and we are in seriously good hands at safety. Sounds like a win-win to me!


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It's just great to have the choices we have right now at this and other positions.  I'm not expecting a blow out but after being at UTL two years ago I can't take another game like that.  See you there!!!


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Regarding Avery, I think there was a story even as late as yesterday that said he was questionable, so this is excellent news as it means his recovery is ahead of schedule. Glad to see that Joe Reynolds is going to be fine as well. 

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Everyone be careful of falling for coach speak. Avery may be back, well enough to start. He may be back, well enough to be a utility guy. Or he may be back, well enough to play if he's forced into action.

Just don't be shocked if you're expecting Avery on Saturday and don't really see him much.


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Wow!!! I knew Green was starting at RB, but I didn't realize he was starting at safety too. I did here that Green will also be kicking and returning all kicks - this is in addition to selling popcorn in the stands during timeouts.


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Good to hear.  I guess you keep Wilson at the spot unless/until he blows up.  Avery always felt like a bit of a stretch there anyway, and I'd rather have him available for other positions.

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Avery can do whatever he wants. Thanks for the INT vs. OSU circa 2012. We will never forget for those of us who were students during a certain era of Michigan football.


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doesn't deserve it but that play is the only one I can think of that I remember him doing anything important for us. Until that point I just figured he was an ok 3rd or 4th CB. I hope he does a lot this year but I don't expect it outside of leadership, I imagine he is in a only if we lose guys vs ND will he play situation.