A Couple Quick Recruiting Notes EDITED

Submitted by Steve Lorenz on January 16th, 2012 at 3:17 PM

Cal's DL coach Tosh Lupoi has left to go to Washington. In the last ten minutes alone, Shaq Thompson, Aziz Shittu and Jordan Payton have all tweeted that they might be looking elsewhere. I'm not sure if Michigan sits anywhere with any of these three right now, but perhaps this could lead to some doors reopening. 

2013 OH CB Cameron Burrows will announce his decision this Thursday. We've offered and there may be some interest, but most believe he's all Scarlet and Gray. 

I just caught these coming through my feed and both have an effect on us, so I thought perhaps they were worth discussing. 

EDIT in the "OMG recruiting is like People Magazine" fashion: Allen Trieu of Scout tweeted that Michigan targets Ethan Pocic and Ty Isaac were among the MVPs at the Core 6 Showcase today. Also of note was Logan Tuley-Tillman, who showed up in a Michigan jacket less than 24 hours after visiting Urb in Columbus yesterday. 



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I admittedly haven't been following closely, but I haven't seen a single shred of info saying anything other than Burrows being an OSU lock. In general, this seems like an attempt to hype something up that simply isn't there.

Steve Lorenz

January 16th, 2012 at 3:42 PM ^

I had no idea that you weren't following closely. You haven't said anything of the sort recently. 

It's relevant because we're still in it, and the 3 Cal kids (Shittu less than the others) all showed interest late in their recruitment before committing to Cal. The belief is that we're the favorites to land three commits with one extra spot sitting out there. If these three guys reopen their commitment, who knows? Maybe you're right a bit, but it's definitely relevant enough to discuss. 


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I'll take a Shaq Thompson patrolling the defensive backfield, thank you very much. (I know it won't happen, but daydreaming about it is better than working.)


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There have been an unusual number of Shaqs on the recruiting trail recently, and for some reason every time I see it written on here I can't help but read it with a long "a" as in Jacques.  I have the same problem when I see Ojemudia.  I always hear a soft Spanish-style J in my head.  If I ever have a real life conversation about these recruits I'm afraid I'm going to embarrass myself.


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The increase in the number of Shaqs isn't a coincidence.  SI had an article on this last year.  After Shaquille O'Neal's rookie season in the NBA (1992-93), his first name suddenly became the 181st most common for newborn boys.  Those kids are growing up now and going to college.



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"This is going to be the hardest decision in my life #gisele #adrianalima #brooklyndecker #kateupton... can only make dirty dirty love to one... just gotta pray and hope an answer comes"

Those are all awesome places to go to school, especially for free. There are no wrong answers.


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Wow that is news, what if they all ended up at Washington? I do remember an interview where Shittu was high on Michigan, but said he would wait until signing day to make his decision. He said if there was a spot open at Michigan he would consider it,  but if not that was ok too. This was really old news.

Hardware Sushi

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I'm just waiting for the time bomb that is Tosh Lupoi to blow up in his employer's face. No, I can't prove anything, but it's one of those times where you look at something at it just isn't right.

There's no way he's that good at selling a great public school in Oakland with a historically underachieving football program to these guys. No way I believe he's that good at identifying early talent, either. He's already been connected with shady 'mentors' that are popping up around high school football

This is like baseball players taking steroids in the 90s. It's obvious something is going on but people are too excited (Cal fans, douchebag Jon Wilner) or oblivious (Rivals, ESPN) or inept (NCAA) to do anything about it.

The good news is that Cal usually sucks and I don't have any reason to dislike them, soooo I guess it doesn't matter??


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3 minutes?!

Hell, it can get really shady right on campus.  I remember watching cars parked below my dorm being lit on fire!  (yey riots!)

North of campus is beautiful.  South of campus can be very scary.