Countess, Bryant and Ringer at Outback Bowl.

Submitted by Mich1993 on January 11th, 2013 at 7:10 PM

I was at the Outback Bowl, and I saw Countess, Bryant and Ringer.  They were all walking around the field with their position groups with the same jersey as everyone else but with different pants.  They all appeared to be walking around fine with no indication of an injury. 

It doesn't mean much, but I was glad to see them moving around on the field with the team.

I'm also curious.  I didn't notice the other two players who were out all year, Wormley and Poole, but I wasn't looking too closely.  Did anyone else notice if Wormley and Poole were on the field?



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Poole's injury was upper body (I think his pectoral) so I'm sure he was walking around just fine, and Wormley had the same injury as Countess but a month earlier, so he's probably up and about as well.

The Countess news is probably the most encouraging considering the relative severity and timing of his injury compared to the others.  I'm not surprised about Bryant, at one point he was predicted to be able to play in the bowl game.


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Just saw Fitz walking around the mall. I've had a a tib/fib fracture in my life and that is good news less than two months out. I was still crutch ing it at that point. Heal up boys!


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I am guessing that you didn't have access to trainers or a hyperbaric oxygen chamber whenever you needed them.  Also, I would imagine that Fitz is in a bit better shape than you were when you broke your leg.

BTW, this isn't an insult; football players are in better shape than about 99.99% of the rest of the country.


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Seemed really excited about Blake before his injury last season.  They had stated he had really grown into being a leader and taking the extra time to wach film.  It was really disappointing not to see how much he had improved.  I really hope he is able to come back 100 percent next season to anchor that secondary.

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Thanks for the updates OP, good luck to all the guys that had to deal with injuries, I applaud them for their hard work and dedication, that kind of attitude will pay off big time for them in any endeavor they take on.

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I completely forgot about Chris Bryant & the others who were lost for the season during fall camp. 

It's like opening Christmas presents from relatives a few weeks after Christmas is over. 


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of himself surrounded by his injured compatriots (in their bowl unis), with a shout-out to an unpictured Fitz, their newest club member.  Anyone remember where it was?  I remember being struck by the complete absence of crutches, braces or casts.

EDIT:  Found it.  Bodogblog posted it on the Peach Bowl thread.


My day to day crew! @apoole_40 @cbryant58 @chrisworm43 @ring_ringum Been at it since week 1 with these boys, even though injuries sidelined us all for this season we picked each other up everyday and continued to grind and get better! The road to recovery is not an easy one but with my dogs the comeback will be real! S/o to @mr_toussaint28 who joined us toward the latter part if the season! #goblue #outbackbowl #thereturn #crutchcrew