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Just got done watching the latest vid at
The best part is when he asks the 3 QBs what is similar about each other.

It is easier to see why the coaches like a little bit of each QB after watching this vid.



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Lots of the same old stuff in there, but I like the attitude of these guys. Nick knows that a lot of people don't want to see him on the field, but he doesn't seem to be letting that affect him much at all. Tate and Denard are confident, but honest when it comes to their abilities.


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The QB situation is going to come down to one thing and one thing only - who plays best on Sept. 5th. Regardless of the order, the guy that puts points on the board is the guy that's going to continue to play. I think we'll see Tate first - RR knows the fans are going to cringe if they see Sheridan waddle out there first. We'll see Tate, then Nick, then Denard. I think we'll see Denard get some snaps throughout the game, but maybe not as consistently as Tate or Nick.

It's my hope that Tate puts 6 on the board in the first quarter and looks good doing it - as I believe he has the most potential to carry Michigan through an entire season.


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I think this is the most likely thing to happen. Put them all out there in a real game and see who does it best.

However, for whoever wins the starting job after that: How much slack do you think he will have? Do you think he will be allowed to struggle some to see how he handles it? Or do you think he'll be pulled and replaced to see how the next guy does?


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While it won't dictate who plays I think RR might consider public opinion with deciding who starts.

To keep the team "up" for the game, the last thing he wants is them hearing a chorus of boos before the first series. If Tate (I'm assuming it'll be Tate) struggles, there will be less resistance to Sheridan. If Tate/Shoelaces are the deities we all hope they will be, and put 21 on the board in the first four or five series, people will be happy (WE'RE WINNING, HUZZAH!!!) and less inclined to boo when Sheridan gets his inevitable shot.

They will all get their snaps, regardless.


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However, Tate or Denard will start only if RR believes that either is mentally prepared to start a game in front of 110,000 people (plus millions watching on TV). I think this is the primary reason why Sheridan would start.

The value of starting Sheridan is that RR can ease the true freshmen into the fray. Has there ever been an off-season in which fans have obsessed more over who will be the QB? Or how the QBs will perform? I doubt it. Starting Sheridan allows Tate and Denard to relax (a little) and take in the atmosphere before playing. If Sheridan can actually lead some type of scoring drive, even better for their nerves.

Wait, why am I talking myself into this again?

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I think we will all be pleasantly suprised by whomever is at qb sept 5th. With a two deep offensive line in great condition and with a year in the system, a second class of waterbugs now on campus, and a stable of runningbacks...a competent quarterback will look worlds better than last year because of the surounding base. Also, a quarterback in Tate that came in more fundamentally sound than anyone we had last year Id assume that a lot more time has been spent on integrating new aspects to the offense and less time with mechanics.


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...but, in this first game we're going to see our QBs relying on the running game and ball-control more than throwing downfield

No matter which of the three are out there, we're going to see A LOT of Minor Rage, a few TB screens (hopefully forward this year and not laterals like Threet loved to do) and our slots on bubble screens.

I don't think we are going to see much downfield action against WMU (considering 2 true freshman in their first game and Sheridan who can't throw downfield).

Minor. Minor. C. Brown. Screen to Shaw. Minor. C. Brown. Odoms in the flat. Minor. Minor. Touchdown.


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Western Michigan's secondary is young and small. I did a little research into WMU's secondary a couple of weeks back and they don't have any CB, I believe, who is bigger than 5'10" and 190 pounds. So, their biggest guy is 3 inches and 35 pounds smaller than Junior Hemingway. While that's a pretty good reason to rely on the sweep running play (good luck to those guys trying to shed a Hemingway block and then trying to get to Smith, Robinson or Odoms), it also gives the wideouts a height advantage on pass plays. Why not try a few jump ball situations?

After all, the last thing you would really want is for those freshmen QBs to be trying downfield passes for the first time against Notre Dame. Why not try them when they have a decided schematic advantage in the run and short passing game against WMU in their back pocket?


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I agree that the Western game will go a long way in determining when Tate will become the starter. I personally see no situation in which Robinson is the starter, so if Tate fails, then its Sheridan. Either way, Robinson will get a number of plays each game but will never get the majority, at least this year. I think that Nick Sheridan will start the Western game if he plays at all. The whole benefit of Sheridan is his experience, which helps a player feel more comfortable at the start of a game. It makes more sense in my mind to start Sheridan, if Tate and he are playing equally well in practice, and then let Tate come in once the game has settled down a little.


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Attitudes are contagious. So I think it's great to see and hear that Forcier and Robinson are happy guys that seem to have great attitudes about competing, their abilities, and performing on the field. They both seem to have a spark and personality that I don't think UM quarterbacks of the recent past have had. I again think that bodes well for the future of the position...


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Look like they are throwing the ball pretty well. I remember seeing video footage from this time last year and both Threet and Sheridan were missing wide open receivers...even in the 7-on-7 drills. Can't wait - 8 days!


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By the looks of it Sheridan is really helping coach up Tate and DRob. Do you think that down the road with his coaching heritage and knowledge of the system he ends up a Grad Assistant? I really think that this is a possibility.

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I wonder how much time each QB will be given. By each QB I mostly mean Forcier/Sheridan SOLELY because I don't know if Robinson knows enough plays to be able to mix it up enough at this point to start, let's say, 2 series in a row.

But let's say Forcier starts (God-willing), I'd like to see him in there for 2 full series (maybe with Denard coming in for a play or 2) before Sheridan comes in.

However if Sheridan somehow starts, realistically, I'd like to see just a series. Three plays would be enough. Although maybe the running game would push that past 3 plays.

I just don't really like when QB's only get one series and are constantly rotating every other series. It seems like it would be harder to get into a rhythm, and the sooner Tate can take the reigns and slowly throughout the season let Denard get more snaps as well the better.

As this guy says in his article, an improved Sheridan is probably going to be one of the least efficient in the conference. No tip-toeing around it or giving him the benefit of the doubt (although I'm sure he's a great guy), I do not want Sheridan on the field except for holds, in blowouts, or in the wake of a Forcier/D-Rob double injury.