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via Twitter, when the blog was transferred to a new server the comments boxes reverted to a previous version.  I'm not 100% sure of all the details but I suggest we just wait it out for the staff to make the necessary corrections.

Either that or after a couple hours we hunt them down and take matters into our own hands.

Mr. Yost

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...I hate that everyone acts like a redshirt is the "end all/be all." Like if he redshirts, he just goes away and doesn't come to practice or doesn't get a playbook. Like he just shows back up in January like "okay guys! I'm back!"


I really don't see why we can't redshirt him AND make him the #2 QB...if he needs to play, put him in. If it's just mop up duty vs. Directional Michigan A&M...plant him on the bench. He's going to get more experience running with our #2 O vs. OUR #1 defense (in practice) than he would running with our #3 offense vs. Directional Michigan A&M's #3 defense.


How much game experience can one really get handing the ball off to a walk-on 5th string RB while up 40 vs. a crap team?


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Was it covered in (my as yet undelivered) HTTV?  I read here yesterday or the day before that Sam Webb mentioned he had a good spring.  But I don't remember this being hotly debated.  Wasn't it Taylor and Hollowell at the starting CB spots during spring?


August 7th, 2013 at 12:57 PM ^

It's only one video, but Countess looks like he's moving pretty well and it was also nice to see that he is eager to get out there. As a freshman, I think he played in all but one game and started six,, and that in combination with 44 tackles as a CB should and did impress, and the fact that he seemed to be on the fast track to stardom made his absence due to injury last year sting even more, I think. With him and Taylor back there, CB should be a pretty solid pairing this year. 


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I've had 3 knee surgies including a torn ACL, MCL & LCL and his change of direction looks great for a guy testing the knee in a practice setting for the first time.  He doens't look like he's hisitant about the knee and it's tough to get over the mental aspect and trust your knee after an ACL tear.


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In the interview, Countess is like "aren't you going to ask any questions about me and my actual defense?"  The questions were all about what's it like against Devin, Gallon, etc.