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@ the 2:08 mark you can see one of the newly hatched white throated sparrows cautiously poke it's head out to check for predators!  -socute


I'm expecting as much on the field from Elliot this year as I am from his habitat.


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I'm curious to see what the staff ends uP doing with Mealer almost as much as anyone onthe team. Since he's a senior I obviously wouldn't be surprised if he were to get a starting spot but also tend to think that with our lack of offensive line depth he could play just as critical a role coming off the bench to spell multiple spots. Could anyonetell me what positions on the line he has been used at throughout his career and what do you guys think his role will be once the season starts?


August 18th, 2012 at 9:51 AM ^

Although he's a senior and reluctant to demonstrate his skills out of the locker room, he discusses his skill with TVH in this ESPN interview, and lets Tom talk him into at least a little Taylor Lewan:


Very timely.  That forward-leaning Hoke walk may not be good for PeeWee's neck, so it's good to know he has a ready back-up in Elliott until he's back to form. 


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The beard is epic - looking at photos of a clean-shaven Elliott Mealer, you almost wouldn't know it was the same guy. I must ask - purely hypothetically, of course -  that if there is any game where we see no Mealer and a few SEALs, is it fair to assume what has happened? 

Hope to see him quite a bit this year. Rather interested in hearing Brandon Moore tomorrow as well.