Couch burnings reported Tuesday after MSU loss

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East Lansing firefighters and police responded to three couch fires and a dumpter fire between 10-11 p.m. Tuesday night in the Cedar Village area, including on Cedar Street.

The fires were reported after the MSU men’s basketball team lost to No. 1 Indiana, 72-68...



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'East Lansing fire Capt. Greg Baker said it was “too cold” to draw huge crowds...'

'“I have to imagine if the weather was better and it was a weekend, things would have been different,” Baker said.'



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about the intellect of a Spartan student. They have indeed evolved to the point of harnessing fire, although like the caveman, they still don't understand it. Has anyone checked the status of all area Taco Bell locations yet?

Sparty gonna Spart!


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Truly shows how intertwined and circumstantial things really are. The outcome of one event leading to other events.  I mean, imagine if they would have won, how different things would be.  Your post would read...



Couch burnings reported Tuesday after MSU win



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Burning couches over a regular season loss?  I can't imagine what they're going to do when they fail their math 100 quiz this morning because they weren't studying instead?


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Going a little off-topic here but does anyone get the sense when watching MSU games, that the Izzone has the biggest bunch of d-bags that are in their student section.  They all try so hard to impress the camera and think they're all rock-stars or something.  It made me root hard for IU last night.  Ya just don't get that when watching the Maize Rage.  I realize I am incredibly biased.  


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Those kids skipped class all day to get front row. I mean that's great, but I'm at Michigan to get an education, not just for sports games, those are just an added bonus.


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The Izzone is just Spartan students' lame attempt at imitating the Cameron Crazies without the cleverness, which shouldn't surprise anyone because we're talking about Spartan students.

What I always find amusing about the Izzone and Sparty's pride in it, is how the name itself highlights the fact that MSU has no real history in college basketball prior to Tom Izzo ascending to the head coaching position.  For all Sparty's chiding Michigan fans lately about "acting like a champion" or "acting like you've been there"; the most passionate faction of their fanbase has adopted a name that confirms MSU basketball history started only 15 or so years ago.


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Your rebutal of 3 conference titles in 20 years kinda helps prove the point.  Prior to Heathcote, they had nothing.  They want to compare themselves to the traditional elite in both hoops and football, but it's garbage.  You can't claim to be a historical team with no national presence prior to 30-35 years ago (and even though Heathcote made the tourney and was even a one seed once, they weren't Duke, Kansas, UCLA or anyone else "historic" from the early 80's to the middle 90's).  I hear the argument all the time from Sparty fans that their basketball is like our football.  But, they aren't anywhere near the top 5 in wins, winning percentage, national titles, tournament appearances or even (all-time) conference titles.

Their claim to fame is the decade from 1999-2009 where they won a bunch of tournament games, a national title and like 5 Final Fours.  UCLA had a decade where they won 10 national titles.

Don't get me wrong, they have an impressive program and something to be proud of, but (respectfully) get outta here with "historic."


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I was born then and no I'm not kidding.  Having one moment where fate smiled upon you to allow you to be top of the heap doesn't credibly allow you to claim yourself as part of basketball royalty.  Indiana and Michigan have much richer basketball histories in the Big 10, yet Sparty would have you believe that they are the North Carolina of the midwest.

My point is that despite all their bravado, the fact that the most passionate faction identifies themselves with the coach and not the school is a subtle acknowledgement that their status as an "elite" program ends with Izzo's retirement and may have already ended with the rise of Michigan and Indiana back to prominence in conference.

Buck Killer

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Thank you for letting me get accepted to Michigan. I would have been a Sparty just as those people had to. I can't imagine the hate they have for Michigan. Wearing Sparty gear at a Michigan game must feel bad.