Costello deciding on March 26

Submitted by BlueCube on March 20th, 2015 at 4:46 PM

Sources are reporting he is ready to decide. Probably not a good sign since we didn't get another visit.


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This is related because Costello isn't coming here and he's going to Stanford instead - anyone catch the discussion of Stanford's cutting-edge new virtual reality QB training suite?  I have the brakes on slightly with my enthusiasm because Shaw is an investor in the product, but I have to admit that it looks completely revolutionary.  Use the Googles and watch the videos.

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I'm not a David Shaw strategy fan, but I am a David Shaw personality fan.  And I do have to admit that it gave me a bit of pause the way he reacted to Feldman's question about Harbaugh.  It's not a great sign when the man's number 1 protege can barely hide his contempt for him.  There's clearly bad blood and I hope it's just wounded egos doing the bleeding.


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some of these 5 star kids want a bit more of an assurance that they are going to figure into the rotation at some point.  This is the only time players hold the upper hand so you can't blame them for trying to get a better deal. 

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Other than death, and taxes, and Murphy's law, and that Ohio State sucks, but other than that, there are no assurances.

Better Deal?

1) World class education for free - Stanford can match, USC cannot.

2) No clear cut starting QB on the roster. Stanford has Chryst and USC is loaded.

3) The Big House - 100,000 + every week as opposed to 30,000 - 40,000 at Stanford.

4) The best fight song - period. Does Stanford even have one ?

5) The coolest looking helmets.

6) The weather will prepare them for the NFL - Tom Brady

7) Harbaugh.

8) Biggest and best alumni support system in the World.

9) Gets to play in the greatest rivalry in sports - Michigan - Ohio State.

10) Harbaugh.

It seems to me the best deal, and the best opportunity for early playing time is in A.A.

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This is my guess as to what he thinks from his standpoint...

1. Stanford is slightly ahead of UM and instate, USC is slightly behind and instate. Degree from any is a good idea. Doesn't matter.

2. Valid, but lots of competition in all places. And Harbaugh may seem more willing to think outside the box for competition, your place isn't for sure guaranteed if you start to play poorly, etc. At least more than Shaw or Sarkisian.

3. Coliseum is pretty cool/historic, and the redone Farm is pretty nice. Also much easier for family to get to. Side question: wonder what an NFL team would do to where USC plays?

4. Doesn't matter

5. USC's and Michigan's are cooler but all the unis pretty much same, doesn't matter.

6. Or I could be in state. Also many NFL teams play in domes or warm weather...AFC North, Packers, Bears, Bills, Pats are only typically very cold cities. Doesn't matter.

7. Valid. But may not matter to him.

8. Valid but probably doesn't matter much if I want to stay in Cali.

9. Other schools have good rivalries too...USC-ND, USC-UCLA, Stanford-Cal. Close enough that it doesn't matter

10. Valid again.

I would hate to have to make that decision, especially if I didn't grow up a fan of any of those teams. But it's a pretty cool decision to make.


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The Coliseum has a great skeleton but a ton of issues.  For decades its operation was controlled by a quasi-governmental body called the Coliseum Commission that basically prevented any meaningful improvements.

Now SC owns the property and is about to sink mega bucks into the renovations.  If that process looks anything like the rest of the building spree they've been on in the neighborhood the last decade, the Coliseum will be able to compete with the newly renovated Big House as two of the top facilities in the country.

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March 21st, 2015 at 3:47 PM ^

What he is thinking, he's been to all of the schools, and he knows what each one has to offer, but to go down the list again:

1) Spot on, he is not thinking of his degree because he believes that he is going to the NFL no matter what, and whatever his degree is, it doesn't matter.

2) At USC, he would have Ricky Town(2015), and Max Browne(2014) directly ahead of him, and both were rated higher 5* so he might not play until he's a senior. At Stanford, Hogan is a Senior, but Chryst is a Sophomore, and that might give him a better chance to play. At Michigan, he would be "Harbaugh's Boy", and have a chance to compete against competition that has not seperated itself yet.

3) Granted, but the farm is only three quarters full for most games, and will he be gone by the time the Coliseum is renovated? On the side, when the Raiders played there as the L.A. Raiders they shared the venue, I expect that it would be the same if, another NFL team moved in before their new stadium is built, which any new owner would insist upon.

4 &5) Granted, yet you might be surprised at how many kids are first attracted to Michigan because of the Helmets, and, or, fight song - they may not go there for them, but they are an attraction.

6) Actually, about half the league plays in a cold weather climate, especially near the end of the regular season, and in the playoffs. Try playing outside in January in: New England, NYG, NYJ, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cinncinnati, Baltimore, Chicago, Green Bay, Minnesota, Denver, Kansas City, Washington, and Tenn. & Carolina are not exactly a bargin at that time of year.

And I must disagree about it not mattering, if Tom Brady had not adapted to the cold at Michigan, and this is merely speculaion, he might not have been ready to handle it when he got his shot in New England, and might have failed because he wasn't accustomed to playing in the snow, and that might have altered the direction of his entire career.

7 &10) It should matter, he should want the very best in coaching and development to prepare himself for the next level.

8) Granted, but our alumni are spread all the way out, and are strong in California, if he wants to live there, can the other two suiters say the same?

9) Yes, all of those rivalries are great, and it may not matter to him, but at the end of the day, Michigan-Ohio State is the best.

No matter what he does, he really has an opportunity to have a great life. I just think that he has a better opportunity at Michigan to get what he no doubt wants out of it. I.M.H.O.

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If girls and weather are your only criteria for selecting a college, no wonder you are writing this from Bolivia with a negative, yes, negative 1952990 MGoPoints. I know that we are not supposed to mention points on here, but come on, how can anyone be such a lame douche as to accumulate that many NEGATIVE points ?

Did you know that L.A. is a high crime area that sits at the juncture of many fault lines that meet there, and could go boom at any time? Their weather and women are top notch but the location is not great. Stanford women are no bargin either, and there are also major fault lines that run through there as well, and Mark Twain once said, "The coldest Winter that I ever spent, was the Summer I spent in San Fransisco." The cold sea breeze from the Northern Pacific makes Palo Alto a much colder place than what one might think.


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The last US News and World Report ranking of national universities had Stanford tied for 4th (with Columbia and Chicago), USC tied for 25th (with Carnegie Mellon), and Michigan at 29.  

College rankings are only really meaningful to a point, but saying USC cannot match the free world class education Michigan offers is just uninformed.

Points 2, 3, 7 and 10 make a lot of sense, though.

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Being uninformed and misinformed are two different things. I have been looking at rankings, and finding that they are all over the place based upon differing criteria and subjective considerations. If you scroll down on your google page, you will find the very same publication ranking the World's best Universities, and they rank the schools thusly:

Stanford #4

Michigan #14

U.S.C. #50

You're correct in saying that rankings mean little, but are merely a guide to express different aspects of College life, including educational level. At the end of the day, a kid should go to the place that they feel most comfortable, and the one that gives them the best opportunity to get what they want in life.

Now Gozer the Gozerian, as a duly delegated representative of MGoBlog, I order you to cease any and all supernatural activity and return forth with to your place of origin, or nearest conveninent paralell dimension.


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I am certainly not debating the merits of coming to AA.  The better deal comment was more in reference to the recruit leveraging his HS accomplishments and potential high ceiling to give the player opportunities to be given chances to start and play.   However your comments overrule anything I said and I agree completely!


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Think Peters is coming for the spring game-so maybe buckle up?

Costello isn't coming.  Still a bit shocked he'd consider UM with Hoke here but not Harbaugh here. I think O'Korn+Gentry+Malzone pushed him away.  That is a lot of competition - not to mention Speight.