Cornwell to Bama

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Just to be clear, this is the same David Cornwell that our staff passed over for Speight?…


For the record, I'm happy with Speight. Borges got his man and he personally evaluated both QB's. I have to admit though I was surprised to read ESPN had Cornwell ranked as its #1 pocket passer in the class.



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His offer list isn't very impressive. Past Alabama, the best teams to offer are probably Auburn, Arkansas, Notre Dame, and Virginia Tech


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I've noticed that QB recruiting seems to be pretty funky a lot of times. It's not like a lot of other positions. Teams offer just one or a few quarterbacks, and then try to hone in on that one guy that really fits their system, wil recruit for them, etc. Running backs end up with offers from everywhere, because teams are willing to take a couple in every class. Quarterbacks aren't quite the same deal.


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Early on, I remember you ranked the QBs michigan was evaluating.  Has that list changed in your opinion?  Just curious because Speight came in at 8th, behind guys like Chance Stewart, Tyler Wiegars, DeShone Kizer and Travis Smith.  All of those guys could pretty easily have turned Blue if they were offered.  Top 3 were Cornwell, O'connor and Henderson.


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I don't put much stock in camps and such, and all those quarterbacks were evaluated based on their junior film. So no, my opinion hasn't changed based on their on-field play. I have noticed that Speight seems to be a great recruiter and "spokesman" for the 2014 class, and perhaps that's part of the reason Michigan's coaches offered him instead of some of the other guys. Obviously, that type of thing is pretty difficult to gauge based on film.


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Speight adds weight and I'll be excited.  He comes off as fragile and has a lean frame.  After one redshirt year, I think he will be a great contributor.  


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Can't underestimate Speight's leadership qualities and efforts on the recruiting trail.  Cornwell seems like a great kid as well, but I get the impression that the coaches are being very meticulous in how they're assembling a group of guys that mesh well together with a team first mentality and love for Michigan.  With that in mind, we don't know how the conversations went between the coaches and Speight vs. Cornwell.  I don't think it's a small detail that while Cornwell was very interested in learning more about Michigan, Speight was chomping at the bit to join the class.


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so it's not surprising that he didn't get an offer from Michigan (AND Stanford, Oklahoma, LSU, Texas, UCLA). At the time Michigan made its offer to Speight, no one knew for sure Cornwell would get another year of eligibility to play OK high school football. He had an appeal pending before the state HS athletics body. Imagine the situation if he had not won his appeal-- he had been home schooled for a year in Fla. and might have run into academic challenges in OK if he was no longer a valuable player for his new school's team. The chances of him not becoming academically qualified to be admitted and play as a freshman in 2014 were too great for schools like Michigan, Stanford and UCLA to take.


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I think it's somewhat, dare I say, "telling," that while Cornwell is rated the #1 pro-style QB in the country by ESPN, he didn't get an offer from Oklahoma despite growing up in Norman.  The fact that they chose another local guy, Justice Hansen, says a lot to me considering that they probably evaluated both of them very closely.  Also, this year seems like a pretty down year for elite quarterbacks, no?  

Leaders And Best

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Multiple sites are reporting that Bama wanted Jacob Park, but Park committed to UGa after Bama would not guarantee that he would be the only QB in the class. Cornwell committed a half hour after Park committed to UGa.

Bama is probably taking 2 QBs this year after taking 3 QBs last year. The QB battle there next year is going to be a dogfight. 3 of them will probably be transfers in 2015 unless Saban decides to make them fight to the death first to decide the backup QB job.


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Bama is probably taking 2 QBs this year after taking 3 QBs last year. The QB battle there next year is going to be a dogfight. 3 of them will probably be transfers in 2015 unless Saban decides to make them fight to the death first to decide the backup QB job.

Hmmm...that sounds vaguely familiar...


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Don't read anything into Saban recruiting QBs. He has recruited a grand total of one starter of Alabama. Wilson and McElroy were both Shula guys and AJ is it. He has a good history of getting good guys who see the situation and transfer.

Maybe with the cakewalk this year a backup QB will get some real time working with the the starting o line but Saban has just been lucky so far that he hasn't had a QB leave the game because of an injury.


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Solid film but it is a camp setting...hard to tell what a kid is truly made of when the helmets/pads are off.  That being said, I'm not a fan of his throwing motion...he's more of a slinger with a sidearm release.  It's quick and compact sure, but I feel he's going to have a lot of passes batted down despite his height, a la John Navarre.


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Here's the visitor list I compiled:…

Patrick enjoyed his visit and said that he hopes to come back. Usually if kids are extremely impressed, they say "I'll definitely be back" or something like that. So I don't know if he loved his visit exactly, but it was somewhat positive.