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Link to an mlive article about a 4/5* prospect from California who is also a 2nd-degree blackbelt in Taekwondo.…


I don't follow recruiting closely enough to know if he's a legit possibility for us - anyone have any insight? Really hope so because the PBU celebrations I am imagining are beyond epic.

It's a very fluffy piece. I'm bored. All U of M football content is good content in this dead period. If anyone else is bored and more talented than I am, turn this into a photoshop/gif thread to help bring these celebrations to life. Go Blue!



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Thanks Magnus and Mantis - know you guys are both more plugged in than most.  I am officially getting my hopes up, since I learned nothing from the Najee Harris saga.


I don't care how premature my optimism is.


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The article mentions that he competed in The Nike The Opening Finals this month in Beaverton, Ore., and won the fastest man competition by running a 4.32 40-yard dash. Uh, that works for me.

I just realized he plays at Helix down here in San Diego. I might have to borrow Ace's van and check out one of his games.


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2nd degree blackbelt at age 17 or 18? That is impressive. I've done Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (1 stripe purple) for 7 years and I will probably never hit blackbelt.


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Depends on the school. TKD in the US moves relatively quickly early on. 2nd degree black belt is definitely doable by age 17 if he started young enough - maybe 7 or 8? His dad is his 7th degree instructor, so you know he got home instruction too. And probably didn't have any discipline issues either, which will usually derail the promotion process.


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Black belts seem to come a lot faster in some of the martial arts. I studied shotokan karate for took about 10 years to progress so you were able to TEST for a black belt. Back then you had to go to Japan for testing but that changed with so many in the US involved now.


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As a Tae Kwon Do black belt and former fighting instructor, I believe there's some definite advantages (full disclosure: I never played football).

The stretching thing is big, because trying to spar in TKD without flexibility means you WILL pull muscles. And tendons. So risk of that kind of injury may be lower. There's also the extra lower body strength that TKD - which is 70-80% kick focused - lends. Things like balance, fluidity, and fast reaction time are all cross trainable skills.

Personally, I think stamina is the biggest advantage. Tournaments are *exhausting* and your have to be mentally and physically sharp the entire time, or else you get hurt. Not an easy task.