Coolest/favorite Michigan thing you own?

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I would say probably the coolest MIchigan thing I own is a tie between a program from the first game in Michigan against Ohio Wesleyan in 1927 and a piece of the All-Pro Turf that was in The Big House from 1982-1990.

I got the program from Ann Arbor Sports Memorabilia. It is an amazing underground shop in Ann Arbor that has programs, buttons, cards and everything else you can think of that is Michigan. 

What is the coolest or your favorite Michigan thing you own? Pics would be great.



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I mean, obviously this

is cool, but I like this

because it's not something many other people will have (although it's not like it would be hard for anyone who wants one to get)


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Many years ago my wife had a UM nightgown, basically an oversized T-shirt. Our then-2 year old appropriated the "blue gowna" as his security blanket for the next few years. The nightgown is now neatly folded in our cedar hope chest as it has immeasurable sentimental value.


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My autographed photo of denard from the UTL that I got for being the best man at my best friends wedding. Also I have a pair of game worn Adidas football pants and an away game worn Nike jersey (#92) and a game worn #56 Adidas blue jersey all from one of the garage sales. The pants really help with the ladies I must say.


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Although it is not sports related I have a 15th century Chinese jar that was given to my relative, Dean Alfred Lloyd (father of Alice Crocker Lloyd) by U of M president James B. Angell after a tour of China circa 1880.

Oh, and a photo of my then 16 yr old son at the Big House, in front of the old scoreboards, one week after he had colon cancer surgery. We beat Utah State that game.


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Can anyone help me locate high quality photos of Braylon from Braylon-fest?

I'm looking for different angles of any of his TDs or jump ball catches. I wish I could find a series of 3 consecutive photos for one of his TDs.

I already checked the Michigan photostore they only have one good action shot...


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of my then 4 year old son at his first game ever last year vs. Illinois. Im taking a video of him on the landing in the south endzone and then the guy behind me yells that he made the Jumbo Tron screen in the endzones.... about 10 minutes later they put him up on the screen again.... as we were leaving the stadium.. no less than four coeds randomly came up to him and said.. Its the boy from the big screen and gave him high fives...

Was an epic first game ever experience for him.. and most certainly for me.

Brady's Shoelace

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Two seasons ago the softball team was in the citrus tourney in Orlando, and I took my kids. My 8 year old  softball playing daughter, was given the homerun ball hit by Amanda Chidester in the first game that we saw. We stayed for the rest of the games that night, and my little girl was able to get numerous autographs from the players on that ball, including Amanda. I have the ball in a glass case on my tv stand. Was mine, and my kids first Michigan sporting event.


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....only to give them away to family members and friends.

A couple of notable items that I do still have.

  • Classic brand basketball cards of the Fab Five, each with an authenticated autograph.  I specifically sought out Classis as the game shots of the players on the cards are from college. 
  • I graduated in the Spring of 1997 but still lived in Ann Arbor the following season.  I grabbed a couple dozen copies of the first printing of the Michigan Daily after the Rose Bowl victory over Washington State.  I still have a dozen or so left. 


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Sorry no picture, but besides the degree:

1) A UM #1 nike jersey circa 2004, with a BO signature, down the #1 on the front


2) A framed picture of the 100th game signed by both Bo and Lloyd with a personal note from both!


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A c. 1970s coffe mug from Blimpie's. My mom lived upstairs in the house owned by the same Crazy Jim when she was in school, and she and her roommates claim to have most of the original set.

My collection sucks. I have every edition of HTTV. woo. I do have some pieces of Tiger Stadium (a piece of the batter's box, one of the locks for the dugout, and a seat) from shooting a film there a day before they knocked down the last part.

M go Bru

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1997 football national championship commemorative edition of Sports illustrated magazine. 

1997 football national championship pennant

Michigan Wolverines Wheaties  box.

the ancient

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Since memories have been included under this topic, I would like to add to my earlier post in which I described my "M" letter sweater and blanket. In my senior year at Michigan, I was on the basketball team with Ron Kramer who was then a sophomore. His athletic prowess was already remarkable. He joined the basketball team after he had finished his outstanding first football season. He was the high scorer on the team that season (1954-55) and a fierce rebounder. He usually intimidated even the best opposing players. Occasionally after practice, he would go over to the high jump pit (we played in Yost Fieldhouse in those days and shared it with the track team for practice), set the bar at 6'2" or so, and jump over it a few times just for the fun of it. I never heard him brag once about his exceptional skills. I'm convinced he could have played professional basketball in those days if he had not entered the NFL. It was quite an experience for me to have been a teammate of a Michigan legend.


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My son was to be born via induction on New Years Day 2005. Of course, my wife's gynecologist could no way be a Michigan fan because after all, what kind of a turd arranges for that when we're playing Texas for the first time in school history... In the Rose Bowl no less. Anyway, we watched the First half of the game at home and then drove to the hospital. After resuming the game in our hospital room awaiting the
IV drip to be started, I realized I had forgotten the Michigan Baby Blanket I had planned to wrap my son in after he was born. In a panic, I raced down to the gift shop and snapped up a Michigan bib and baseball hat. Disaster averted, and these have become my favorite items because of the significance of that day. Of course, I still despise Dusty Mangum, or anyone named Dusty for that matter.


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the coolest Michigan thing that I have is the word "Michigan" spelled out in steel metal letters that I spray painted blue. My son is a welder and he took them off a crane that he was demoltioning and gave them to me. They now proudly sit on my front lawn.


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A stuffed full sized fuzzy blue football with a maize block M that I've had since 1983.  I bring it out for every game.  It's been through several moves, jobs, girlfriends, a wife and kids.  My son bit a hole in the block M when he was teething.  No matter, it's part of the family now.



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My signed postcard from Tae Odoms for donating to the #EATING kickstarter! Reminds me of why our team (and school) is the best one out there, and where our priorities truly lie as a program... building Michigan Men.

Lucky Socks

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I have a signed football from Rich Rod's last team at U of M. Would be a bit cooler of it were Hoke's first, but it represents an important part of Michigan football history to me (never forget) and the beginning of the upswing. The beginning of a new bowl streak, signatures from Mike Martin, Denard and other memorable players who became Michigan men the "hard way" and my roommates, who were members of that team and gave me the ball as a gift.

Very special football to me. And the epitome of what sports memorabilia should be, in my opinion. Always best if it has a little meaning or backstory.


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...bench from Michigan stadium that was put in place when Michigan stadium first opened. They were wood back then. They were replaced about 20 years ago, so I was able to buy a portion of Michigan Stadium bleacher.

That, and 2 degrees from Michigan. Those 2 pieces of paper are pretty cool.


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The coolest things I have are the two ceramic stadiums, large and small. What really makes them cool is I bought them in an Ohio State store right down the rd from the horseshoe while I was dating an Ohio state student. So that made me smile a bit more.


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Signed a picture for me of him crushing Western's QB with the most beautiful form tackle. Before the trolls rise up, yes I do understand that we are talking about WMU, but it's still a sweet picture. I can't link it because I am at work but that would be nice if someone else could!