A "cool story bro" (with pic)from the Final Four!

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My family and I were at the Georgia World Congress Center Friday enjoying the Final Four festivities of Bracket Town, when we ran into two future Wolverines in Michigan's Mr. Basketball runner-up Derrick Walton and Indiana Mr. Basketball winner Zak Irvin who apparently were in town for a high school three point competition. I happen to notice them fairly quickly and proceeded to congratulate them on their respective successes and also expressed how excited I was that the two will be attending Michigan in the fall. They were humble and respectful and  very accommodating when I ask for the two of them to take a picture with me. Talking to them, they seem like two really great young men and guys who Michigan fans will be proud to call their own. Coach Beilein has done a fantastic job of recruiting guys like Zak and Derrick who are not only talented individuals, but great representatives of the university as well, to bring Michigan back to the forefront of college basketball. With young men like these two, along with the others, Michigan will remain among the elite for years to come.

Now one thing that struck me was the size of Derrick Walton who most recruiting sites estimate to be 6-0. Well I am a legit 6-3 and as you all can see, he is closer to my height than not. So he is at least 6-1 or better. Zak Irvin however is a legit 6-7, and when he hits them weights, he is going to be a beast.Now considering I missed the opportunity to attend the teams pep rally held at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Smyrna, and according to my brother who did attend, meet Fab Fiver Jimmy King, I thought meeting the future of Michigan basketball was a great consolation, and definitely grounds for my very own "cool story bro". Needless to say, my family and I had a blast! We sang "Hail To The Victors" with the team after the shoot around and from what I can tell Michigan is well represented in the Atl for this monumental event. You all should be proud. Thanks for letting me share, and let's hope they take care of business vs Syracuse today. Go Blue! 



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Nice to hear.

-I don't think Irvin looks 4 inches taller than you in the photo.

-Tell Irvin to take that fucking red shirt off.   I don't think he has what it taked to be a Michigan  Man with that shirt on.  /s


Coach Hoke


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I might be in the minority here, but I generally like "cool story bro" types of posts because theyre usually pretty insightful as to what our Wolverines, or adversaries, are like off the court.  Always worth the 30 or so seconds it takes to read. 


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glad you are having a great time and particularly pleased that those two young men seem to have the chararcter that matches their talent.  i think that pays dividends on the floor in more subtle ways.   quick question:  what does the crown on top of the shirt mean/represent?                        have a great time tonight in hot-lanta and go blue!


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Thanks, and personally I don't believe it has any particular meaning but because I knew that We On stood for When Everyone Operates N'Sync and that it has been part of the team's mantra's this season, I thought would be cool to have! Also considering that  I am in Atlanta where Michigan gear  is for the most part non-existent , I'll  take what I can get.