Cool new CFB helmets

Submitted by superstringer on August 30th, 2012 at 9:12 AM

Season is just HOURS away....

ESPN (yes, I know, boo, hiss, etc. etc.) has a page summarizing D-I* (*I refuse to use the FBS/FCS titles) uniform and helmet changes....

A couple of helmet changes caught my eye, they are REALLY kewl:

Rutgers is going with a "chrome" helmet, but not a smooth or glittery finish aka tUOS, but kind of like marks from swords after battle, they call them "battle scars" -- its pretty neat, up close.  Whether it plays nice of TV is another matter; definitely would have been lost on a standard def TV ten years ago, but on a 52" HDTV, it should be pretty popping .....

Army is moving to this bizarre, "toasted" colors with brown stripe -- it's not as nice as the camoflage helmet they had a few years ago against Navy (Best. Uniform. Ever.*) (*other than one with wings), but its very eye-catching.  Now, if it's still eye-catching after 3 hours, I'm not so sure.  But at first blush, it's nice... .



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I just responded to an earlier post saying the same thing. If they are going to make scars they should come naturally throughout the game/season and worn like a helmet sticker...the scarred ones showing those getting after it the most (for the most part - save the qb).


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Seriously, now, because I don't know and I'm not sure where to look for it. Looking at these helmets made me think of something.

How will Elliot Mealer, or any player with the wiry, bushy beard that stands off a few inches from the chin, fasten their hin strap? That ain't a whispy think you can just brush out of the way.  Do they just strap it under the jaw instead?


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I can't beleive that Nebraska and Wisco are actually going to wear those absolutely hideous jerseys.  I don't know who designed them or who approved them both get an EPIC FAIL for those jerseys.  Even when we have terrible alternate uni's (ie the evil bumble bee that was MSU) they are still nowhere near that bad. 


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The alternate Arizona helmet is pretty sweet.  They claim to be the first team to ever wear a copper helmet, which is somehow surprising even though I can't think of a school with copper as a color.


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I like that the general trend in uniforms is towards simpler, bolder jerseys and matte finish helmets.  I'm not a big fan of the gray jerseys or the nike flywire collar that every team seems to be rocking but I expect to see more teams going towards that thanks to the nfl.



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"Last year, Maryland had approximately 1,372 uniform combinations." - from the article

I had wondered about this. Whatever the actual number, Maryland became to uniforms what Imelda Marcos became to shoes, it seemed. In any case, it is nice to see they've trimmed this down to a home uniform and an away uniform, although I will say that the black and gold piping on the shoulders and legs makes me wonder if I should just avoid the Terps all the same. The helmet is not the "pride" helmet, but I am starting to solidify my belief that Maryland's flag is not terribly uniform-friendly.

The West Virginia gray uniforms actually aren't bad, in my opinion. In comparison to some of the others here, they are actually somewhat understated, which isn't a bad thing necessarily.



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I love the matte paint jobs on helmets (and cars). It wouldn't work for Michigan (if it isn't broke...) but it looks good on solid, dark helmets (like the Duke helmet). Like it alot.