Conway 7-on-7 Video Highlights

Submitted by aaamichfan on April 10th, 2010 at 7:46 PM

Here are the Conway highlights from the most recent 7 on 7. Although this was released a few days ago, I didn't see it posted anywhere on MgoBlog. Some of the catches are very impressive.



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You can see why the staff was so high on him, even following a large WR class last year. He has exceptional body control and does a great job of attacking the ball and catching it at the height of his jump. I don't think he has the speed of a Floyd or Edwards, at least not yet. He is a possession receiver by all means, but that appears to be the direction that this staff is going with the passing game. With Tate and Denard throwing, they appear content to complete shorter passes as opposed to stretching the field deep.


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he's got above average speed, great body control and even better hands. i understand the knock on him being skinny but it's mostly his upper body and not his lower (no homo). get him in a college weight training program and he's got the frame to put on 10-15 pounds in no time.


April 10th, 2010 at 8:10 PM ^ not believable as he's not highly rated. I remain concerned with our coaching staff's proclivity for recruiting players I haven't heard of.



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as i couldn't help myself from reading an msu board a while ago through a link, i kept noticing all they talk about is all the smurfs RR recruits..

Well here's to Conway destroying MSU's hopes and dreams in the coming years..


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in terms of their speed and quickness, Conway could be an absolutely devastating complementary weapon, especially in the red zone. He seems to be plenty physical already, and with a couple of years of S&C it will be impossible for smaller DBs to just muscle him off the ball.


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In RR's offense, it seems like he could be a Chris Henry type guy (without the character concerns hopefully).

One thing I really like (other than the amazing hands, great size, jump ball ability, separation, etc) is his sideline awareness. He always seem to know right where he is on the field to keep himself in bounds.


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I mean this in the kindest way ... Next time RR gets a 3* recruit ..Everyone shut their mouths on the "what is RR doing" crap .. because from what i have seen and read if this kid is a 3* then good .. give us him and his 3 little stars because he is a ball player.

Not to mention he is a big kid and will be tossing CBs around downfield on bubble screens into the slot and running plays

burntorange wi…

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dont negbang me for answering his question. please and thank you.

a few factors can be contributed to him getting a 3*:
-scout ranks him as a 3*. scout also has deanthony thomas(5* rb) as a cb(and the #1 cb which is even more laughable). personally i put very little stock into wat scout puts on their site but they have their star rankings out first so its something to read. rivals and espn dont have their star rankings out but people watching his film have given him 3.91 stars/5 per rivals.
-he probably plays against(no offense) bad competition. guys who dominate in lower divisions have a harder time moving up in the recruiting circuits
-because of the poorer competition, scouts probably havent been to many of his games and havent accurately judged him
-his film is somewhat poorly put together. unless the seaholm offense consists of go routes every play, it doesnt really show everything that conway has to offer
-one of the things that comes from this is his route running capability. u cant really judge a guys route running based on him running straight. does he get out of breaks quickly? does he round his breaks? etc. on his one deep in pattern that i can remember from the film(the one i saw the day of his commitment), he rouned the break off rather than making a quick break. raw route running skills probably drop him in recruiting sites.
-he doesnt really show break away speed. in facing poorer competition he should be running past everyone with ease. with almost all his film being go routes, u would expect this to happen a few times but it doesnt. of course, this can possibly be contributed to his quarterback having the throwing motion of tim tebow and not being able to properly lead conway(his senior qb got hurt if i remember correctly and the back up was a sophomore so maybe this problem is resolved after the qb gets another year in the weight room). however, i think the lack of speed can be backed up in his kickoff returns where he never runs away from everyone.
-hes rather skinny in his upper body. press coverage will probably give him fits until he meets ur strength program.

that being said: i think conway is a great get for michigan. hes got that "it" about him that, when u throw him a jump ball, u just know hes gonna fight for it and win. he uses his body to shield defenders in jump ball situations and gets the ball at its highest point. also, he committed early so he obviously loves michigan and will do his best to earn a starting job. with the problems i just listed, 100% of them can be fixed. he'll probably fill out his 6'3 frame his senior year or he can do that if he enrolls to michigan early to get in ur weight program. while doing this, he can fix his route running and work on getting out of breaks faster and smoother. plus he'll have a real quarterback throwing to him(no offense to his current QB).

and ya of course ur right: rankings dont matter. u cant truly rank potential(to name one: hart). but as fans its nice to say "oh we got x amount of 5*s and x amount of 4*s" in the offseason. it keeps us from getting bored. not that x amount of stars will make a player more or less successful, its just something to take a look at during the dead period.

*AGAIN*: dont negbang me for answering a question honestly, please.

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Can I neg you for breaking rule #1 of MGoPoints (though you may have gotten by on a technicality) and for spelling "you're" "ur" and for spelling "you" "u" and for spelling "what" "wat" and for NOT USING ONE FUCKING CAPITAL LETTER IN YOUR WHOLE FUCKING POST?

Seriously, my eyes started bleeding halfway through.

Edit: I decided not to neg you. It was a damn informative post. But man, have mercy.


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I am soooo excited about this kid.

Why worry about running on 1st and Goal at the 1 against Illinois when you have the opportunity to just chuck it up at Conway 4 times?

Elno Lewis

April 11th, 2010 at 8:37 AM ^

He goes up high, he hand fights well, he uses his body well, he has sticky fingers and he keeps his feet in bounds.

He ain't done growing either. get him on the training table and with Barwis and shabamm.

this kid could be special.