Conley schedules visit to Ohio State

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Per 24/7 (LINK), Conley and his mother have spoken to Meyer and decided to take an official to Ohio ($, info in header). Credit jscbus for breaking the info on MGoBoard.

Let's keep it classy here and try to refrain from speculation until more details come out. Nothing but best to Conley as he makes some big life decisions.

EDIT: Reports coming that he's planning on talking to Hoke about it sometime soon; too soon to say that anything is set in stone yet.



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I tailgated at PSU in 2006.  At the time, Michigan had won the last seven games in the series, including a couple controversial (in their mind only) last second decisions.  We expected to get some grief.  However, it is one of my most memorable tailgates and I mean that in a good way.   We were in the RV lots and didn't run into any trouble.  On the contrary, we made "friends" with quite a few PSU fans, and we had no issues even after beating them for an 8th strait time that evening.  I've found that if you act like a guest and aren't unreasonable, people generally reciprocate.... maybe this is where Buckeye fan has some trouble??

End interjection...... please return to self deprication.


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No, their fans have thrown urine on our band and other bands, among other incidents. Though, I was mainly referring to their deep and irreversible delusion as a fanbase. See: BSD always.

That being said, I find it humorous that both posters who ruined the joke by calling me self deprecating** failed to spell it correctly.


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It says he was supposed to call the coaches tonight and discuss it. Scout has an article where Mr. Conley says he loves Michigan and it sounds like he would like his son to stick with Michigan. 

So far I have heard nothing else of him talking to the coaches so nothing has changed yet.


Also of note, if he were to visit OSU, he will also visit Oregon. I actually think that Oregon is in better position than OSU because that is out near his mother (seems that for Oregon and OSU he would be playing on offense, while for us he would be playing on defense). 


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Does the Scout article explicitly say that he would be recruited as a WR at OSU, or was that something you inferred?

With OSU still in the mix for a handful of 4/5 star WRs, including a juco 4 star, the strategy here seems to be to continue to load up on DBs. It would be surprising to here that his offer was a position-specific one for WR.


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No that Scout article doesn't mention WR. Those I have inferred from info collected via 247Sports and ESPN. The article is VIP'd on 247Sports but it says something to the effect of Urban Meyer saying he could play offense and later on stating that Gareon is liking offense a lot.

I am not a sub on Scout so I couldn't read that article but the header and information I have gotten about the article is basically that his dad likes Michigan.


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What i hate is that nobody paid any attention to this kid and now all of a sudden ohio jumps in i do hope he takes that into consideration and knows Michigan really loves him like a son. Good luck to him but i do hope he sticks with Michigan.


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Expected, to say the least. Lot of buzz here lately about it, unfortunately. Here's to hoping Dawson is the only former 2013 to decommit. If not, I hope and trust the coaching staff in replacing appropriately.

Will be interesting to see if the offer/pursuit is rescinded.

Sione's Flow

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Good luck to him in whatever he decides.  I think it's a good sign that he plans on talking to the coaching staff up front about it.  I wonder if he wants to make the move to WR a permanent one.


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Too much smoke in this situation for there not to be fire.  Hopefully he handles the situation well and his offer doesn't get pulled.  Best of luck to the kid and hope he ends up back at Michigan. 

I think we all knew during commitapalooza that we were going to lose a couple of class members.  Hopefully this leads to room for part of the treadwell/Green/McQuay trio, but also allows for a couple more members of the Jake Ryan/Frank Clark/Willie Henry/Dennis Norfleet one hell of a senior year and we have space open for a sleeper memorial scholarship award.


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That trio won't happen. It is wishful thinking. Sure, call me Debby Downer. But we need to pick up our end stage recruiting and finish strong! There is no question Michigan is the finest at starting and getting early commits. However, the finishing counts.

Please let me acknowledge the incredible class of 2013 that is already assembled. This class alone is one heck of a recruiting haul! However, I know we can add more great players to that class, and I hope we do so.

With regards to Treadwell, Green, and Mcquay-one of the three would be OUTSTANDING. these three are all top level, blue chip recruits! Any of them would make this program a big bump better. As negative as I am against the trio, I feel as if we can get one or two of those excellent players. In the end, I would welcome any one of the three to Ann Arbor. Go Blue!

Maize and Blue…

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and hasn't talked to the coaches about it yet it is not going to sit well.  Is it that hard to pick up the phone, call, and say I want to take visits so I can make sure I've made the right decision so I'll have to decommit for now.

It'll be interesting to see how this finishes as closing has not been this staff's strong suit although that is based on one year.


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I am not a fan of the no visit policy. With all of the pressure to commit early and the fact that you can't take officials as a HS Junior does not allow student athletes the opportunity to fully vet their options. These are 17 year old kids, who are making the biggest decision of their lives.

This hard line stance is giving a 5 star OG to our rivals. One who suffered a horrific personal tragedy. Next up to our rivals will most likely be Gareon Conley. Chip Kelly took back Tyner after he realized he made a mistake. I would be in favor of a scenario in which the recruit gives up their scholarship with the understanding that should they change their mind and the scholarship not be filled that it would still be available to them.

Maize and Blue…

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as long as the recruit is upfront about their plans.  It's pursuing other schools behind the staff's back that got the 4 star OG in trouble. I'm afraid that this may be the case this time also as it sounds as if Conley has already set the visit and did so without the staff's knowledge.

This is Michigan

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"I would be in favor of a scenario in which the recruit gives up their scholarship with the understanding that should they change their mind and the scholarship not be filled that it would still be available to them."

I'm confused. So you do agree with the policy or you don't? From my understanding, that's for the most part how the policy in place works. Recruits just shouldn't expect that if they change their mind and decide to recommit that the offer is still readily available.

Would you rather have the coaching staff have 3 months to find another option or wait on a kid who wavers on an offer all the way until signing day?