Conley decommits

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Gareon Conley has decomitted as being reported by various people on the twittersphere. Mattison was at his school today. Commence death and dispair.



Wow RT @Miles11W BREAKING: Gareon Conley confirms to me he has de-committed from #Michigan. Will take an official to#OhioState.


Also hearing that he will take an OV to OSU, Cincinatti, and here. All is not completely lost.



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Oh really? And were you singing that same tune before he decommitted? I was really excited about him, myself. It's a bummer he decommitted, but that's just the way it goes sometimes.

Let's not marginalize his ability just because he's not a part of the class anymore.


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I see it as more of a negative side effect of our coaches being good at identifying talent early. They're able to lock up guys early before any other big name schools offer. Unfortunately, they blow up and one or two will get seduced away by other schools before NSD. It sucks we had to turn away other players only to have the spot open up after our they commit elsewhere. It's still a good problem to have though.

True Blue Grit

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At least in the world of college football recruiting.  I don't know if this is the case with Conley, but usually, indecisive kids will bite on the most shiny object dangled in front of them.  And Michigan (I believe) won't play that game.  That often explains why you see Michigan lose out at the last second on a lot of top recruits late in the recruiting process.  I've seen this happen many times over the last 30+ years and it's frustrating.  So, I'm not sure how we "reverse that trend" without falling into the same pit as the win-at-all-cost programs.  


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I'm not thrilled with everything Carr did, and his recruiting in his last two years obviously had some real issues, but for most of his career Carr's recruiting classes were good enough to match anyone in the country with that strategy. The problem was never talent--it was how the talent was used. 


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Poop Shit.

I suppose the bright side is this (other than another open slot)... our staff is so good at recognizing talent before other staffs and scouts, that there are bound to be a couple of decommits each year of kids who jumped at that early Michigan offer before anyone else noticed them.


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Well, Kids are committing earlier now, with more pressure on them in general and also the extensive coverage. In a class like Michigan's where you may not have a spot, you want to commit to make sure that you have a spot. After that, if you really might want to go elsewhere, you have to decommit to look around. I think it's a byproduct of the over-covered recruiting environment to a certain extent. Also 16 year olds making the most important decision of their lives to this point with rabid fans watching, that doesn't help (college choice is a huge decision for anyone who's college bound).

Secondly, wow.

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Thanks, this is my first year of truly following the ins and outs of college football. i was just wondering if recruits breaking away from their verbal commitments was on the rise, thats all. And i cant wait for the experts on finding sasquatch to get good video of one of those.