Conley decommits

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Gareon Conley has decomitted as being reported by various people on the twittersphere. Mattison was at his school today. Commence death and dispair.



Wow RT @Miles11W BREAKING: Gareon Conley confirms to me he has de-committed from #Michigan. Will take an official to#OhioState.


Also hearing that he will take an OV to OSU, Cincinatti, and here. All is not completely lost.



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Shit guys, leave this kid alone.  He's 17/18 and committed too soon.  Period.  Let's all take a breath and remember what we were doing at 17/18 years old and, more importantly, how our minds worked.  Mine alternated between girls, beer, anat/phys final, football, friends, and advanced calc.  If he wants to go to Michigan, he'll go to Michigan.  If he wants to go to Ohio, he'll go to Ohio.  The path that our favorite college football team travels in the next 4 years won't change dramatically based on the committment of one high school kid.  Doesn't matter which one.  There are lots of kids that have passed on Michigan in the past and lots that will pass on Michigan in the future.  Fergodsake, get some perspective.  In the end, all we can hope for is that our coaches do everything they can, with the kids that have chosen to play for them, against the other coaches, whose kids have chosen to play for them.  All the speculation and accusation in the world won't change that. 


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The kids with all the drama. Another one has been playing us for a year. Ask Desmond and Woodson about how to be recruited and what a commitment means. Two guys with real talent.


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This is unfortunate...I really liked the raw ability of this kid.  I don't understand how someone (yes I know he's a teenager, but...) can pull this on a team that took such a calculated risk giving them a scholarship before anyone else.  However, now that others are calling they can't show any commitment to a promise on their own end. 


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but I will not hold my breath.  If he recommits, then great.  If not, then good luck and I hope we fill your spot with another talented kid.


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Tough to make decisions when you are 18 and have lots of people trying to influence you.  Best of luck to him.  I hope he figures out what he wants before doors are closed to him.



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I've been a Michigan fan my whole life and have always lived in the Pacific Northwest. I've never known any other true Michigan fans. The responses of individuals on this blog are starting to make me feel ok about that fact. It seems like quite a few people (and its not just a select few) are really arrogant punks who seek out the opportunity to belittle people. It really has gotten to the point where I avoid reading threads because it drives me nuts. Go ahead, tell me what I spelled wrong.


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When kids commit early they don't get a chance to feel out the other schools interested to see which is the best fit. I hope he feels out the other coaches and schools and decides UM is his home.

Other than that, I'm not too upset about it. Assuming Countess recovers, the corners will look to be Avery, Countess, and Taylor.. Richardson is a maybe to go there too. Depth is a minor issue but if Conley doesn't recommit I'd guarantee this class gets another CB

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Best of luck to the kid.  Honestly some of the stuff being said about him in this thread is stuff I would expect on RCMB.  Give it a rest people, we're not going to get everyone we want and some kids are going to change their minds, it happens.  Let's hope UM is still his choice after his visits, but if it's not, then I trust the coaches will solve the problem.  We took a commit from tsiO last year (Kalis) and we were all saying how horrible buckeye fans were for their comments about him.  And now some people here are doing the same thing with Conley.  

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Branching off a previous commit,I'm a little concerned about our CB depth for next year.  We'll have Taylor and Countess will be our only real outside guys unless Richardson puts on some weight.  Lewis might need to play early.

Ron Utah

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I'm glad Conley is looking around if he's not sure.  If Michigan is the right place for him, he'll end-up coming back to us.  And if he can't come back because there is no room, it means we have some AMAZING players in his place.

I wish Conley and his family the best.