Congratulations to Tom Brady!!! 6 time Super Bowl Champ and the GOAT

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Anyone else notice old school football DOES still work! New England’s ability to get pressure as key on the defensive side.  But also the play of Julian Edelman, as a possession receiver.  It keeps the defense honest and opens up the run game.  Who is that guy for us?  Yea we have the vertical pass threats but we need that guy too. 


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Goff has gotten exposed the last 6-8 or so games this season. I did think he outplayed Brees last week, but hasn't played that well in months. This was just the final exposure against the best coach of them all with 2 weeks to prepare.

MVP should definitely go to someone on the Patriots defense. 


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That “great” D and a clock control offense did look somewhat familiar, but it will never work in college. The Rams intentionally slowed the pace, the anti-college approach, they’re completely different games these days.

Keep in mind the particular scenario about “whose our Edelman?” we are talking about the GOAT throwing the ball and 1 with a legit shot at the HOF, but I’ll oblige...

Ronnie Bell seems to have the quick twitch ability that could be relevant to the ball possession / someone get open underneath conversation.



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The Patriots approach worked because they held the Rams to 3 points while their own offense was only scoring 3 themselves.

In college you don't have the level of defensive players across the board to hold the opposition to 3 points for 60 minutes.  While you're sitting on 3, your opponent is scoring 30.

You have no choice but to keep up on offense.




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The implication being that in the NFL you DO have the level of defensive player across the board to hold the opposition to 3 points for 60 minutes?  If you had said this earlier in the year you would have been laughed off the board, and even after the playoffs it's specious.  NFL offenses were off the charts great this year.  On a week-to-week basis it's much easier to stop opponents in college when you're a team like Michigan, given the great disparity in talent.  In the Super Bowl, both teams are good, and there's no reason to expect a defense to stop an offense relative to college football. 

Yes Belichick's approach was very similar to Harbaugh's.  The former has the greatest QB in the history of the world, but he relied on his run game and defense, and didn't risk putting it in the air until he had to.   The difference is Don Brown got owned in the last two games.  Maybe Harbaugh should have expected that against UF, but he had no reason to expect it against OSU.


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Michigan/Gattis should be able to construct one-on-one mismatches for an uncoverable Giles Jackson...should be fun to watch. 

Otherwise, the key here is for the QB to have a correct first read and get the ball to your speed-in-space play-makers very quickly. 

Charbonnet, Turner, Wilson...

Huge upside/ceiling for the 2019 Michigan offense.