Congratulations to msu

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As much as I hate it, Dantonio is an incredible coach. 2 conference titles in the last 4 years, a 12 win season this year. Sparty No is dead. The Spartans are not going away. 

Dantonio and Urban will be equally as hard to defeat for the near future. 

Thank you for shutting up osu, though. 



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EDIT:  In ref to Waterford (jerk) Woverline.

You represent exactly why I can't wait for the negbang to come back. You've been a user all of 2 weeks, have something asinine to say, then repeat it. You are fortunate there is still no negbang, because your kind will be destroyed by sane users. Your day of reckoning, and those like you, can't come too soon for me.


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If anything, this year has proven a wider separation in staff competence between MSU and UM than any of us would have liked.  Dantonio and Narduzzi have done FAR more with what they've recruited than Hoke and staff.  Does not bode well for the future, even if Narduzzi takes an HC job somewhere.  MSU is going to be a problem for us for the foreseeable future.


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I completely disagree.

The only way this conference will get any respect back is for its bowl bound teams to win.  I hope the B1G wins every fucking one of them.

I don't like either Sparty or Ohio, but they are part of the B1G and I'm getting tired of being perceived like a 3rd world conference.


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I kind of disagree.  I want MSU and OSU to win every game, except the one against us.  The idea being that we go undefeated and give the only loss to whatever strong B1G team happens to be good that year.


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Did you see the shot of one of the sparties at the game last night holding up a big sign that said, "Burn the couch!" At least they know who they are. As a wise man once said "Know then thyself..."


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I think I've got a lot of people on my side. Plus there is no value in this thread. Why create another topic of discussion when it could have been said in the game thread?

You also speak as if you know me and my character or nature. Please tell me what I will amount to or where I'm headed?


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They have earned it. I am much happier with them winning the Big Ten and getting their Rose Bowl than seeing Urban go 25-0 and play for a national title. Both teams will be rebuilding next year. There is a very good chance he will be going into year 4 without a conference championship.


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Even though Dantonio is a mirthless prick, and even though I hate seeing MSU so happy, I have to admit that it is hilarious that Urban started his OSU career 24-0 and will have won ZERO conference titles and appeared in ZERO national championship games.  It will be even more enjoyable if these two years represent the zenith of his career as the B1G rebounds from its current depths.


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That is not an unreasonable thing to hope for. Knowing that Roby is going pro, and assuming that Michael Bennett and Shazier may also go pro, an already mediocre defense is going to lose a lot of talent and experience and the thing that made this offense so unstoppable this year- Hyde and that o line, will be gone. As we have learned having good recruits who are young without many juniors and seniors to fall back on can turn out very poorly.




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and hopefully Hoke and co can learn a thing or two from him and Tuzzi. They turned those 2/3 stars into NFL players and just won the B1G championship.



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I am happy MSU won. I f*cking hate Urban and I get such great satisfaction from seeing the looks on their players' faces knowing they just missed their chance at a National Championship. They lose ONE game in two years, and it's the one that costs them the NC.

So happy.


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Congrats to them and I wi take it a step further I want Big Ten teams to do well in bowls so that if, hopefully when, we become nationally relevant again we will be viewed as being in a dominant conference. Wow this game though just dang.


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What can you say?  It was a good season for them.  Narduzzi has built a great defense.

As I live in Ohio, my social media is already filled with people begging that someone (mostly Fickell or Herman) be fired.