Congratulations Coach Beilein on win #650!

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If you really think about it, if 20+ win seasons become the expected norm he's going to be racking up wins at a pretty good pace and will be moving into the rarified air of the 700-800 win club before he's done here. Currently only 16 guys have won 800 games. Only 7 if you take out all those who never coached at a major BCS style program. Some other guys are coaching still and will get there, and the guys at the top will continue to build on their lead, but impressive in any regard.



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When he was hired I told my high school gym teacher that beilein was the man. Part of it was blind hope but part was I was sold on his 1-3-1 zone and told him that his Spartans (played baseball at msu and brother is a strength coach for msu football, men's and women's bball, and hockey) would have troubles with that D and the beilein 3 point game. So when we swept state a couple years ago I confronted my former gym teacher and he supplied me with 2nd row seats for msu vs Wisconsin right behind msu's bench. The seats normally reserved for recruits were aMAIZEing and I made sure to rub the sweep in to both him and his brother. GO BLUE from the great white north


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I did.  I remember watching him take WVU to the Elite Eight and Sweet 16 in back-to-back years and being envious of them (this was when we kept finishing on the wrong side of the NCAA bubble under Amaker).  I figured that if he could do that there, at a school with little basketball history or recruiting base, he certainly could here.  And that was his rationale for coming here - he knew Michigan had great upside as a program.

San Diego Mick

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congrats coach and many more on the way.

It just feels like Coach B is gonna be here for a long time building the program back to where it should be.

Great coaching, great recruiting now for the last couple years and going forward, great school, great fanbase....everything is great! Go Blue!!!

turd ferguson

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This one? Yes.

The one about how we're a little worried that we're getting too many one-and-done type players and that we might only have a top five team in some years? No, didn't see that one coming.

EDIT:  This was intended as a response to the "Did anyone see this coming?" post above.


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Congratulations to John Beilein! What a nice victory #650 was as well.

As a bit of trivia, he is the only coach to have achieved 20+ win seasons at four different levels of competition from junior college to Division I play. I could be incorrect on this, but I think Beilein is also among the top 20 winningest active coaches in Division I right now and near the top in games coached and years coached among active coaches as well. 

Here's to many more wins, Coach. The program is definitely in great hands. 

San Diego Mick

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Let's review:


Hoke has gone 19-6 and 12-4 in the B1G while still not having his style squad and particularly on offense and he is top 5ish in recruiting on a regular basis now

while the guy before him was 15-22 and 6-18 in the B1G and recruited stupidly and had high attrition because of it.

If in 2 years we're still losing 3-4 games a year, maybe we'd have to consider that unworthy, which it would be....but I have a feeling we'll be double digit winners just about every year for a while and possibly 12-2, 13-1 or 14-0 seasons often.

turd ferguson

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Both sides of this fight are silly, but this point is especially ridiculous.  Of course a lot of the players on the past two teams were RR recruits.  Even if you call the class of 2011 guys Hoke's recruits, the most senior Hoke recruits were redshirt freshmen / true sophomores this past year.


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...and everything to do with unrealized expecations.

As a point of reference, who am I?:

I took over coaching a well known and tradition-laden college football program after the previous coach whose underwhelming recruiting and coaching got him fired after 3 years.  In my first 2 years at the helm, I compiled a 19-6 record, including 2 BCS berths and a national coach of the year award.  My next 3 years I went, 3-9, 7-6, and 6-6.  I was then fired.  Who am I? (hint: I have a FUPA)

Again, I will reiterate.  This has absolutely nothing to do with RR and I never once mentioned it in my post.  Hoke has done well thus far (although this season was not great by any means), but he far from meeting expectations of this program, and we should probably wait until he hopefully does so before we determine if it was a good hire.


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I remember a couple years ago when the basketball team was struggling early in B1G play thinking that we should go in a different direction. We had just hired Hoke and I truly thought Brandon should have made a change in basketball as well. Boy was I wrong. Congrats to coach Beilein on his achievement.

South Bend Wolverine

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I remember that moment as well.  I think Brian even had a post where he acknowledged calls for Beilein's head and speculated on what it would take for him to get fired.  Then there was a leadership aneurysm, someone had to GTFO Morris' court, and things started to look pretty different.


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considering his track record and the fact that he led Michigan to their 1st NCAA tourney appearance in 20 years which is something that Tommy Amaker and Brian Ellerbe had failed to do so.  This is why you need to let it play out for 4-5 years before judging the hire.


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I'll admit, I though he was a terrible coach after that Big Ten tourney game against Ohio in 2010.  I am quite pleased to be proven thoroughly wrong.


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On another basketball note, NC State just beat UConn on a neutral floor. Good to see a team Michigan beat take down a team that beat Sparty. I know the transitive thing doesn't work. But it's still good for NC State to get that win.


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I don't think they'll be counting his wins at Erie Community College for any all time lists.


However, he'll be getting to 800 from his current 575 in no time.


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I don't think the NCAA recognizes those. Only 4 year institutions.

But I was pretty conservative not only on his win total, but how many years he might still coach. He's not a kid at 58, but ten years isn't unrealistic.  In basketball though you see guys coach longer than that even; whereas in football that's really old if your name isn't "Paterno." You can even win:


Oldest NCAA Championship Coaches


Coach Y- M- D

Phog Allen, Kansas, 1952 66- 4- 8

John Wooden, UCLA, 1975 64- 5-17

Mike Krzyzewski Duke, 2010 63- 1-22

Lute Olson, Arizona, 1997 62- 6- 9

John Wooden, UCLA, 1973 62- 5-12

Dean Smith, North Carolina, 1993 62- 1- 7

Jim Calhoun Connecticut, 2004 61-10-25

John Wooden, UCLA, 1972 61- 5-11

John Wooden, UCLA, 1971 60- 5-13

Jerry Tarkanian, UNLV, 1990 59- 7-24


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If you look at the actual page, it is from March 2011, and has a disclaimer at the bottom regarding Calhoun:


If Connecticut wins the championship, Jim Calhoun (68-10-24) will become the oldest coach to win the title.


So yeah, Calhoun is the oldest now.


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Holy crap, I had no idea Coach K was almost 66 (birthday is in February).  I guess I should have realized he was getting up there because of how long he's been at Duke, but even still I figured he was in only his late 50s.


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I posted this on the game thread but I really think JB is building a program in the tradition of the very best basketball programs and is on his way to be a legendary-type coach here.  His journey to Ann Arbor was long, he seemed to win everywhere and yet never attract the spotlight of the loud-mouth, egocentric types that populate the college coaching positions today.  And in the same quiet fashion he's been building the Michigan program, aided by the facility improvements no doubt, but his basketball brain, values and vision can't be overlooked.  


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I was mildy enthusiastic when he was hired.  When his contract was renewed in the middle of his third season, in which M finished 15-17 despite being ranked like #15 preseason, including a disasterous start to the 2009-10 year, I considered it an intentional, malicious act by Bill Martin to screw Michigan one more time.   

As it turns out, he has done a great job recruiting potential stars like THJ, GRIII, Burke, Stauskas before they blow up.