Congratulations to the Canes!!

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Luke looks somewhat clueless. Bauserman sucks big time. Braxton is NOT ready for primetime and they lost 24-6 still having three timeouts left. Hall was the only bright spot on an offense that did not see the field all that much.

Enjoyed the hell out of that game!

Go Blue!!!!!

[ED:BISB;  I love it when Buckeyes lose, too. But LUL SUCKEYE comments will be vanquished]



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I couldn't disagree more.  Basking in the loss of a (probably) better rival is a Lil Bro thing to do.  You can't use the comeuppance angle either, because OSU just lost to one of only a few teams that has just as shady of a backdrop to the season.

OSU losing just makes our conference look worse, as if we need that.  Right now the Big 10 is 3-4 bad teams and 8-9 average to good teams.  No world beaters in the mix.  I just want to see the B1G pile up wins.


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I am ecstatic that my three favorite teams won:, Michigan, whoever plays Ohio, and whoever plays Sparty.  It is better for the conference if Michigan is good, and part of that depends on the program being stronger than both Ohio and Sparty.  I think it would be better for college football if Ohio tanked it for a few years because they deserve it.  As for Sparty, they are irrelevant.  

Besides, if ND loses to both Michigan and Sparty on a regular basis, there is no way they will ever join the Big Ten.  So, let Sparty "do the job" against ND for awhile.

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Anyway, this thread is such a disappointment.  What a blow to my confidence in the intelligence of the MGoBlogerati.

Srsly?  Rooting for Notre Dame, and MiamiYesThatMiami to beat Big Ten Conference teams?  You gotta be joking.


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We want our conference represented well, but we have 9 other teams to root for.  When it comes to MSU and OSU, we want them down.  Why?  Recruits.  We compete against those two schools for recruits more than any other.  If we lived in your world, does Strobel choose UM over OSU?  No.  Same for Kalis.  If OSU was out there representing, with a clean program, getting wins, making the conference look great, that would not help UM nearly as much as it helps us when they are down.  So I for one, only have plans on rooting for OSU and MSU in their other games when they are down, and we are back to kicking their ass every year.


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...where Michigan doesn't feel obligated to root for its main rivals just because they're in the same conference as Michigan. If I don't like MSU and OSU for various reasons (MSU because of Dantonio and much of their roster coming out of prison and OSU because of their defiance towards the NCAA), I should be allowed to root against them, regardless of making the conference look good. Seeing as how OSU and MSU's off-the-field actions already make the conference look bad, the argument's kinda moot anyway.


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Your loyalties are your own business.  Conferences are artificial constructs that provide a forum for teams to compete, and they are increasingly fluid in this day and age.  Michigan left the Big Ten for awhile and later returned.  Personally, I'm getting a little tired of drinking Buckeye Tears all the time, but I got a fresh shipment of Spartan Tears straight from South Bend, and I've never been more refreshed in my life.


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I think the only way he'll play in the M game is if Miller is hurt. Their offense appears to be a bit more dangerous when Miller is in, although Miller is not even remotely ready to start. He should improve as the season goes on, but realistically I think his ceiling for this year is "below average". This looks like the worst OSU team in a long time, even their defense is not up to its usual standards.


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Yeah, I wasn't sure what LF was thinking there.  "Let the clock run down, oh, they're going for it? AND WE HAVE ALL OUR TIME OUTS?!  TIME OUT TIME OUT!"


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I don't know what his logic was, but it kind of came across like he just decided to quit. It wasn't much different than if they just walked off the field with a minute left. I doubt they would have won, but he certainly should have tried to instead of just throwing in the towel before the game was over. If anyone knows that strange things can happen with a minute left in the game, we do . . . 


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I'm not sold he'd want it either - they are going to be on a short leash when it comes to recruiting kids, and for all of the platitudes Meyer received basically for Tebow being a media-annointed saint (and the kid seems like a nice enough guy), those Florida teams had a rash of arrests and trouble-makers.  He may not want that scrutiny, especially since he effectively bypassed the ND option because of their academic standards and other oversights.  


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Except that they had a 26 year old, 5th year Senior running the show for most of the game. I can still remember a few years ago when Buckeye slappies were assuring everyone that OSU would be just fine if Bauserman ever had to fill in for Pryor. They have no idea how lucky they were that Pryor was built like a Sherman tank.


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Today was definitely a great day with Michigan winning and now OSU losing.  I can say that after today games, I definitely feel that Michigan's chances of beating MSU, OSU, and Iowa all increased.  Still not going to be easy, but all of those teams showed they are vunerable in several facets of the game.  On the other hand, Ilinois looks like they are going to be a tough game, but some Big Ten team had to look good today didn't they?


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that I rooted for Miami or ND... and on the same day no less. Amazing.  (truthfully, the MSU/ND game was guaranteed to have a good outcome with one of them having to lose.)


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I was talking to my Buckeye friend saying how I doubt Braxton would be able to jump in like Pryor did and have instant success.  Look like I was right, and it is going to be a long season for Ohio

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Well... Nessler was talking about this during the game. In the college football landscape, you've got to have either at least an NFL backup worthy quarterback or a dual-threat guy (like Scheelhasse for example) and OSU has the dual-threat guy, but that guy was 0-3 passing with one INT (granted that it was a tipped ball). When Miller came into the game at the end after Hall started to cramp up, he started to make reads on the FS like Denard does and managed to get some nice rushing yards. But until he learns to do that on a consistent basis and throw at least as well as Denard does (Ranked 3rd in the big 10 in new passer efficiency last I checked), OSU is going to get walloped time and time again.


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Pryor had a better coach & a much more talented team around him when he stepped in.
<br>OSU is playing without 6 starters, including Adams, Posey, Herron & Williams (all will be NFL players & probably 1st day draft picks). All of these guys are on schedule to be playing by the time OSU travels to AA.


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As happy as I am to see TSIO lose, remember that the Michigan defense (as it currently stands) and the Miami defense do not belong in the same conversation.  I'm not going to assume a Michigan victory over that school until this defense starts playing much better.

My hope is that the learning curve for our defense advances more quickly than the learning curve for their QBs.

Also, Fickell is an idiot.  Not using any timeouts down the stretch, apparently he was convinced his team had zero chance whatsoever and the less embarrassing thing was to let time go.


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I'm sorry but I fucking hate posts like this.  Who in the hell was talking about Michigan's defense?  The thread is about OSU & Miami.  Did anyone say our defense is as good as the Miami defense?  NO!  Did anyone say they assumed a UM victory over OSU?  No!  So why even bring it up?  The OP is right on -- Fickell looked lost and the OSU offense sucked big donkey dicks.  That's it!  enjoy it for a few hours, sheesh.