Congratulations and Good Luck, Mary Stewart

Submitted by JCass on July 10th, 2015 at 10:00 AM
When I was first accepted into Michigan, I was literally homeless - there were no available rooms in the dorms and I was going to be placed in a lounge in a remote dorm until "space opened."
Through friends of friends, I met Mary and at a wave of her wand, I was in the heart of central campus, beginning my amazing Michigan Experience. Over the years, she has been a friend and mentor to not just me, but countless other people (including pretty much every major athlete that has attended Michigan).
Simply stated, Mary Stewart is truly the backbone of the University of Michigan.
Today she retires after 42 years and is featured in this story.
She deserves all the accolades she has received and I wish her nothing but happiness in her continuing journey!
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, MARY!!!!!!!



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I ADORE Mary! I met her when I was 14 and had my first job at the Union. Mary worked with my mom, and she answered the switchboard for incoming calls to the Union. I talked to her in some capacity daily throughout my HS years until I moved away for college. We lost touch over the years, but now back in touch with Facebook. I get why she is so special with the students there, and I know she is super close with Devin and Denard--as well as countless others who she's touched along the way. Thanks for the post, OP...People like Mary, behind the scenes are what make Michigan so special for so many!


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I wasn't a UM student (went to EMU) but met her on several occasions and have several fraternity brothers who absolutely adore her! Very nice woman!

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True Blue Grit

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at U-M who will be missed.  But, I wish her a great retirement - one well-earned.  I never met her while a student, but that was when she had only been there a few years.  As big a place as the U-M campus is, individuals like Mary can make all the difference between a student having a great experience and a very bad one. 


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The news of her retirement reached Jeter, the Yankees great who retired last year. He responded by sending Stewart a signed photo, reading: "To Mary, Congratulations. Retirement: It feels good. DJ."

That's actually a pretty awesome gesture by Jeter, but it underscores just how much she has been - in her own way - a part of the Michigan journey for some many people. I met her once, but I knew enough to know that she had helped so many, even friends of mine. Congratulations on retirement and a very impactful career.