Congrats to Zack Novak: 28th Wolverine in 1,000/500 Club

Submitted by Raoul on February 8th, 2012 at 11:22 PM

As was mentioned in the open thread, Zack Novak surpassed 1,000 points for his career in tonight's game. He also became the 28th player in Michigan history with 1,000 career points and 500 career rebounds. He joins this impressive list of Wolverines:

28.  Zack Novak, 2008-12                        1,008        569

Congratulations, Zack!



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I think MSU and Wisc have a lot tough games left on schedule while UM's rest of the games are somewhat manageable.  Feb18 is where Michigan makes its statement before the touney, Go Blue!


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Is John Beilein the favorite for Big Ten Coach of the Year?  It seems like it to me.  He had to replace Darius Morris with a freshman, lost a rotation member to a season-ending injury and two of his top six players are going through protracted slumps, but here we are near the top of the conference.  We're three games ahead of last year's record at this time (15-10 and 5-7) which is a pretty big improvement when you consider that last year's team ended up in the tourney.


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I did not know that was a Saturday night at 9:00 PM game.  If we beat Illinois, I wonder if Dukie V. could make an appearance.  I know he is not everybody's favorite, but I wouldn't mind seeing him getting crowd surfed in the Maize Rage.  That would be a pretty cool environment.


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I remember the Fab Four as a kid.  But I started to get competetive in basketball in the mid-90s, so the 94-96 seasons are when I really latched on to basketball.  Already a Michigan fan from footall, and living in Iowa, the Michigan Men's Basketball teams featuring Maceo Baston, Lou Bullock, Mo Taylor, Tractor Traylor, (Dougan Fife?!) were what really drawed me in to Michigan basketball.  I know those years are forgotten almost as much as the Fab Five years, but man those guys were fun to watch as a kid growing up and learning the game.  I especially enjoyed Maceo Baston, for whatever reason.

COOL STROY BRO-sef & not so on-topic, I know, but that list brought back some "naieve" but good memories.

Edit: Forgot to add, but nice achievement for Novak.  He deserves to be on lists such as this one.  He probably brought more to this program than any of us will ever know and it won't be listed as any statistic.



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Not bad for a recruit whose best offers other than Michigan were Iowa, NW, and Purdue.  Also, not bad for a guy who really doesn't fit into any position on the floor, but could probably handle the 1-4 slots if he really, really had to.  


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I was surprised about Jalen too.  However, he did leave early (as I recall) and King and Jackson stayed around for at least another year.  Webber and Howard were in a better position to get there quickly before they left -- and, as someone else pointed out, Jalen was close.


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I should have noticed that when I "added" Novak to the list (obviously, Novak and Manny Harris were not in the same recruiting class). The chart comes from the Basketball Record Book, which for all of the career lists leaves out the first calendar year of the player's career. So all of those first years in the chart should really be one year earlier. And there are a number of previous four-year players on the list.


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You really should have heard of Cazzie Russell if you follow this site -- or even if you saw the game a few weeks ago when he gave the guys a pregame pep talk.  Crisler is the "House that Cazzie Built."

In addition to Tomjonovich, I wish people remembered Phil Hubbard more.  He was an unbelievable talent.  He had an incredible freshman year, but then got injured playing in Europe the following summer.  He played well after that, but lost the edge of his awesomeness.  Still, I think he should rank highly among the Michigan greats.


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He was part of my favorite Michigan team.  The team also had Ricky Green, Steve Grote, and Waymon Britt.  Britt was also a guy undersized at forward being 6' 2". 

This is the team that lost to an undefeated Indiana in the championship game in '76.


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Great to see Zack have success. He's definitely played a big role in bringing this program back to being a national power. His grit and leadership will be missed next year.


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Congrates.  In some ways, Zach has been one of the greatest Wolverines ever.  "In some ways"

He's probably been a better leader than almost anyone we've had.  He's been the glue that has helped Michigan turn the corner from one of their worst periods to what looks like a new program.  The future is so damn bright!  Zach won't be here for that - BUT HE STILL HAS THIS YEAR! - but without him, I don't know if we would be in the same place we are now.

Certainly, he is one of the fans' favorites of all time.

I can't wait until he becomes a coach for Michigan.  It might just happen.


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I don't own any UM b-ball jerseys, but I have been eyeing either a Novak or Douglas jersey lately.  There guys are the perfect complimentary pair of representatives for the program.  In fact, I just decided that I should own both jerseys - ya can't have one without the other.  I hope the Novak jersey comes with standard issue blood stains. 

Seriously, congrats and thanks,Zack.  Lets hope the team can send him and Stu out on a high note.  Bo Blue!


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Congrats to Zack. By far my favorite player on this team and I am going to miss him so much next year. His leadership is something that can't be taught and hopefully someone can step up next year to take his role.


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I thought it was fitting that he hit 1,000 with a 3-ball. Congratulations to him, for sure. He's done so much for this program.

Also, I'm surprised nobody's posted a No-legs Novak pic yet. Here's one:

restive neb

February 9th, 2012 at 9:27 AM ^

shows why Michigan is in great hands.  Both he and Stu have worked hard throughout their careers, but you can see elements of their games that didn't exist 4 years ago.  My biggest frustration under Amaker was that players never seemed to get any better from their freshman to senior years.  That certainly can't be said for either of Michigan's seniors this year.  Imagine how good the team will be when it has both top 100 talent, and experience under this staff.

Umich Agent 0

February 9th, 2012 at 11:01 AM ^

Zack has got to be the best rebounder in the country with size taken into account. He is amazing and has been one of my favorite players in any sport I have ever had the privledge of watching. He will be missed.


February 9th, 2012 at 4:23 PM ^

Novak also has over 200 career assists.  The 1000/500/200 club probably is fairly small, since a lot of the guys on this list were posts.