Congrats to the new Wolverines. (academically)

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on December 20th, 2017 at 4:03 PM
Apparently the early admission decisions were sent out the same day as footballs early signing day. Congrats to all of the new Wolverines. By the way if you got deferred, don’t panic. Only about 50 to 60% of the class is filled in Early Decision.



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Wow, that much of the class is filled with ED applicants now? I'm not sure if ED at Michigan was even a thing when I started in '07!


Congratulations to any and all new Michigan students! The best decision of my life was choosing UM, and having been at another school for a while now I am even more sure that it's the best place in the world.


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not ED. Anyone interested in UM should apply EA because it is not an ED school (binding decision) like many top private schools. They don't put out EA acceptance rates ,but they are usually higher than regular applications, and who wouldn't want to get this decision over with by Christmas?

Last I saw UM's overall acceptance rate was around 27%? The Common app and not being ED distorts those numbers.


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UM doesn't offer ED but of course you can accept right away. If they had 40k+ EA applicants this year, that would represent about 80% of all the applicants.

UCLA just received a record 102,000 applications from just high school seniors!


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Congrats!  Class of '03 here.

Back in "my day" they sent a letter or in my case, since I applied to both LSA and the School of Engineering, I actually got a phone call.  Got into LSA and waitlisted for Engineering.  A few years later, a double major in Econ and Poli Sci.  Glad I never did engineering - didn't have the brain for it!  (As evidenced by my transcript with some.. ahem.. rather subpar performances in Chem/Physics and Calc) <shudder>


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Good buddy of mine from high school just posted on FB that his daughter was accepted into the class of 2022.  I knew I should make my way over to The Blog to see an announcement and, here it is!  

Congrats to Hanna!!!  (time to brush up on your German...)

UofM 1990

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My son was accepted into LS&A today, but we are still waiting to hear if he will be directly admitted to Ross.  Does anybody know when Ross gives notification? 



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I received my acceptance emails for general admission into LSA and pre-admittance to Ross at the same time, a few days before Christmas. I didn't really realize how prestigious Ross was at the time so it was sort of anticlimactic, especially when compared to my other acceptance email. This was only two years ago, FWIW. Good luck!


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I heard back from Ross and got denied direct admission in mid-March after hearing back EA this week four years ago. However, the program has since been changed so I don't know if that's still the case, but take that for what it's worth

Rufus X

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Ross Admissions has changed this year. My son was admitted to LSA last night, and we are waiting on Ross as well.  Congrats!  My wife and I ('96) couldn't be more excited.

I had the same question on Ross admissions, even though we did a campus visit and they went through it during the presentation... According to the FAQ on the Ross site:

"We receive and review applications on a periodic basis from Jan thru April, depending on the volume of applicants admitted by the office of Undergrad Admissions. We cannot review your applicatoin until you have been admitted to the Univeristy. Decisions regardlng Applications for Michigan Ross BBA Preferred Admission are typically released February through April each year. Applicants who are offerred Preferred Freshman Enrollment (LSA Applicants) or Preferred Admission (Non LSA Applicants) have until May 1 to accept heir offer"

So FWIW the way I read it we should hear sometime between next week and April, then you have untiul May 1 to accept admissions...  Gonna be a grueling wait.  Good luck!


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What an exciting day for you and your family! Go Blue!

(Have your parents join the FB U of Mich parents page and every UM mom question will be answered by some very resourceful UM parents).


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Congratulations to all future U-M Alumni! And to those not yet accepted...don't give up! I was waitlisted from the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, and I called every other day for several months checking on my status and telling them that I wanted to get in. Lo and behold, I'm now a Michigan graduate. Best decision I ever made.


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My daughter was accepted to LS&A today so I am a very proud parent. Have the M flag hanging outside the house. She really wants to attend the music school which is an entirely different application all together. She had to submit a “pre-screen” via mpg file first and get invited to audition. she made it past that hurdle and found out on Monday that her audition is in February. She won’t find out until mid March if she got in. so the drama for my 17 daughter will continue for another 3 months. Acceptance rate is less than 10% so trying to temper expectations.


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Well, congratulations to all the new Wolverines!

Does this mean a new generation of Rick's stories will eventually fill the board? I suppose we shall see. 

Just remember, MGoBlog supports you, as well as M Club. 


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Who writes a metric ton of Letters of Rec.

One of my absolute finest students last year got deferred in the Early Decision cycle.  It was crushing to her and befuddling to me.  So I got some insight through our guidance counselor, who spoke to our school's U-M admissions person and I was told the #1 thing that a deferred student can do to help their chances is to compose a thoughtful, one page, upbeat letter that explains that Michigan is still very much their first choice, that if admitted, you would be thrilled to accept, and adding some of the things that done since you sent in your app.  You will also want to send along your Semester 7 grades to U-M as soon as they are available.  If it's an ACT/SAT issue (which is compared to the people applying from your school as much as anything) consider taking the February 10, 2018 ACT

but that means you need to get registered by January 5, 2018.

I will note that said student I helped last year did get in on Regular Decision and is now killing it in Ann Arbor.  It can be done, you just need to translate the want to into something tangible.

Good luck.


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My daughter got her admit today and is currently prancing around the house in a Michigan shirt and a pair of M pajama bottoms singing the fight song.


It's been her first choice since that cute pre-med student led her campus tour. Apparently the tour my brother and I had provided a month earlier was less...engaging... 


Doesn't hurt that she went to her first Michigan game when she was 18 months old.


My favorite line from her essay was 'I belong at Michigan. 20% of the change in my piggy bank is Canadian.'