Congrats Grads!!!

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I just wanted to take a second to congratulate all the seniors graduating today, whether you are an athlete and have given us moments to cheer for or like most of us, just diehard fans, congrats and thanks. You should truly be proud of your accomplishment today.  I have one more year on this campus and many of you have made a lasting impact on me and all of us here on. May you always hold this university of ours dear to your heart. Goodbye, Good Luck, and forever, Go Blue.



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I graduated today and staying for at least one year to complete my teaching certificate. After that I am going wearing the jobs are. I love the state of Michigan, but Snyder's policies are going to kill public education in this state. 


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I see where you are coming from. The poster came up with a great post that can further discussion. The current trend of college grads leaving the state is a major problem if we ever want to transform the Michigan state economy from being based in manufactoring to one based in the life sciences and alternative energy. 


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Still remember my graduation day from 3 years ago.  Congrats to all grads today.  For today, farewell.  For tomorrow, good luck.  And forever, GO BLUE!

Stephen Hawking

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I just graduated today and it hasn't hit me yet. Probably because I've got med school in my future, so I'm less than half done lolz.  It feels great though and my parents got me an iPad so wooo!!

Congratulations to all of you who also graduated today and wherever you go, Go Blue!


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I would also like to send congrats to people getting graduate degrees including my son who received his MS in BME.  It's been a great six years at Michigan.

Go Blue!


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They should be very proud. Not transferring from MSU to Michigan when I was accepted stands as by far my biggest regret. Very few schools and places that compare.


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On behalf of graduates, thank you.  It's been a great four years and we'll forever love Michigan.  And may Notre Dame never win another football game on God's green earth.

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On a sidenote, I was quite disgusted with a few of my fellow graduates as they stood with their backs turned as Governor Rick Snyder gave his commencement address.  Now, I'm not political at all (not from Michigan either) and I also didn't think the governor's speech was that good, but there is no need for such blatant disrespect.  The man came to give a speech about graduation and our futures (which he did), not push his own political agendas (which 100% did not happen).  The actions of these few brought shame to our class as a whole, and I thought it marred slightly an otherwise happy occassion.  


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Actually, I respectfully disagree. Given the level of vitriol directed at Snyder since be was announced, I think that protesting graduates acted very maturely. I was worried there would be lots of jeering or that everyone would leave, but they managed to show their discontent in a nondisruptive, yet clear, manner. I was especially impressed that a few near me stood in the aisles so as not to block fellow graduates' views. I was impressed with the level of maturity (remember, even with backs turned, they still heard the speech).

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As a graduate who had someone standing in front of me and booing, I would have to respectfully disagree with your respectful disagreement. I expressed to him that his booing was an embarrassment, as did several other people near me. He then proceeded to stand facing me, obstructing my view. Now I understand that you have a right to swing your fist, but that right ends when you're in danger of hitting my nose. I asked him to stand in the aisle; he refused. His actions directly impacted my enjoyment of one of the most joyous occasions of my young life, which is not only selfish but also contradicts everything I've been taught about diversity and tolerance at this great University. I was pretty disappointed.


That being said, this is pretty anecdotal, and it's probably just bad luck on my part to end up behind this asshole.