Confirmed position coaching changes?

Submitted by karpodiem on January 1st, 2018 at 9:58 PM

In a different thread, someone posted they didn't know that Dan Enos is now on the staff for 2018 until today. Is this accurate?

What other staff changes are 'confirmed', or is Enos addition to the staff inaccurate? Sorry if this thread is deemed redundant, but this seems rather newsworthy and I wasn't able to locate a dedicated thread on this topic.



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Seriously, swallow your pride and ask the dude to come back. UM offense was a ton of fun to watch under him. Not the OL coach you need, but bring in one of those too.


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Was anybody enamored with the offense last year? The entire narrative was that our offense is what kept us from being elite, even though we had multiple senior receivers and a senior RB behind a mostly senior OL. We forgot about last year's points of anger really quickly. 

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Partly true, but i really think the concensus was that even when it was sluggish, there were no head scratching "what was that?" moments. We were limited by the fact that there was 1 legit NFL prospect on that entire ofense. The rest were veteren but largly average players. I felt like that changed this year. Except for probably OSU, the offense never looked in sync or comfortable with anything it was doing. Long developing one receiver routes? A back like Evans gets about 1 pass out of the backfield all year? Fades in the endzone to McDoom? Offense was not great last 2 years, but it did not have these complete head scratchers.    


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Fans narratives are often wrong. Michigan 2016 offense scored the most points in a season since the early 1900s. The offense laid two duds. One at Kinnick at night, one at OSU in a game we could have easily won if any one of 3 plays were different.

In all three losses, the elite defense faltered on the last drives. No timely turnover. Missed tackles. The first ever completion conceded by Jourdan Lewis. 


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Just read on another site that three different coaches call offensive plays.
If so, is this the norm for college teams?
How can an offense develop rhythm & continuity?
How does this help with QB development?