Conelius Jones

Submitted by ppudge on December 27th, 2010 at 12:55 PM
Right now we don't have a QB in this class but I thought Conelius Jones was going to join us after a year in prep school. Does anyone know his status? Thanks and Go Blie!



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Rippping on a kid who is 18 or 19 years old in a public forum because you think he doesn't have a lot of talent is really, really classless.  Whether you are wrong or right, there are a lot nicer ways to voice your opinion that a Michigan scholly may not be in a player's future. 


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Seriously? I'm actually not even sure if you are replying to me but if you are, please pay attention to alignment in order to recognize which post the the poster is replying to and who he may be "talking to." My post was in reference to the above poster lambasting the other for the incorrect spelling of something that was actually correctly spelled.

Now, if you weren't responding to me I apologize but please hit the correct reply button to avoid further confusion.



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Try to avoid commenting on these useless threads but why not dog on it?

It's an entirely uninformative title that provides nothing other than the subject (whether he's coming to Michigan, Whether he wants to live in Michigan, Whether he's joined a cult and calls himself Moonbeam now, etc.) and asks for information which a cursory search of the site would provide.

If someone had news other than what we last heard they'd post it. Since no one has, it's safe to assume that whatever recent news pops up in the search would tell the OP what he's looking for.

Like I said, this thread is subsequently pointless/useless.


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I dont want to hijack the thread but i also dont want to start a new just asking what everyone thinks about the odds of Conway getting to Michigan ? ... Kinnard has a chance and i remember people saying Jones would eventually also but i havent heard recent news ... i REALLY hope Conway does because i see alot of potential in him.

Steve in PA

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According to this article, it says his core GPA wasn't the issue it was his SAT.  That being the case, there's been plenty of time to retake it since then and we haven't heard his name.  


I think that ship has sailed.  Good luck to him wherever he winds up.


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Did bring out a lot of bitchiness.

As Rotney King said, "Can't we all just get along?"

And no Pulitzer, Oscar or Grammy was awarded for his literary or artistic performance.

The recruiting analysts seemed to think that Coneliue had some talent.  Why not Blue unless we can get a lot better talent?