Comprehensive Thursday Penn State Thread

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Your Penn State thoughts for today go here. ALL of them.



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Ehh forget it, what I was going to relate has already been covered downthread.

I feel like I'm watching some disturbing, dark movie that I wish would be over soon.

Charlie Chunk

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My heart hurts when I think about what happened at PSU. My heart feels like it did when the world trade center was attacked. I am once again, disappointed in my fellow man!

Paterno and McQueary had an opportunity to be heroes when they learned what they did. Instead they buried their heads in the sand and enabled this problem to endure.

Joe Pa = fail

McQueary = fail


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and Paterno, Curley et al agrred to coverup the crimes in exchange for Sandusky retirement, Paterno, Curley & Co. will all go down for obstructing justice and being accomplices to a crime.  Iff all that turns out to be true, Paterno is the worst kind of scum and he makes Tressel, Kiffin, Carroll and others like him look saints.

If the speculation about pimping are also true, the University will suffer so much financially and reputation-wise it might not recover and could see a boot from the Big-10.

All I can say is WOW!

Charlie Chunk

November 10th, 2011 at 6:12 PM ^

He wasn't trying to set any records or he loved football and couldn't leave it.  He was afraid the cover-up would be exposed.

Joe Pa is nothing.  McQueary is worse.  They can all rot in hell!


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I really thought people were going to put Sports Justice over real justice. If everyone in charge at penn state got fired but joepa because he's the face of the program then that would really be disgusting. It'd basically say that JoePa's career if more important than the kids who were sexually assaulted. Brief round of applause for the PSU board to have the balls to can him

steve sharik

November 10th, 2011 at 9:01 PM ^

  1. Sandusky used the coaches' shower in the football building as an attack site on at least one occasion.
  2. Sandusky was barred by the university from bringing boys to the football complex after 1998.  Per the grand jury report, victim 1 was brought to the football facility in 2007.  Assistant coaches spend at least 15 hours every day at the football facility.
  3. Sandusky brought boys with him and housed them in his hotel room, in the same wing as the coaching staff, including (per the grand jury report) the 1999 Alamo Bowl. 
  4. As a result of factual points 1-3, I believe the entire PSU coaching staff knew about Sandusky, yet turned a blind eye to him being around and bringing young boys around.
  5. Paterno and Spainer were (rightfully) fired for allowing Sandusky to have a place on campus where he could prey on young boys.
  6. By staying silent, the entire coaching staff is complicit.
  7. Therefore, the entire coaching staff should be immediately fired.

I also find it interesting that the Board of Trustees waited until yesterday to fire Paterno and Spainer.  When Sandusky was arrested, they all had to have read the Grand Jury report.  If so, they should immediately have rounded up the entire coaching staff, put them in separate rooms at the same time, and found out what they knew about Sandusky.  Paterno and Spainer should have been fired later in the same day the Grand Jury report came out.  Any coach on staff who knew what kind of sick person Sandusky was (which I believe is all of them) should have been immediately fired.  Only after seeing how many (if any) coaches were still employed should they then have determined whether or not to play football the rest of the season.

I know it is not fair to the players and fans of PSU or their opponents to cancel PSU's last three games, but it is the cost of doing the right thing.


November 10th, 2011 at 9:52 PM ^

Which is in the running for stupidest fucking development of the entire case.  People making death threats against McQueary, that is.  A LOT of this case rests on the testimony of McQueary.  I get that people are pissed off at McQueary for his role in this, but anyone who's pissed off enough to even think of righteous revenge on McQueary and jeopardize even one tiny fraction of the case against the ACTUAL PERPETRATOR needs to be sent to actual Bolivia until this case is over and Sandusky is in prison.  That's just fucking retarded.


November 10th, 2011 at 10:47 PM ^

rioting in favor of JoePa. I feel embarassed for them. They're going on espn yelling for JoePa to keep his job after he effectively permitting a child rapist to continue to operate unhindered. While they're at it, maybe they should blame those kids for having the audacity to interrupt their football season. As if the university wasn't embarassed enough already they've got thousands of their students marching in support of one of the people who enabled Sandusky to continue.


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Here's an interesting aspect to the alleged cover-up.  When the 1998 incident was being investigated, Penn State did not have an in-house general counsel.  PSU relied on Wendell Courtney as outside general counsel.  Wendell Courtney is referenced in the Grand Jury Presentment as having given his blessing to an investigation of Sandusky by University Police regarding the 1998 incident.

In 1998, Wendell Courtney was also counsel to The Second Mile.

In 2002, PSU Athletic Director Curley reported the March 1, 2002 incident to PSU President Spanier and also to Second Mile Executive Director Raykovitz.  At that time, Wendell Courtney was outside general counsel to PSU and was also counsel to the Second Mile.

It stands to reason that Wendell Courtney was aware of both the 1998 incident and the 2002 incident, quite possibly in his potentially conflicted role as counsel to both PSU and the Second Mile regarding both of those incidents.

Amazingly, PSU President Spanier testified to the Grand Jury that he was unaware of the 1998 University Police investigation of Sandusky for incidents with children in football building showers.

Did Spanier not speak to PSU's outside general counsel about the Sandusky incidents?

Did PSU's outside general counsel fail to mention to PSU's President that he was aware of at least two separate incidents involving Sandusky with children in the football building showers?

Did the Second Mile's counsel, Wendell Courtney, fail to notify the Second Mile that he was aware of at least two separate incidents involving Sandusky with children in the football building showers?

Here's a picture of Wendell Courtney and President Spanier riding bikes to a Penn State football game on October 13, 2007.  Courtney's in the middle, dressed in black.  Spanier's to the right in the blue shirt sans tie.


November 11th, 2011 at 12:24 AM ^

thing up and connect the dots is campus pd, they were the link between all the self reported stuff from the athletic department and the outside prosecution, including the missing DA who is probably down in Brazil banging hot tail on JoePa's dime.

The head guy is supposedly retired and no comments every question from the media but the prosecution will find something to make him talk. This thing could get much much bigger, especially if they tie in the missing DA.

Sextus Empiricus

November 10th, 2011 at 11:42 PM ^


"Coach Paterno has meant more to me than anybody except my father," said Bradley, a Penn State graduate in his 33rd year as an assistant coach. "I don't want to get emotional and start talking about that, OK?"

Bradley said Paterno would be remembered as "one of the greatest men."

They hired the wrong guy...they should have gone outside the coaching tree...they should have canceled the season or let the students coach themselves.  What a joke.  Instead they hired a guy who had to be advised by his lawyer at his coronation press conference.

When this gets fully outed I doubt a coach or ball boy is going to come up clean. Instead they hire a guy who says McQueary should be on the sideline - as should Jay Paterno. Thank the lord the ToB told McQueary to stay home. I still question whether Penn State gets this.