Common Man and The Torg

Submitted by 1464 on August 12th, 2011 at 6:08 PM

A lot of people have posted wondering about the reliability of these guys when addressing the ongoing situation in Columbus.  I've been listening to these guys for probably 4 or so years now.  Lately, they've caught on and become pretty popular in central Ohio, and their schtick level is higher than it used to be, but they're still easily my favorite sports personalities, be it local or national.  They are obviously OSU biased, even though neither grew up in Ohio.  However, they routinely call a spade a spade, and are the first to criticize OSU athletes and the last to dismiss UofM athletes out of hand.  If you get past all the OSU love, which I have been subjected to for almost 6 years now, they're actually pretty hilarious at times, and usually spot on with their takes on situations.

I can't see them discussing this stuff on the air unless they honestly believe it to be true.  They may not vet their sources as well as a George Dohrmann type, but I'm sure some level of diligence was paid.  This is not to say that their sources aren't snowballing them, but I know enough background to comfortably say that these guys aren't making this stuff up.  I know this isn't breaking news or anything, but I thought I'd lend some background perspective on this OSU situation.

Any other Columbus people out there that have any take on this?