Commmitments, why now?

Submitted by petrocity on February 19th, 2012 at 7:53 PM

I was just wondering if anyone has a theory why the committments have rolled in like this.  I've only been following recruiting like this for a few years but I never remember anything like this happening.  I know there was a huge visit yesterday but still.....



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Do you ask a dolphin how it swims?


Or an eagle how it flies?


That's right, you don't!  Because that's what they were *made* to do!


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I think last season set a precedent that it's likely the class can be mostly filled very early. Therefore, if you want a spot, you might need to snatch it up quickly. 



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I'm not certain why, but it's pretty obvious these kids love Hoke and the rest of the staff and feel comfortable early that they aren't going to find a school that is better for them than Michigan.  


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Most of the elite schools cleaned house.  We got 6 yesterday, Florida did just as well with their 6, Texas has a great start to their class, etc.  Elite programs can reel in elite talent early and avoid the grueling recruiting trail schedule.


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Many times, the recruits like to garner attention from multiple schools, and take their time.  However, because we've had some pull the trigger some time ago (Shane and Dymonte) and these kids know who they will be playing in front of for several years, some have decided that Michigan will be a good place.  We have a head coach who wants the Michigan job to be his last stop, we had a ton of great games this year with great national exposure (UTL, Ohio, Nebraska), and there is a ton of evidence that you shouldn't wait until NSD to join the 2013 class.  Think what Logan Tuley-Tillman must be thinking right now?  Dude's gotta be a little concerned that if he wants to get in on the class he's gotta chose soon. 


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This domino-effect is a common human reaction to other's cues. Especially in unfamiliar circumstances (like recruiting)

In my opinion, there were 8-10 recruits who felt very strongly about Michigan but didn't really know what to do about that. They all knew or at least knew of one another and thus were watching what the others were doing. They were looking at each other's cues. That's why when a few started saying that they wanted to take their time and explore all their options, that's what they all said.

Yesterday though, the cue started to change. Boesch committed on his visit. Shallman planned to commit on scheduled a radio interview. This sent the cue to the other people on the visit that committing was the appropriate action if you feel similarly. Dawson and Lewis both really like Michigan and thus picked up on the cue (probably after being told about Boesh/Shallman) and committed as well. Fox heard about the recruits committing and did the same.

The ultimate test to this will be in LTT actually commits tonight and goes against what he's been saying for quite some time.

The ultimate caveat on this theory is that I only went my Psych 111 lecture three times.


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I honestly believe Hoke has created a message about Michigan that resonates for a certain category of recruits.  For others it won't, but for those it does, it really does.


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I swear a kid I played HS football with chose a school because they sent him a t-shirt on his birthday...he was so jacked up about it, he made his commitment that do things we can't have specific answers to...


with that in mind, winning 11 games, having Hoke and a stellar crew of assistants, being, well MICHIGAN...beating ohio not only in football but now prime time basketball while many recruits were here, it just brings it all to perspective. The fact that so many kids tweet and skype, etc...they all come connected before they set foot on campus. The roll of commits is no doubt part of that jump aboard a ship headed for prosperous shores is contagious.


I've been to more Michigan football games than I can remember...but follwing the game against ND under the lights, I can say I was about as ecstatic as I've been in a long time. The energy in a win like that over a huge rival is very powerful.

Mr. Yost

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I don't think this is something we should get used to EVERY year, but getting a lot of commits before June IS. People forget that we had a bunch of guys commit earlier than what were used to LAST year.

And on another note, that's what made January so tough, people had forgotten the job the coaches did all spring/summer and decided to focus on 5-6 players from December to February.

But I think this staff does a great job of identifying kids and offering kids EARLY. They also look for early committments.

As for what happened THIS year, well a few things

#1 You had a big visit weekend...

#2 You had an emotional win over a rival in basketball --- atmosphere was AWESOME.

#3 You had Shane Morris on campus. This may have been the biggest, guys want to win and Shane's a GREAT QB who's looking for guys on his team. He's also a cool guy who guys want to play with.

#4 Momentum --- Once we got a couple, I'm sure there was some pressure or some feeling for everyone to commit. It's like "I love it here, these are my boys, f--- it, I'll come too coach!" "Me too!" "Ahhh, I'll ask my mom, but I want to come too Coach!" The fact that so many of the guys are committing definitely helped others feel like it was okay. They want to be included and on the team and feel like part of the group.

#5's clear that we're taking commits early. If you're in a position like Jake Butt where we may only be taking one more TE. And you know Michigan's your leader. Why not commit now. I don't know the whole story, but I feel like Ron Thompson miss the boat last year and was left on the outside looking in (until something else happened that kept him on the outside for good).

#6 Brady Hoke sells MICHIGAN...and MICHIGAN has a lot to offer.

#7...*and this MAY be the biggest reason*...THE TEAM!!! This team is unique like no other. They're truly a family. And I think Michigan has always been and will always been a family...but I don't expect it to stay like THIS. Your star quarterback going to hockey games?! Your TEAM not in the special "we wanna be seen, but not do anything section"...No, they're in the Maize Rage jumping up and down and being just like everyone else. Then you hear stories of when they host recruits and the recruits are astonished at how they all get along, they're brothers, they do anything and everything for one and other.

For a kid getting ready to leave mom for the first time...who wouldn't want to be a part of that? To feel like "I'm leaving home, but I'll be fine --- I'll have my brothers."

And this is infectous because THIS recruiting class will be the SAME way when they get to Michigan. Hence them all committing at the same time, they want to play with and for each other. They'll have their own little family within the family and have a year to grow up, call/text/tweet/facebook, and get to know each other before they ever get to Michigan. That's huge.


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Wow! Let’s get the Michigan FB coaching staff down to the medical research lab ASAP. They are in the zone and can do no wrong! I just feel they might have something else up their sleeves. Oh, by the way let's get the Powerball and Mega Millions numbers from them for the next drawing.

Black Socks

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Surely someone has the clip from the Big 10 meetings last year where Hoke was asked, how do you recruit so well?  Hoke says  "this may sound arrogant but it is what it is, we're Michigan!"


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Did anyone consider the fact that they came to a crazy basketball game against a hated rival in a crazy atmosphere? And that since Tate Forcier is gone all of our teams are a bunch of cool guys with a cool coach like Hoke? Saturday was super exciting and a ton of fun, especially for new recruits. They all probably bonded and saw what great guys are on the different teams, and then pictured Michigan Stadium, with ten times as many people and even more fan fervor. 


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In todays social media and camp world these kids meet each other earlier and build relationships. I also think this allows kids to talk about the process, and more kids I think are being smart and getting it over with so they can enjoy their senior season. Sure some coaches will continue to call, but most if told to beat it will do so and the kid can just have fun for his last year before college. 

I seen a few people say to have Shane Morris DM them on twitter or call them before they committed and similar things from other kids. I point to Facebook and Twitter for the earlier commitments.