Commitment Watch: According to Dymonte Thomas [Edit: No commitment from Green]

Submitted by a2_electricboogaloo on July 29th, 2012 at 1:38 PM

According to Dymonte Thomas on Twitter

He is about to commit! :)

He doesn't specify who, but with all the talk that has been going around Derrick Green, I feel like it has to be him.

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Edit:  From Sarah Hughes

My text to recruit @ the BBQ: "Is it about to go down?" His reply: "DG? Definitely." #team134

According to tremendous

Tremendous I've been told that there's a better chance of him committing than not committing today. Him obviously being Derrick Green.

60% is the # [%] was given. Take it FWIW

Then according to Mark from Tremendous


Take it as you want, but its a good sign.\

One more for good measure, from a 'major site'

Another "idk yet" from Derrick Green when asked if he will commit to#Michigan before he leaves. That often means yes but we'll see.

Last edit (@BrOoKyLn_boii27 is Derrick Green's twitter):

From @BrOoKyLn_boii27: "I didn't commit



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..If he commits and an article happens to get published on maize n brew about said commitment, hypothetical article would include links to other article that talks about how he was 270 coming into his freshman year, didn't want to play on the line, so he slimmed down, worked harder than any incoming HS freshman I've ever met, and got himself to a cut 230


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How do we know this type of stuff didn't happen when he was at Auburn? If he leaves here without committing then I'm just going to assume it will never happen. Twitter is a dangerous thing.


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I heard Ohio didn't want him. In that case, I don't want him either. I only want to get recruits that Ohio wants.


Really excited about this commit. I definitely think there are some things that Green can work on (balance, hands/receiving), but the kid is pretty much everything that Hoke wants in a power back. Hoke is going to be extremely happy with Green, Smith, and Shallman. That is MANBALL right there.